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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, August 14 2011 8:01 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, August 14 2011 8:01 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Nick on

      Sounds great! I'll keep an eye out for it.

    2. Robert Haleluk 2-time creator on

      @ Nick.. We're going to be designing a new case for the iPhone 5 when that comes out. We're also going to be designing an iPod version too. We're looking forward to seeing the real iPhone 5, rumors are it's going to have an 8mp camera and a ton of built in filters and new settings for the camera API.

    3. Nick on

      Might as well wait for the iPhone 5 now. Still an awesome idea though.

    4. Robert Haleluk 2-time creator on

      @ Jason.. Don't worry, we're still planning to manufacture iShuttr and do what we can to get it in stores. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress and I'll post something on Kickstarter when it's available. Thanks for the support everyone.. Even though we didn't meet our goal, we still got a lot of interest and were able to meet the right people needed to launch this type of product!

    5. Jason Wright on

      2 days left, booooo!!! I want an iShuttr! Please find a way to manufacture these even if this funding doesn't go through. It's such a good idea!!

    6. Nick on

      Great idea! Saw Red Pop featured on Daring Fireball awhile back and felt the need for an app and the lack of being a case turned me off. This answers both of those downsides and so much more.

    7. Robert Haleluk 2-time creator on

      @ Scott.. Trust me, we also share in your frustrations. We've done just about everything we can to try to get it posted on the major blogs ourselves. Many of our backers have also sent tips and messages to their favorite tech blogs and yet we still haven't been featured, but Red Pop has been featured all over. It is very frustrating considering we're the first-movers in this space. Especially since we also feel our product has more potential and is cheaper with more functionality! Plus it's a rock solid protective case and looks ten times cooler than just a hand grip with a button on it. We have been featured on over 75 blogs already, including iPhone sites, Mac sites and plenty of Tech sites, but none of these are as powerful as Uncrate, Gizmodo, Wired or even Engadget. We also feel the product would do very well if we can get a bit move coverage on it, but we can't force anyone to post it.

      We're working on a new website to showcase more functionality and images of iShuttr in action. We're also trying to redo the video to show how awesome iShuttr really is, which should help as well. iShuttr was posted a week before Red Pop was posted and at that time we received a lot of recognition for it, then Red Pop came in and stole all our thunder. The Red Pop project ends in the next few days, so we're hoping that we can use the rest of the time on our project to meet our funding goal. We really believe in iShuttr and want to see it succeed, so if anyone can help us get the word out a bit more it would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks for your comments Scott.. It's nice to know that others feel the same way we do and that our backers believe in the product so much.

    8. Missing avatar

      Scott Bessel on

      As a backer I am really frustrated... this Red Pop unit, http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/786496402/red-pop Has already made funding, by a long shot. Yet from everything I can tell is far inferior to your product. They are more expensive, require a dedicated camera app and have no flash.

      Yet yours is only a small fraction of the way to meeting the goal.
      I myself have posted about the iShuttr everyplace I can. But I feel it is up the the Author to step up as well... You only have 2 updates, and 4 comments. Please try and do more as I feel it will greatly help int he success, I would much rather have your product.
      Post on any and all iPhone sites, Mac sites, Wired, Engadget, anyplace and everyplace...

    9. Robert Haleluk 2-time creator on

      @ Anthony.. We are thinking of including a strap to help with carrying and using iShuttr. We definitely like the idea of having the eye-loops built into the two corners and including an adjustable strap.. We're just not sure if it will be a wrist strap or a longer neck strap yet, but we do plan to offer a strap to help with stability and security while shooting.

    10. Missing avatar

      Anthony John on

      Hey Robert! Do you think its possible to have two holes at the corners of the case for a neck strap? Something like this one http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/187916848/un01-iphone4-photography-kit It would be really cool if it could be included..

    11. Robert Haleluk 2-time creator on

      @ Anthony John.. The external battery size we're looking at right now is 2000 mAh, that's the biggest we can go without being too thick of a case. For the software, this is an interesting topic right now because with the release of iOS 5 we can actually use Apple's API to tap into an external button (the volume up button).. Since this wasn't available before, we actually started to build our own API for all of the external controls, so we're in the process of looking into the software side of things to figure out what we can really do with iOS 5. Our goal is to have iShuttr and all of it's features working with all camera apps eventually, even if we have to distribute our own API with an open source license so other developers can use it too.

      We're in the process of updating all of our information and graphics right now so that we can hopefully raise some more attention. Feel free to send a tip out to your favorite blogs to let them know about the project so we can spread the word a bit more.

      I'll have some more updates soon... Thanks everyone for the support!

    12. Missing avatar

      Anthony John on

      Hey., I have a few questions. Firstly, what would be the mAh of the external battery? Secondly would the final product be matt or glossy? And lastly, can the shutter be used in all camera apps or just the ones you guys make? Anyway its a really good product and I hope this can be placed in more websites such as Macrumors, 9to5Mac and redmondpie.. I hope this works out!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Scott Bessel on

      I think you need to get the word out on your project more...
      I am seeing a lot more posts about the 'Red button' unit and I feel yours is better all around... I really want to see yours make its goal.

    14. Wing Wong on

      Awesome Project and very quick response to question about white iphone4 compat! You just got another backer! I was pondering this just a few days ago, glad I saw your project!

    15. Robert Haleluk 2-time creator on

      @ Jason Wright.. I also have a film on my iPhone and it slides in perfectly, so you shouldn't have any issues with the fitment using the film on the front or back. Thanks for your support!!

    16. Jason Wright on

      Hey, I have a thin film on all sides of my iPhone. It's less than 1mm in total width, but could this cause an issue with the fit of the iShuttr? I don't want my iphone completely bare, but the iShuttr case does seem pretty snug... In any case, GREAT idea!

    17. Michael Baran on

      Want to know another reason why I want the iShuttr to be a reality? I like the idea that it makes the iPhone look like a normal camera. I had three guys jump me on the streets of Chicago when I was taking photos on Michigan Avenue in broad daylight. As much as I love my bare iPhone, I adore the fact that a case like this can make my phone a bit less identifiable.

      Here's to making this a reality.

    18. Robert Haleluk 2-time creator on

      Hello Jost,

      Thanks for backing the project! The zoom buttons are not related to the volume buttons at all, the volume buttons are on the other side of the case. The zoom and shutter release buttons communicate with the iPhone via the 30-pin connector on the bottom of the device. When the iPhone slides into the iShuttr case, it automatically mates with the case to make the connection. We've already spent a lot time thinking about the removable battery in the beginning of the project, it's a great idea and we'll probably incorporate that into future models, it's just too hard to implement in our first prototype. On another note, we are interested in adding a lens attachment to the iShuttr Camera Case, we loved this idea so much that we included it in our original patent paperwork. This is another idea that we've wanted to add since we came up with the project but we had to put it to the back burner because of prototyping reasons. So we're trying to figure out how we can add this feature for everyone here on Kickstarter.. If anyone knows anyone who is capable of making lens attachments, please let us know so we can further discuss the opportunity with them.

    19. Jost Jahn on

      I didn't understand, how you will make zoom keys, if you go not to the screen zoom. Or do you use the volume keys (I think apple doesn't allow this). But nonetheless itÄs a great idea with a bigger flash. May be you integrate in a later version also a removable battery for uploading the iphone?