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$6,991 pledged of $50,000 goal
$6,991 pledged of $50,000 goal

iOS 5 thoughts...

Hello everyone!

We've received a ton of great messages and comments about iShuttr, it seems everyone really loves the product and feels it's the perfect fit for mobile photographers. The project has been featured on a bunch of blogs and it's been the talk of twitter since we launched about 2 weeks ago. We are absolutely blown away at the reaction, thank you all so much!

As you probably know by now, Apple released the details on iOS 5 yesterday and there seems to be some really exciting new features on the way! One of which is long overdue we think, that's being able to use the volume up button as the shutter release button. We think this is a wonderful feature that Apple brought to the table, the only issue is it can feel a bit awkward using the camera upside down so that the volume buttons are on the top. Some of you would probably think a new feature like this would make iShuttr obsolete, we don't think so at all.

As a matter of fact.. We feel iShuttr is the perfect accessory to turn your iPhone into a real point and shoot camera. It solves all the problems of a mobile photographer, not just the most obvious shutter release issue. No other accessory can compete with iShuttr because it doesn't just do one thing, this isn't just a simple button that can easily be replaced by the volume button.. iShuttr is the only all-in-one camera case that gives you complete control with all it's features.

We've also been approached by a few manufacturers to help with the development of iShuttr, so we wanted to let everyone know that we're extremely confident in this product and that we're very excited to be working on this for you. We will be updating the project with more details and better, more realistic, images so everyone can see this is not just a concept.

iShuttr still needs your help though, the project still has a long way to go before we reach our funding goal - so anything you can do to spread the word would be great! Tell your friends, tip your favorite tech or gadget blogs and post it on twitter / facebook. The more we can get the project out there - the better!

Thanks everyone,

The iShuttr Team


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