pledged of $10,000pledged of $10,000 goal
21days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sun, June 9 2019 2:56 PM UTC +00:00.

pledged of $10,000pledged of $10,000 goal
21days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sun, June 9 2019 2:56 PM UTC +00:00.


Come Gather Herd, You Beastmen, the Forests Call and We Need You to Help Our Brothers Awake from Their Sleep!

 Credit to: Andy Zeck

28mm hard plastic fauns for table top wargaming, roleplaying, dungeon crawlers, and skirmish battle games 

Welcome to this Kickstarter campaign where we at RGD Gaming are asking for your help and support to fund a new, hard plastic, premium range of 28mm Faun and Beastmen miniatures. 

If we reach our funding goal we will deliver a box set of hard plastic (known as HIPS) sprues that will allow tabletop gamers to build 20 faun miniatures in a variety of different head, weapon and pose combinations (with a mix of both male and female options). We are ideally splitting the males and females in half.

These fauns will allow you to represent, 

  • Spearmen
  • Line infantry
  • Javelin throwers
  • Archers
  • Swordsmen 

A male mold has been established for the backers, with $10,000 we can create a set that also includes female fauns, bringing the best of both sexes to battle. 

If we fund new molds we can provide predesigned parts to increase the variety of bracing, resting, and action poses. 

Eventually helping us bring a package of 20 fauns up to 24  (please see faq in the event we only fund the females)

Further down the goal line we want to create plastic centaurs, using a horse body kit. The kit will allow you to join the faun torsos (or really any model you feel around the size) to make some kick ass centaurs. For the hobbyists, we have predesigned armor accessories to mask your mergers. For those that want naked centaurs, there is enough room for hobby putty. 

If we reach the command sprue, we can then add more unique leader parts and torsos, which will then get added to your boxset pledges.  

Check out the following reviews and media links for extra details on this campaign and an in-depth look at what you can expect from our Faun miniatures and what else we have planned:

You can also follow our development process and join our active community via the following Facebook links:

Please note: A pack of three Satyrs has now been added

                        A pack of six horse bodies will be added at 10k, representing the smaller      3x4 centaur sprue. At 30k, the sprue becomes larger, featuring more parts. 

Please note: A pack of six Satyrs have now been added

                        A pack of twenty horse bodies will be added at 10k, representing the smaller      3x4 centaur sprue. At 30k, the sprue becomes larger, featuring more parts. 

Each faun box set is ideally designed to have 20 models, but can be improved with the following, 

Unlocked at $10,000

Female Mold (incomplete)- 3 fauns in sprue x2  (total of 6 fauns).enough for 12 female heads, 2 bow women, 2 javelin throwers, 6 spearmen, 4 special 2H weapons, a musician, or 6 general infantry.           

Please note that the heads have had to be refined for the plastic process, so are not final in this picture. 


at 10k, we unlock a 3x4 sprue to start the centaur horses. Six are then added to the warparty pledge, and twenty to army in a box. Sprues to help customize, will be made available for $3.

This does not represent the final product, and will feature running poses. 

Unlocked at $20,000

Extra parts mold (incomplete)- alternative torsos, throwing axe, throwing knife, alternative bow drawing stance, at rest spear throwers, lower posed weapons, overhand posed weapons, bracing. Enough for 4 bodies in sprue x2 (total of 8 fauns)(depending on backer feedback we can also divide this into a male and female half)

 Unlocked at $42,000             

Leaders with heavier armor (spoils of war), banner, looted shields, 2h weapons (2-4 fauns). This will be added as a bonus to everyone's set, raising the potential fauns up to 24.    


Our hope is that we can reach beyond our initial funding target and reach $20,000 in funding to unlock an additional options sprue (see the $20,000 Stretch Goal for full details). 

This would enable us to include two of these additional sprues in each box set. As this options sprue would come with 4x further Fauns each, adding two of these to a box set would provide a further 8x Fauns. In total, per box set, backers and players would get the following configuration:

  • 2x Male Faun sprue (6 miniatures)
  • 2x Female Faun sprue (6 miniatures)
  • 2x Options sprue (8 miniatures)
  • Total = 20 miniatures


In the absence of hitting the $20,000 Stretch Goal however and only achieving our minimum $10,000 Funding Goal, our box set would instead include the following configuration:

  • 4x Male Faun sprue (12 miniatures)
  • 3x Female Faun sprue (9 miniatures)
  • Total = 21 miniatures

Basically, if we only hit our initial goal backers and future players will receive 1x extra Faun miniature per box set (21 instead of 20) but much fewer options and less variety in miniatures. 

Point of reference: Warband= 1 box set, Warparty= 2 box sets, Army in a Box= 4 box sets

Pewter Shamans (Leader of the Tribe Pledge)

You will receive a pair of pewter faun shamans. 

Pewter Minotaur Brutes

Roughly 40mm, one pewter minotaur brute is included in any combination of warband, war party or army in a box pledges as a thank you for supporting our kickstarter. This Minotaur has right, left and overhand poses, which are all included. 

Unlocked at the $11,000 tier

3 Minotaurs for Army in a Box

We have the sculpting team personally see to the making of three new variations of our minotaur, allowing it to be accessed in the pledges, and unlocked in army in a box. 


Unlocked at $30,000

We expand on the sprue that creates a horse body half in the 10k goal, and extend it a few more inches to include more parts, taking a 3x4 sprue and doubling it to 6x4. The sprue would feature two bodies and more accessory parts. To help mask the merger we have created a front armor piece to hide the connection point. If you want a naked centaur look, we can also suggest putty. This will help unlock separate pledges for those interested in centaurs.

Resin prototypes

Pledge Add ons

Can be added via the back the herd pledge (just add the amount to your base pledge, and we will be in contact afterword)

  • Bases- Available after kickstarter
  • Satyrs (3 pack) $10
  • Sci fi Pack Add on $3 (enough to kit 3 laser/automatic fire rifles to the fauns) In development
  • Sling Pack Add on $3 (enough to kit 3 slings to the fauns) In development
  • Faun sprues- Male sprue- unlocked $6
  • Faun sprues- Female sprue- $6, Unlocked at 10,000 
  • Pewter Shaman Male - Unlocked $7.50 
  • Pewter Shaman Female - Unlocked $7.50
  • Minotaur Brute- Unlocked, $6
  • Minotaurs- Unlocked at $11,000
  • Centaurs - Small 3x4 frame for 2 horse bodies unlocked at 10k, at $30,000 a full 6x4 sprue is made, increasing accessories, and parts  ($3 sprue for 2 horse bodies)

Quick Reference for planning:

I intended this to be available on the backerkit store after the kickstarter had ended. Bases were going to be available wholesale, averaging .15-.20 US cents. We can have customized 20-25 mm circles or squares. 100x80 MM flat wood bases averages out to about $1.50-$2.00. Wider bases, $3-4.

Faun Sprues

For small custom kit bashes, we are intending distinct sprues to be available as the molds are made. The male mold sprue is available to be used, so can start off people' s collections with an initial 3 bodies and weapons. Also a great way to keep even numbers of fauns for when the centaur goal is unlocked, and you have warbands you want to use for other purposes

The female mold will follow a close idea to the male mold, but some hand weapons may change, for example, an axe for a club, or an overhand sword with an axe. 

Male Sprue $6

Female Sprue $6  (unlocked at $10,000)

Extra Parts Sprue $6 (unlocked at $20,000)

Command Sprue  $6 (unlocked at $42,000)


These await a production order after the kickstarter, each shaman is 28mm scale, has two head options and the parts below. They make great support casters in Kings of War or games like Sigmar and Warhammer Fantasy. Also designed from a standpoint to be great war leaders in trays. 

Pewter Shaman Female - Unlocked- $7.50

Pewter Shaman Male- Unlocked  $7.50

Minotaur Brute $6

One of these is offered in the base pledges, but for those that want to support us with smaller backing, the Minotaur here is a customizable pewter model with three poses. It is 40mm in size. 

Satyrs $10

A unit of three pewter satyrs is ready to join your ranks. With enough support from everyone, we can turn this collection of beasts from pewter to a basic plastic mold, enough to draw on 6 bodies, instead of 3. Pledges at the Warparty have a pack of three added, and Army in a Box has 6. If we go plastic we can double the number to your cause. 

Centaurs $3

Idea is to offer the centaur bodies in poses such as this below, and with masking elements (to cover torsos on top of kit). Enough to pull off amazing spear combos and archery aspects with the faun sprues. If we can find enough space, we would like to include some heads and some torsos. Sprues will have two bodies, and some accessory parts to start. 

The kit was supportive in nature, and meant to enhance the faun kit, so we will be having a reflective price of $3 for 2 horse bodies. 

When we unlock these, we will throw in 3 of these sprues (enough for 6 bodies) for the $60 pledgers. At the $120 army in a box = enough for 20 bodies   

PLEDGE MANAGER INFO: We will be offering an à la carte solution for our pledge manager after the Kickstarter. We understand that some of you may just want Centaur bodies instead of Minotaurs or others may just want Tribal Leaders instead of Fauns etc. Think of your pledge as an amount we can address in the production run. The more we raise, the more customized we can make the Faun Warband box sets and products overall. 

And by à la carte, we mean we'll be building a web store during the final survey period. You will be prompted by email to finalize pledges.  

The video below is an example,

Faster Production Time

A large collection of files for the fauns and other models have been made and readied for plastic with the help of Tim Barry. Which means in comparison to a kickstarter that may take a year to fully finish, we can have molds done in a matter of months. Any delays will be the fruitful benefit of new sculpts and added additions to your box set. 

Our Team

This campaign and passion for Faun miniatures is brought to you by:

RGD GAMING LLC started in 2008 on Ebay. Its operator, Robert Dunham, got inspired by miniatures in the late 3rd edition era of 40k. Starting with a Khorne Army, and moving on to Tau. Over the years this inspiration has continued on, and now a new online game shop has been made possible through the support of great gaming companies and our amazing war gaming clients.

US Fulfillment

US backers will have their KICKSTARTER pledges handled by ShipBob, a professional packing warehouse. By storing product on the east coast this will allow us to reach most backers in 2-4 business days, and cut costs on the price of shipping if you want to add more to your pledge. We will integrate with backerkit to smooth this transition between the two companies. 

Packages are shipped by a combination of UPS and USPS, depending on the rates at the time. Tracking numbers will be given. 

Quick Reference

Leaders of the tribe- 8oz

 Warband- 1lb

 War Party- 2lb

 Army in a Box- 4 lb

To give you an idea on packing rates, please see the charts below. Prices are based on packages exiting Chicago storage. Rates pay for box, packing, and postage. 

EU Fulfillment

EU backers will have their packages forwarded from the US by a combination of UPS/DHL mail packet services. On average the package should take 7-11 days, and is handled the rest of the way by your local post office. Duties are paid on your behalf. 

UK Price  British Pound 

1 LB 10.54 

2 LB 16.16 

3 LB 21.73

Europe Price Euro 

1 LB   11.77 

2 LB   18.2 

3 LB    24.6

World Wide Fulfillment

We will fulfill pledges world wide. Average rate is 7-14 days. If you have any questions on rates, you can contact us at anytime. 

Risks and challenges

No project comes without some hiccups, but we've spent a lot of time identifying and addressing typical kickstarter problems for miniatures: rendering stretch goals, casting them efficiently and producing them in a timely manner, then getting them shipped on time.

To answer this we've done the following,

1. Injection mold for the base sample is finished, each mold thereafter needs 3-4 weeks between layout and tooling. We are using a digital streamlined method of casting models. Tooling costs are much cheaper as we are worrying mostly about the inserts of the mold.
2. Casts of supporting products are finished, and awaiting a production order.
3. Stretch goals have been discussed with the sculptor, and time cleared up to address them. Costs have also been estimated.
4. Supporting sculptors have also been requested to eliminate the pool of tasks.
5. ShipBob has been tasked to accept and ready products on everyone's behalf. Domestic and foreign shipping logistics figured out. Tax codes forwarded.

Stretch goals will take longer from the base products because renders need to be done, also, as needed, converted for plastic molding and time arranged to draw and make the mold. Metal casts do not require as much preparation time.

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    Includes: 20 fauns, and 1 Pewter Minotaur Brute model. Models are unassembled and lead free. Fauns are made in premium HIPS plastic.

    Note: one Minotaur Brute is included regardless of the number of pledge(s) and combinations.

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    War Party

    Includes: 40 fauns, and 1 pewter Minotaur Brute model

    Models are unassembled and lead free. Fauns come in premium HIPS plastic.

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    Army in a Box

    Includes: 80 fauns, 1 Minotaur Brute, 1 Female Faun Shaman, 1 Male Faun Shaman

    Army in a box grows larger as the stretch goals unlock

    -Unit of 3 Minotaurs (unlocked at $11,000)
    -Injection Molded Centaurs- 20 centaur bodies (unlocked at $30,000)
    - ? (unlocked at $52,000)
    - ? (unlocked at $65,000

    Note: one Minotaur Brute is included regardless of the number of pledge(s) and combinations. The unit of 3 will be varied from the initial offering.

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