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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.

Great news! We'll be giving you the Android version!

Posted by Revolution Software (Creator)

Many of you have been asking for an Android version of 'Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse'. So we are pleased to let you know that we are now adding the Android version of the game to all rewards from $25 upwards. Of course that's in addition to all the other goodies!

We are not allowed to update the reward structure in the right-hand box (it is locked once the project goes live), so please check the details on the main page. Any key differences will be highlighted in the 'Update Summary'. This will be updated regularly - we do hope that you will find it useful!

Many of you have also asked for an iOS version. Unfortunately we still have not been able to find a way to gift the iOS version to our backers, though we are talking to Apple about how this can be done. We're doing our best to find a solution soon!


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    1. Andrés Montiel on

      Thank you! I am going to be able to enjoy the game in android too.

    2. Daniel Evanson

      Does Android also mean Kindle fire?... please.

    3. Daniel Strauss on

      i hope that you include your dropbox save´game feature like in broken sword 2 remastered

    4. Guillermo on

      Who da hell pledged 5000$!? O_O

    5. Missing avatar

      Ahmed Zahran on

      That is just AWESOME!

    6. Andrea Turriziani on

      About iOS version, can't you create redeem codes? I've seen other developers doing the same, don't know the limit though...

    7. Daniel Strauss on

      ok now you got your funding, go make a awsome game!!!

    8. Guillermo on


    9. Andrea on

      $407,058 great!!

    10. MASCART on

      398 515$ go go go .......Again, again again ...

    11. Bjorn Coopman on

      Come on people, only 2.5k left to pledge... Can't wait to get playing... Maybe I should start the first 4 games all over again... #goodplan

    12. Kevin Behrendt on

      I hope it works with Apple, I would love to play it on PC (my main platform) but to have Broken Sword outside the house would be really cool. There are the Telltale Games and I already have one Broken Sword on my iPod 3G but the appstore is still empty of games in that category. Most games are just colorful skill games but not of classical genres or even with a mature story to play through. So I definitly hopes Apple finally moves on. It's a shame we never see iPhone/Pad/Pod games on Indiebundles because of that strange direction Apple has.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jacopo Columbro on

      We are approaching the goal...$396,540....!!!

    14. EvilJester - Order Of The Goat on

      Once the game is released. Will there there b a CD version?

    15. Missing avatar

      Enric on

      I hope a spanish (voice and text) version for mac osx, and iOS.

    16. MASCART on

      I hope E-Curtil for the French version, it will be fantastic!

    17. Matze on


      Yes, I already passed that information to Revolution Software via Facebook and as a comment here. Hopefully, they will figure out a way with Apple, so we will also get an iOS Code.
      I think it would be the best experience of all, to enjoy that new game on the iPad... ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      Andreas Steinbach on

      There is an rumor Apple have already canceled the promo-code limitations.

      Here some information (only german):

    19. Giovanni Colombi on

      I love you!!!!!!!! :D

    20. Thorsten Schneider on

      Question: Is that Android version going to be compatible with the Ouya box?

    21. Missing avatar

      Carl Morecroft on

      Speaking of iOS versions. Will it be compatible with the firast iPad? I hope so because my PC is probably too old to play this new one (what will be the specs?). I would love for there to be a PSN version too, in reference to a previous update.

    22. Daniel Vogt on

      The iOS-Version would be really cool :)

    23. Jose Sousa on

      Please dont forget the Portuguese guys... --> Portuguese Subtitles ;) Thanks on advanced!

    24. Matt Thornton on

      I'm just as happy as this will be playable on my PC. I'm still remaining hopefull to a PSN and Iphone release!
      Not only that, I'm still remaining hopeful that Nico will have as much as a playable role and part as George. She felt rather underused in the previous installments.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Can I also say a windows phone version would be awesome

    26. Missing avatar

      Leigh Pierce on

      Hey i hope someone reads this.... i THINK i have a solution to the giving broken sword on IOS issue!!

      So some apps have a restore previous purchases function... now is this stored in the app or with apple?

      surely there could be something like a one use token (to avoid piracy) on the email addresses (or even sent to the email addresses) of all the appropriate backers... and then that code unlocks the full version from a free version with a paid upgrade to the full version..

      Hope that makes sense. May even be able to bypass apple using this method, as long as it checks with the server to make sure its authentic.

    27. Giacomo Giorgi on

      Just a quick question. Since I am a Mac user I would have pledge $50 bucks or more if the games on were available also for MAC OSX. Is there any way to make some free games available also for Mac users? Such as Broken Sword 1/2 that can be downloaded from the app store.
      Thanks in advance.

    28. Tet Yoon Lee on

      Simon Booth: That won't work unless Apple allows it and if Apple is going to allow it (which is a big 'if') then I don't see any reason to use that method which is more complicated for end users. In the past Apple have allowed people to release a backers version on the store which can be unlocked with a password which would be simpler for end users (just use the store like normal, and updates are easily provisioned). The question is whether they will allow that in this case as they don't appear to have any specific policy on it so they could easily decide not to, they do normally forbid anyone who tries to cut out Apple from the payment process meaning they don't get their 30%. The fact that there are a lot of Kickstarters planning to release iOS versions may or may not be a good sign. One the one hand, perhaps Apple will release that this is a new development method, restricting developers will make them look bad and they may end up making more money anyway since developers may simply not develop for iOS or not develop at all if they can't use Kickstarter or similar crowd funding methods. On the other hand, Apple has shown in the past they don't necessarily care about whether they come out looking bad in restricting developers, particularly when it comes to making sure they get paid and perhaps they will fear the flood of crowd funding and similar methods will be bad for them and decide not to allow it any more. Ultimately only Apple can say.

      I presume Revolution is already aware of the history here and are hopefully already in contact with Apple so I guess time will tell....

    29. Missing avatar

      Crispy on

      How about a Windows Phone version? There's compilers which would make this easier and if its being developed with Unity, Windows Phone 8 now supports this.

    30. Missing avatar

      SImon Booth on

      Would Apple allow you to consider distribution to backers as 'in-house'? If so you could join the enterprise program and distribute the app to backers via the enterprise distribution process. Apple's help page is at

    31. Missing avatar

      Klaus on

      STEAM and ACHIEVEMENTS please!

    32. Romain Aymard on

      awesome ! THANKS !

    33. Alexspeed on

      I really want this game on steam, please make that possible.

    34. Luke Fowler on

      I do know that mass iOS gifting is possible, although not quite sure how. Can't wait for the game to be released!

    35. hongyun198 on

      Please iOS Universal, thanks thanks thanks many many thanks. I'll pay another 20 bucks for it!

    36. ET3D on

      Cloud saves would be even better.

    37. NickK on

      Awesome news! I'm looking forward to playing this on the move. As others have mentioned it would be even better if the game saves were compatible between platforms, playing on the PC and then continuing where I left off on my One X or a tablet would be brilliant.

    38. Alexander Dudek on

      Please make the iOS app universal and with all languages included.. I'll buy it even though I already pledged. I want the adventures retune to my life.

    39. Missing avatar

      Aliasalpha on

      Well that was enough to get me to up my contribution, nice one.

    40. Missing avatar

      Gerardo Fransecky on

      What's about a Windows Phone version?

    41. dulBIRAKAN on

      I joined in for the Linux version and am now considering increasing my pledge for the Android version. Thanks for supporting my favorite platforms.

    42. Daniel Strauss on

      what i would love to be able to do is playing my game on the PC - save - and continue to play on my mobile/android. maybe there is an easy way to include save game shareing... (maybe with a password like old games used)

    43. jaus - Order of the Goat on

      I hope to get savedata compatibility PC-ANDROID-MAC-LINUX, will be funny play in PC and continue with Android and later come back to PC.

      Similar to universal savedata of something. It's very easy to do now where the game is. Could be very interesting... ;)

    44. dave00dance on

      i hope you guys can get the IOS version sorted im sure other projects have this offer, i love playing on the touch screen under my cozy Quilt ha

    45. Laurens Leemans on

      FarSight did it with their Kickstarter for Pinball Arcade. They included the iOS version. So, perhaps you could check with them? I would love the iOS version to be included here, backed for $100 anyway. ;)

    46. Missing avatar

      Jason Pingel on

      iOS Gift Serial #'s for Kickstarters. Much like the free digital copy download on iTunes when you purchase a blu-ray disc. You punch in a code, the app downloads for free.

    47. Clare Jones on

      @Kevin Taylor @Constantine Zuev again, Six-to-Start did the lite version thing, OKed it with Apple ( and then later Apple pulled the lite version from the App Store and they had to scramble to do get people informed, do a one-day sale on the full version so everyone could get migrated and give everyone store vouchers as they couldn't follow through with their promise of free DLC for a year ( Seriously not recommended.

    48. Mark Clarke on

      Thanks I'll be getting the PC version and then buying the android version too to hopefully get another game afterwards.

    49. Michael Sawczyn on

      WOW! Thank you. The directors cut for android is my favorite game for android.