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The most effective and user friendly health and training data analytics app ever - it works out what gets you results

The most effective and user friendly health and training data analytics app ever - it works out what gets you results Read More
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Bodireel is the first comprehensive data analysis and lifestyle management app which combines health, wellbeing, exercise and nutrition in one place.

Our analytics app collects and reports statistically significant and physiologically relevant data – securely!

Designed by health & fitness professionals to get you as fit & healthy as possible Bodireel is a data analytics & lifestyle management app for health, wellbeing and physical performance. Simple to use it helps you optimize your exercise & nutrition and allows you to share your progress with friends or trainer via an integrated social platform.

Bodireel brings important trends in your data to your attention that you would otherwise miss. It also lets you see how effective your training is, or your diet is... in fact it measures the consequences and impact of all your lifestyle actions and allows you to monitor them over time.

It’s your personal management tool for health, optimising exercise & nutrition that records unlimited physiological variables e.g. blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, etc. 

Bodireel is so intuitive, yet comprehensive, that it is as suitable and attractive to the elite professional athlete as it is to the beginner trying to lose weight, run his first marathon or even control diabetes.

 Looking for a qualified health professional?

Bodireel can even help there. It houses a directory that helps you find qualified and suitable health or fitness professionals wherever you are.

It lets you share information, send photos, plan training sessions with your friends or health professionals via our platform. We bring ‘social’ to health and fitness like never before, providing additional support and motivation as you share your progress.

Bodireel provides a centrally managed tightly controlled and secure storage space for your data which is controlled by the user - giving them total control of their data and whether they want to share it with their friends, fitness professional or keep it to themselves.

Bodireel replaces the need for old fashioned gym cards, making it easy to write & review programs digitally via tablets or work stations and lets members store programs on their phone so they never loose them and have a permanent long term record. For gyms it also makes for easier communication between gym staff and members for additional support with training, nutrition and general health & wellbeing. Members can easily log their workouts and track their progress.

Additionally, Bodireel is a great resource for health professionals (e.g. Doctors, Personal Trainers, Physios, Dieticians, Coaches etc) to help organise their business, manage their clients/athletes, keep records, communicate with and provide advice to their customers.

The app also contains a variety of unique features aimed at motivating and encouraging users to pursue active and healthy lifestyle habits, such as info widgets, competitions, random text checks and gamified workout modes ('workout shuffle').

Bodireel has an intuitive user interface, yet is so comprehensive and scientifically focused that it is as suitable and attractive to the elite professional athletes as it is to the average gym member or individual just starting out their new fitness regime.

Bodireel will be the tool of choice for training and managing lifestyle implementations.

  • Bodireel accesses the online technology already utilised in other areas of our lives and applies it to the management of our health.
  • It identifies the true physiological impact of your lifestyle choices and actions and provides a route map to continual fitness and wellbeing.
  • Our analytics app collects and reports statistically significant and physiologically relevant data – securely.
  • We provide a simple and effective way to store and communicate essential information related to health, fitness & well-being and place it under the control of the patient/client/end user.
  • For the first time a centralised directory of professionals related to health, fitness & wellbeing is made available to fitness professionals and users.
  • It is the only comprehensive application that unifies health, wellbeing, exercise and nutrition available today.
  • It works!

Bodireel is comprised of the following core components: Data Analysis, Pro Finder, Social & Sharing, Metrics & Tracking, Training and Nutrition.

Statistically significant data capture that allows users to identify and then focus on which lifestyle trends affect their health, wellbeing, fitness and performance. 

By using data recorded by the user, uploaded from personal devices or training computers, Bodireel conducts statistical analysis to identify key trends and statistically significant data sets. This allows users to understand the impact of their lifestyle actions.

From a training perspective Bodireel identifies and provides specific training that elicits the greatest training/physiological responses. A powerful training tool which enables the ultimate monitoring of programs to ensure the training program is as effective and efficient as possible.

Bodireel enables any aspect of the recorded data to be analysed against any other variables (e.g. Lactate Threshold, Base RER, Vo2Max, Resting HR, Max HR etc). 

This data and analytical capability enables coaches/athletes to drill down to the detailed minutiae allowing users to identify specific key aspects of fitness/training and exactly how effective they are. It is a tool that recognizes trends and also identifies and measures the exact impact of specific implementations.

PROFinder enables health professionals with a profile to have an online presence on Bodireel.

Should you need additional personal support you can search for relevant health professionals (e.g. personal trainer, dietician, doctor, physiotherapist, sports massage therapist, sports injury specialist etc) and Bodireel will allow you to view their profile, information, experience, specialities and location.

Should you want a consultation our platform can facilitate this introduction or allow you to have online consultations from professionals anywhere in the world.

Bodireel enables you to share programs & records, invite friends for a workout and share photos and updates. You can also communicate with your doctor, physio, coach or trainers, allowing them to construct you a program online, share relevant information and give pointers based on the information you have provided to them.

Health professionals can send you alerts, advice, programs, reminders and you can book a session with them. The social element of the application allows you to create 'meetups' for group activities amongst friends, those people with similar profiles in your area or sports clubs organising club meets or training sessions.

The Bodireel competition boards allow you to compare yourself and any part of your data against nearly any other demographic you choose or simply amongst your friends, those in your sports club, your town, your country - you get the picture. The idea is to support you, ignite the competitive element and motivate you to climb up the competition ladders.

The data support system is designed to make it as easy as possible to record and store data (e.g. anthropometric measurements, training sessions) including being able to upload and record information and metrics from all relevant formats and devices.

Compatible with training devices (e.g. Garmin) and the GPS on your smartphone, Bodireel will automatically track your activities (e.g. run, cycle) in addition to assessing incidental exercise via a built in pedometer and Heart Rate measurement system. 

This data will not only be used for analysis but to provide you with a supply of motivational information and ignite those of you with a competitive element via rankings and competitions amongst users.

Furthermore, it is possible to upload your historic data onto Bodireel and get that important statistical analysis done right away tracking your performance over time.

An undisputed irrefutable fact is the positive effect of exercise on health. Bodireel is a management and motivational application that even for the most basic user will intuitively guide you through exercise, training and lifestyle implementations required to achieve the specific aims you have identified.

We make it as easy as possible to set goals, plan programs, understand exercises, record data, plan training sessions, track progress, receive support & advice and implement effective & successful training.

Available to users is an exhaustive library of exercises that are clearly demonstrated and categorized for suitability for each user. A library of professionally written Workout Routines and Training Programs are also available to select; those relevant to your stated aims can then be added to the Bodireel diary to prioritize, manage and implement actions in your busy lifestyle. Furthermore our platform allows you to communicate with and receive specific advice from your own coach or trainer acting as a place to store and share relevant information.

Bodireel allows you to simply but accurately record and monitor your food intake by searching our comprehensive database of foods or simply using your smartphone to scan the barcode of consumed products.

We have also designed a unique feature that encourages you by automatically randomly requesting food information from you to compile a user profile from which we can supply advice, motivation and information pertinent to you.

A selection of nutritional programs written by dietitians & nutritionists will also be available for free to download as part of the product.

All features will be available as part of the free subscription. You can use all elements of Bodireel and store 30 days worth of data.

This allows you to store your data data and information indefinitely (provided they maintain the payment of $1.49/month). The Premium subscription makes Bodireel a hugely valuable health and training tool by making the data analytics powerful. The more data that is stored the more accurate and effective the system is in identifying statistically significant data.

The PRO plan is for health and fitness professionals to register on the system and have an online presence for their business. Bodireel facilitates communication between the professionals and their clients, customers, patients and athletes to give an efficient way to securely and confidentially share information relevant to their services. Furthermore Bodireel assists in other areas of managing your business, such as diary management, payment and booking systems, confidential data entry sharing and monitoring of progress.


We have listed our target at $50k to enable us to release Bodireel onto the market as soon as possible for the web and iPhone. However, we would dearly love to provide this product to everybody, so we have listed a number of ‘stretch’ goals that would enable us to do that.

Risks and challenges

Like most ambitious projects we've been involved in, the hardest thing is getting straight to the heart of what the app should do; what we needed to focus on was very demanding.

You have to plan out the key raw features, your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and still leave yourself room to keep expanding on top of that once you're live. For such a competitive market like health and personal fitness is right now, our MVP is huge! I mean our key differentiator is how we let the data guide you. We have to let people see pointers into how their own routines are flawed, or how they just continue to cheat. Doing that in a non-scripted machine learning sense, along with actually getting the data is what is really hard!

The in-depth data analysis we want to provide from the data you allow us to see when using BODiREEL is a tough ask. Creating a robust back-end and algorithms to do the heavy lifting, analyzing metric and training data in order to identify specific physiological responses to specific training implementations has been an arduous task.

This is a huge project requiring a team of great engineers, and professionals from various disciplines (trainers, physicians, nutritionists). Managing these teams, and channeling all the information generated into the correct workflow has been a great challenge, as well as designing the infrastructure that will allow us to handle all this information in the best way possible.

A further challenge is ensuring the comprehensiveness of the product without compromising the intuitive User Interface and a fluid user experience. This is a tough task, but we are confident we can deliver thanks to the great team of user interface and user experience designers we have been able to add to the team.

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