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The definitive account of the home video revolution; how it changed entertainment industries & evolved our relationship with media. Read more

Austin, TX Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on February 9, 2012.

The definitive account of the home video revolution; how it changed entertainment industries & evolved our relationship with media.

Austin, TX Documentary
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    1. Creator robert reilly on December 14, 2012

      Yeah I thought I'd have this by now.

    2. Creator Steven Zakulec on December 10, 2012

      So, any updates as we near the end of 2012?

    3. Creator Dave Klawitter on February 2, 2012

      Enjoyed the trailer, looking forward to the final product. Will the final product be available in VHS format :)

    4. Creator IPF Productions on January 26, 2012


      Most of our interviews aren't glimpsed in the teaser. The Mighty Z will be representing in the film.

    5. Creator Freddie Avalos on January 26, 2012

      This fill could use some Zack Carlson.

    6. Creator Noah & Jenni Lee on January 14, 2012

      Super excited for this to come to fruition and proud of you guys for doing such a great job so far. I can't wait to see the final project. Good luck in Japan and anywhere else!

    7. Creator Jay Hawkinson on January 14, 2012

      Very excited for you and this project! So glad I am able to help make this a reality. Much luck and success!

    8. Creator Cristina Acuna on January 13, 2012

      Good Luck!!!

    9. Creator D. Kirk Lockhart on January 13, 2012

      Maybe y'all can make a documentary *about* Kickstarter after this one is done, if that hasn't been done already....

    10. Creator Moe Porne on January 13, 2012

      I'm super happy and crazy excited to be able to help this project, VHS is my life and I wouldn't be the man I am today without it. Once this is all done let me know and I'l see what I can do about setting up a screening up here

    11. Creator AJ Meadows on January 13, 2012

      Really excited for this!

    12. Creator Wes Ray on January 13, 2012

      Very happy to back this. It'll definitely bring back a wealth of warm memories for me. My parents owned the first video store in Eastern Kentucky (coincidentally named "Premiere Video") from 1980 until 1991. I literally grew up in that place. Even learned to read by looking at whatever VHS boxes I could reach on the shelves and asking "What's that say?" While I miss mom & pop video stores in general, more than anything, I miss the one I once called home.

    13. Creator Rod Paddock on January 13, 2012

      I seriously cannot wait to see this movie. Like a lot of people here VHS contributed to my love of movies. I spent years behind the counter at Videoscope slinging classic VHS. The real benefit: being able to take stacks of movies home after hours.

    14. Creator Chris Gore on January 12, 2012

      Film Threat had a whole library of indie films on VHS in the 90s. And I worked at a video store in the 80s as my first real job in high school. I have a lot to say on this topic and I'm happy to see this getting made. And to give you my money!

      Now, are you going to send out copies of the film to folks on VHS?

    15. Creator Paul Malleck on January 11, 2012

      This is my first Kickstarter donation, and will be my most cherished. Thank you to the triad of knowledge I like to call the clan of Chris, Carolee, and Josh! I hope you guys can blow the roof off of 15k and reach all you hope to reach, but also, get this shit out before other lesser vhs docs hit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Creator Dshanya Reese on January 11, 2012

      Now to find Korean movies on VHS.....

    17. Creator Amy Ryder on January 11, 2012

      Awesome! Bringing back vivid memories of my summer job working the video rental desk at a Curtis Mathes TV store. lawd....

    18. Creator Kristopher on January 10, 2012

      All my weekly Half-Price and whore money will instead go to this--this most important of causes.

    19. Creator George Arthur Hickman on January 10, 2012

      Can I chose to receive an autographed VHS of the film instead? Or both?

    20. Creator Michelle Fatale on January 10, 2012

      I wish you the best of luck! I can't wait to see this!

    21. Creator VivaVHS on January 10, 2012

      I only wish I could give more! I may end up selling tapes to further help the cause. VivaVHS

    22. Creator Bleeding Skull! Video on January 10, 2012

      In addition to my financial donation, you may have any of my organs.

    23. Creator Stephanie Vanelli on January 10, 2012

      My donation is from me AND Ryan. Good luck guys and if you decide you need to interview anyone in London, you have a place to stay.