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EZ-Steady- iPhone, DSLR, GoPro Camera Stabilizer's video poster

The EZ-Steady is a professional camera stabilizer you can balance in 5 minutes and fly with one hand. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 15, 2011.

The EZ-Steady is a professional camera stabilizer you can balance in 5 minutes and fly with one hand.

About this project

Update: Thank you all for helping get our project off the ground! Check out the updates section above to see more footage from the EZ-Steady. 

You can now choose black anodizing as a color option for the weight arm! (We'll get your preference at the end of the project)

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My Story

I started making films a year ago and quickly realized that without a camera stabilizer my footage was useless. I tried several different products but all of them had their own issues. So I asked myself this question. What if there was an affordable stabilizer that was quick to balance and easy to pan and tilt? 

That's when my quest started to engineer the "perfect" stabilizer. After almost a year of designing, prototyping, and re-designing I came up with the EZ-Steady. You can balance it in 5 minutes or less. You can "fly" it effortlessly with one hand. And, it's affordable with a MSRP of $325 ($225 if you pledge on Kickstarter) while still being made right here in the USA. 

What is the EZ-Steady?

If you are unfamiliar with camera stabilzers, the EZ-Steady is a way to get really smooth camera motions without having to use a large rig. It is a simple, hand held device that eliminates camera shake and gives the footage a feeling of flying.

What's so cool and different about it?

Most camera stabilizers take a long time to balance your camera when you're first learning. With the simple stage systlem, it can take as little as 5 minutes.

Another great feature of the EZ-Steady is that there are many points of contact that allow you to control where you're pointing the camera. Use one hand or both, each option has muiltiple flying positions.

Also, the precision machined gimbal allows amazing range of motion for running or low to the ground shots. The weights shown in the picture below are easily adjustable. They allow you to remove counterweights without having to completely unscrew the weight pack from the stabilizer arm. This makes for quick adjustments on the fly if you're changing lenses or cameras.

The EZ-Steady is also extremely compact. This enables you to get low to the ground shots or fit into tight places when filming. It packs away easily for travel and you can even detach the weight arm if needed. 

Why is this product on Kickstarter?

This is where you guys come in. Oh my wonderful Kickstarter community. You see over the past year I've spent countless dollars (my wife knows exactly how much) on product design that I don't have the money for my first production run. I need your generous support to get this product going and into the hands of creative film-makers.

That's why we need your help to get the ball rolling. We're offing the EZ-Steady at a reduced price if you pledge $225 towards this project.

What's Rhino Camera Gear?

RCG is the company I created to sell the EZ-Steady and other film making equipment we design in the future (Sliders and shoulders rests are currently in development).  Don't be surprised if you see our future products making their debut on Kickstarter.

Note: The final production version will have a few changes made to it. All for the better of the EZ-Steady. These include a stainless steel gimbal, a micro-adjustable weight to balance it even quicker, and a slightly smaller stage. Please message me if you have any questions. 


Thanks for checking out my project! Please watch the video and have a read through the FAQs below. Click the green button to the right if you're interested in funding EZ-Steady, and you'll be guided through the simple process.


  • Great question. Really any small camera you can think of. As long as it has a standard 1/4-20 thread you can fly it. The EZ-Steady is extremely versatile. We definitely recommend the iPhone 4 and our new GoPro Hero2 though :)

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  • Good question. The EZ-Steady was designed to be used with DSLRs with any kind of lens. So really anything that weighs 2-4lbs. We have extra weights available if you want to balance up to 6lbs of gear.

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  • We hope to start shipping out units the 2nd and 3rd week of January. We will fulfill orders in the order we received the pledges.

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  • Nope, we got that covered. The only thing you'll need to do is attach your camera and add or remove weights to balance it.

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  • Let's just say this, we ran it over with a motorcycle before and it still worked perfectly. The top plate is machined out of a solid piece of billet aluminum. The arm is made of a solid piece of aluminum. This thing is pretty robust. Everything is either powder coated or anodized. These finishes won't flake off like some paint will.

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  • RCG is the company I created under which I will sell the EZ-Steady and other products. RCG is short for Rhino Camera Gear.

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    Faithful Friend Award. If you can't swing $225 for an EZ-Steady unit, you can still help the project by pledging any amount you feel comfortable with. All pledges are much appreciated.

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    Stuck on Me Award. Receive a custom die-cut vinyl decal of the Rhino Camera Gear logo. It's not quite as cool as owning an EZ-Steady, but you'll be able to show off your support.

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    Producer Credit Award. With every EZ-Steady we send out we'll included a page with your name on it giving credit to you for making this product a reality.

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    Steady Eddy Award. Receive one EZ-Steady unit, a sticker and the credit at a great price (retail will be around $325 + tax and shipping). Includes USA shipping via USPS. For shipping to Canada, add $20. International funders, add $30.

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    Heavy Steady Award. Receive all of the above and and 4 extra, thick bottom weights to balance upwards of 6lbs of camera gear. Includes USA shipping via USPS. For shipping to Canada, add $20. International funders, add $30.

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