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Tell us your favourite T-shirt design

Posted by Revolution Software (Creator)

Hi guys!

Many of you have asked us what the T-shirts will look like. Well, we would like you to tell us. We have come up with a handful of designs and we would love to hear your thoughts. So head over to and tell us what you think. Your feedback will allow us to give you a T-shirt you'll be proud to wear! Remember, these t-shirts are limited edition for kickstarter pledgers only. Goat T-shirt designs to follow.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick Hauske on

      Defintely the goat design! What an amazing idea, even though I was stuck at the original goat for quite a while lol.

    2. wolkeundwasser on

      a hint of what to expect when ordering a certain t-shirt size of how wide it actually is (e.g. chest breadth) would be very nice and useful also!! because there are really huge differences in the same t-shirt sizes ... :-)
      e.g. differences in american or european M or L
      and it always annoys me when I order a certain size without that information and it doesn't fit ...
      thanks ! :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Blazek on

      Would be great if one of the bonuses was one of the forgotten DVDs "Making of BS3" ;-)

    4. snuffy on

      I like both green and black options and I think all the silhouette designs are amazing. Also 5 - back is pretty cool!
      T-shirts with goats would be hilarious, so I can't wait to see what you make up. And I always wanted a t-shirt with the picture that is on BS1 European cover or the original logo, so I hope they'll be available one day. :)

    5. Uratha Max on

      I checked out the designs and I really love all of them - corny as it sounds, any of those designs would be the pride of my wardrobe! I've got to say, though, the phrase "Paris in the Spring" ignites something special and personal - I would love to see that phrase kept on the final product.

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I want design 5 on the front with design six on the back also I want mine in large as i'm a big man

    7. Kevin Callau - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      Well, I like #1 and # 6. Thank you for your interest.

    8. Clare Jones on

      Also I have to say, whilst I like the silhouettes, is it just me or do all but the first one look awfully reminiscent of a zombie game? Especially with the black shirt. Maybe that impression would go away with the full size image, but it could be kind of unfortunate :P

    9. Roy Battiscombe on

      Never mind. Just noticed it was answered in the FAQ section.

      Is there any chance of getting the shirt in 3XL or 4XL?

    10. Roy Battiscombe on

      Sorry if this question has already been answered, but I wanted to find out what sizes the shirt will be coming in?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ed Jones on

      Love design 4, although I would prefer front and back to be switched. i.e. Broken Sword written on the front and the picture on the back!

    12. Missing avatar

      dayflash on

      Black, for sure! I really love the fourth proposal too. Wouldn't do the patch/small artwork on both sleeves of the shirt: just on the right side i guess.

      BTW: it's not the best idea to make all the fields in your feedback-form mandatory: it was really hard for me choosing a third one because I don't really like more than 1, 2 proposals

    13. Kevin Johnson on

      The fourth design is absolutely fantastic, I truly hope that the community as a whole pick that one. ^^

    14. Fitheach on

      Would probably been better to have a list of front designs followed by back designs and a then colour.

    15. Missing avatar

      FunkyMusic on

      Black shirt please

    16. barbarian_bros on

      My favorite would be a black shirt, withs a discrete BS logo (the one of option 6 is colored) on the front, and a large ouroboros snake on the back.
      Something like this :

    17. barbarian_bros on

      6 Front + 5 back on black shirt

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Keane on

      I kind of just want the snake logo from the back of six with the 'paris in the srping silhouette on the front' nothing in your face stating 'Broken sword' I don't really care if its George & Nico or jut their silhouettes featured because only other fans would know anyway.

    19. Clare Jones on

      @Damian it really depends on how it's printed. water-based discharge printing is much better for not affecting how the shape of the shirt and not cracking as it's almost burned on to the shirt. For instance Fangamer ( they of Double Fine Adventure pledge fulfilment) use that process and their shirts are very durable and ridiculously comfy :)

      All of which is to say that yeah, if the shirts have these big designs, be sure to go for the right printer :).

    20. wolkeundwasser on

      Jeah! Like the insider idea. Shirts shoud give hints but not reveal everything ;)

    21. Missing avatar

      Equinox on

      I'm almost with you there. I'd like to see the back of design 5 and as front the back of design 1 (at best without the serpent winding down). I really like the silhouette and the "paris in the spring..." slogan

      An even better design in my eyes would be the silhouette of paris (similar to design 1, perhaps even w/o George & Nico) on front or back, combined with "paris in the spring..." and without any symbol / reference to the Serpent's Curse, etc.. Like a BS-Fanshirt for insiders (kind of).

    22. Missing avatar

      Damian on

      The small dragon knot logo and title text would be just right.
      Anything larger and I find the plastic or whatever it is becomes less comfortable and it breaks away after a few washes! Though I'm sure these are top quality..;)

    23. Daniel Strauss on

      @ Clare Jones i second that! i love the back of design 5! but the front looks strange. i generaly dont like charakter artwork on clothing. the silouets are cool!!

    24. Clare Jones on

      I really love the unobscured knot on the back of 5, but the front is *horrible*. Replace it with the back of 1 or 6 and it would be a winner in my book

    25. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      I meant extra T-shirt with different design, not "extra copy" :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      Design option 3 is the best. The green one :) Of course, i prefer the text "Paris in spring" on the silhouette, but it's the best even wothout it. Also I would love to see the option 6 T-Shirt. With colourful characters on front (front! - not back!). Is it really possible for you to produce two kind of T-shirts and for us, backers, - to order extra copy?
      And of course + goat T-shirt, if it follows :)

    27. Murat - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      My favorite design would have to be the #3. Pressed over white foreground, I prefer. And no logos/images on the arms, please. :)

    28. wolkeundwasser on

      I would choose:

      front: - option 1 Back, but way smaller -> approximately the size of front option nr. 4. maybe without the serpent ... like it is in option 4 front.

      - or option 4 front i like both.

      back: blank ! or option 5 back !!

      right arm: option 6 front design !

      left arm: "paris in the spring"

      after all i like it more decent. don't like shirts with the brand in big letters all over it ...

      colour: i don't mind as much. green, black, white or beige ... would be happy with all of them

      sorry for being so complicated !! :D just my 2 Cents ;D

    29. Robin W on

      I'd really like design 3 in white, without anything on the sleeves or back

    30. Joana Lisa Dungca on

      Design 4, though it does not show much of what Broken Sword is (for the laymen), it is simple, sleek, cool and mysterious.
      Design 5 Serpent emblem at the back is cool, I'm just not too fond of having Nico hanging like that in front of my shirt..
      Design 6 has great visual approach if one wants to "market" or advertise the game to laymen.

    31. Daniel Nystad on

      I agree with Arnaud Juillian, front of design 6 on front of the shirt, and front of design 4 for the back.

    32. Joana Lisa Dungca on

      Agree with Adam P. Booth, distressed design would look good on bigger prints.

    33. Arnaud Dunta on

      Front of design 6 on front of the shirt (I really like the gold lettering) and front of design 4 for the back + remove logo/design on the sleeves = EPIC SHIRT !
      What do other backers think of that ?

      (And if possible, put a goat on the shirt, that would be fun !)

    34. Martin Cattroll on

      Bonus BASS t-shirt? :D

    35. Adam P. Booth on

      i like the idea of design number 5 but i prefer the old style nico to the new one. Also, if the design is going to be so large, it might look cool if its got a distressed look...

      love the silhouette design on the back of the first design...

    36. Lee John on

      6 is niice like the yellow lettering.

    37. Hayley Morris on

      On a side note, I think we must be the only type of people in existence that want a goat on their shirt...

    38. Hayley Morris on

      I think I also went with 4, 6, 5 will happily be buying number 4 at some point.

    39. AgentGrasshopper |OotG| Dream Traveller on

      I agree with Alessandro, the Rev logos on the arms look a little weird and like an ad. It'd be great if those could get removed in the final version of the shirts. Other than that, I really loved some of the designs.

    40. Simon Baker on

      My choice would be 5, 4, 3. Love 5, game t-shirts have a habbit of being pretty generic with a standard logo on the front and no real thought behind them but 5 is perfect and full of action.

    41. Alessandro Saiko on

      My order of choice would be 4, 6, 5.
      4 is my absolute favourite, but I would remove the huge logo from the back while replacing it with a small Revolution logo in the middle of the shoulders. Additionally I would remove the Rev-Logos on the arms, because this way it looks more like some huge ad than an exclusive backer t-shirt...

    42. Missing avatar

      sebarnolds on

      The winner has to be the sixth !!! And I might have to increase my pledge...

    43. James Haggar on

      I think 4 but with the white lettering from the back placed on the front in a smaller size, just below Nico and George.

      The serpent can stay on the back in the same spot :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Anthony Moraghan on

      I would like:
      The serpent logo from the back of Option 5 on the front.
      Nothing on the back.
      One Revolution logo on one sleeve only.
      A "Broken Sword The Serpent Curse" title in written in small on the lower left corner of the front.

      What do others think?

    45. Federico, finally a proper end! on

      I've always associated Broken Sword to colors verging on yellow, so I'm not quite fond of the design choices. In any case, for me, the last one, with Nico and George standing on the verge of adventure!

    46. Erik Grape ⊂ Orders aplenty on

      I've changed my mind since I did the survey. I think the back of option 5 (i.e. a larger picture of the serpent thingy) with Broken Sword - The Serpent's... in a small font underneath it would look really good.

    47. Michael Hoffmann on

      That green is absolutely hideous. 6, 4 and 5 for me!

    48. ET3D on

      6th. But I'm not getting a t-shirt so my opinion doesn't matter. :)

    49. Fileepo on

      I really like design 4, not too hot on wearing green :)