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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Gromber Fox on

      oihanguren, you are from spain, and spanish is the official language.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marcin Baran on

      oh and fantastic job with the response on the languages:) well done Revolution!!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Marcin Baran on

      New George looks fantastic:) wouldn't mind seeing the final version of Nico as well whenever she'll be ready;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Reno on

      Please fellow backers, read all previous comments to prevent asking for the same things again and again.

    5. Missing avatar

      Martin Blazek on

      NO! You guys are absolutely brilliant!! Rev, you rock!

    6. Missing avatar

      LorenzoDV on

      Thank you so much for Italian.
      Now I can't wait: this may rival the first episode as the best BS game yet!

    7. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      I just remembered one IMPORTANT thing: PLEASE do cursor in the game LIKE it LOOKED in FIRST TWO BROKEN SWORDS!!! It's even better if it will look like in BS1: the had on the exit and expanding areas, the gears on interaction, the mouth if it's possible to speak... But make hand cursor anyway!!!

    8. kevryu on

      Thanks for bringing back this game !!
      I'm French and I would like to ask : Are you gonna bring the original cast for recording the voice ? It would be so awesome !!!!

    9. Nicholas Sire on

      Thanks for Russian. And goodluck guys.
      P.S. United we stand, divided we fall.

    10. Paul Ulrick on

      George looks a lot better now. :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Jacopo Columbro on

      From Italy: GRAZIE!!! :)
      All of us hope that George will speak with Beccari's voice!!!!!!!!
      And yes, a longer bigger game with hand painted scenaries, dialogues (also unuseful but funny). Finally the same things as in bs1 but more and more.

    12. Roman Zaytsev on

      thanks for Russian, it's good news indeed!

    13. Jason Mervyn Hibbs — Order of the Goat on

      A marked improvement, George is now anatomically believable.

    14. Missing avatar

      Aesgard on

      New George is much better. lorenzorlandi is right, now he looks like George

    15. Arnaud on

      what is the difference between the old and the new george?

    16. lorenzorlandi on

      Oh I almost forgot: THANKS for deciding to go with the italian voice acting!!! :D
      So happy... hope you can get the old team on board, meaning Claudio Beccari (George) and Elda Olivieri (Nico) ;)

    17. lorenzorlandi on

      Didn't comment on this before because I assumed the 3D models were (are?) W.I.P, but I like the "new" George WAY more... much more resembling to the first two BS games :)

    18. jaus - Order of the Goat on

      OH FUCK YEAH!!!!

      Did I read Spanish voices again? YES YES YES!!!!!!! I can't believe it !!!! Yuhuuuuu!!!!
      One moment ago I was jumping on my bed.

      Please contract same people of Broken Sword I & II:

      Tomás Rubio= George voice
      Esther Rodríguez= Nicole voice

      Just a suggestion, that people are professionals. =D

    19. Raiden on

      The new version is much much better, though I would like to see the eyes tweaked just a little bit. I'm not quite sure if it's the spacing or what, but something seems the slightest bit off, and I think a little further manipulation would make it perfect.

    20. Missing avatar

      Karaouni Julien on

      Hey do not forget about us French people :) . The actor voicing George became a legend over here among fans of the series :D

      Fantastic american accent when speaking French, it was a real delight. Do bring him back on board please!

    21. Decimus on

      He just looks way too young :(

    22. Gustavo Caetano on

      You should really have subtitles in Portuguese. Every game seems to neglect this but forgets Portuguese is the 3rd most spoken language in the west and the 6th in the whole world.

      BS is my favorite game series of all time, but it's not very popular in Brazil, since national editions usually take too long to be released.

      I can help if you need to cut spending :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      @Kim Ryser.

      Have no Fear, You will be able to run this Game just fine. Given than it will be in 2D like the first 2 Games.

      Lowers the Spec Requirments a Ton. Example:

      Game Details:
      Title: Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror
      Genre: Adventure
      Developer: Revolution Software Ltd
      Publisher: Revolution Software Ltd
      Release Date: 3 Dec 2009
      Languages: English
      Player Mode: Single-player

      PC System Requirements:
      OS: Windows 98/XP/Vista
      Processor: Pentium or equivalent
      Memory: 16 Mb
      Graphics: Direct X 5.0 compatible card
      DirectX: 5.0 or greater/li>
      Hard Drive: 600 Mb
      Sound: Direct X compatible card

      Mac System Requirements:
      OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later
      Hard Drive: 1GB free space

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jonas Hansson on

      I really prefer the older version, the new one lacks personality. But i guess the majority has spoken and they obviously want a Ken doll as George Stobbart.

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    27. Jamie McCue on

      The lighting/colour looks good and it's good that he's got a fuller jaw line. Keep up the good work.
      Oh, just another wee thing to add. Disney's next animated short 'Paperman' is released soon and they have, supposedly, revolutionised the way you can blend 2D with 3D. It may be too late to have an influence on this Broken Sword game, but it could be a big factor in future games. Just a thought really and I thought I'd put it out there to see what people think (especially if they've been lucky enough to see it at any animation festivals).

    28. Missing avatar

      markhammond on

      "We have received so many requests from Spanish and Italian fans asking about full voice recording that we have been convinced - so are delighted to confirm that voices will be recorded in Spanish and Italian."
      Thanks a lot ^^

    29. Martins Antony on

      I am really glad for the Italian and spanish , but what about french? Is it still because of Napoleon?

    30. Tomimt on

      Very clear improvement on the facial features, the new George looks great.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kim Ryser on

      My only real concern is that I want this game to be able to run on a laptop. I couldn't get the last Broken Sword game to run on either of my last two laptops, including one with a non-integrated graphics card. I'm disabled and can't sit at a desktop, so this is a big deal for me. I've still contributed, hoping I'll be able to play the game, but I hate that I don't know.

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrej Škergat on

      I think he is still too young

    33. Karadras on

      The new version of George is cleary better. Good job Revolution ;)

      @ Christopher Muller : I'm sure for many french people he is THE voice for George, we need him !!

    34. Missing avatar

      Sean Stella on

      Love the new George, much more like it! You guys are amazing; you really are taking on board the fan feedback but also sticking with your own artistic directions and ideas for the game. I'm sure this can be the best Broken Sword yet, thanks :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Glenn Gräslund on

      The updated face-model for George is looking really good! Much better than the old one. Not that the old face was bad just that this new face-model is so much better. Feels more like George if that makes any sense.

    36. Christian Murphy on

      That's how George is supposed to look. Thanks :D

    37. Missing avatar

      Christopher Muller on

      Next goal : Emmanuel Curtil as French Dubber :) cross fingers

    38. Moeez Siddiqui on

      @Andrew Jones --

      Yes I love the free-roam aspect where you could talk to people in different areas and get new funny dialogue. Makes the world feel more "alive" that other NPCs are commenting on your level progression.

    39. Missing avatar

      harlekinrains on

      Sharon Black got it. Will others?

    40. William Smeddle on

      the improved George looks really good, more chiseled. can't wait to play it.

    41. Missing avatar

      revenu on

      @Thierry - This afternoon, I checked on the site of "a fan blog" in which was reported an interview from Charles Cecil . It was said in this interview that he confirmed Emmanuel Curtil would join the French cast as well as the German actor for the German version of the game. You can have a look at "a fan blog" on Revolution Software site.

    42. Missing avatar

      Sharon on

      The new George is certainly more pretty/handsome, but the old George looked more like a regular guy. It was more of an individual look for him. But I certainly won't mind looking at him this way in the new game.

    43. S.D. on

      Backers: Windows/Linux/Mac/iOS/Android confirmed at launch. iOS versions (iPhone/iPad) cannot yet be awarded in tiers... Revolution Software is trying, but Apple is not helping yet. Android is able to be awarded, but the team has not fully investigated this yet (they are trying). EFIGS localisation, with voice actors, is confirmed *without* stretch goals. Newly, Russian and Polish text (and subtitling?) are confirmed. The team has confirmed they are already trying to contract the previous voice actors; no new information is available there. Please do not ask for any of the above! They are in-progress or already committed! :-)

    44. Missing avatar

      Christopher Muller on

      OMG, his face looks a trillion better :) Yes, absolutely, this is much better. Now he's cute enough ^_^

    45. Simon Brown on

      Excellent job on george's face! and thanks for the update!

    46. Missing avatar

      stevie on

      Dutch please.

    47. Missing avatar

      Caro on

      Excellent job. What an improvement!

    48. Missing avatar

      Reno on

      Nice change on the chin ! You did just right.
      Might I also ask for a bit of texture (?), you know, stuff on the skin to see he's older than a Teen ? That would be just perfect. ;-)

      Just like Thierry earlier, I would really enjoy having Emmanuel Curtil back for the french voice over. He's so great ! (And for us, frenchy , he's simply George himself.)

      Anyway, keep up the good work !

    49. Geri Studer on

      Please locate the game in german!!!! PLEEEAAASE :D There are so many good speakers out there in germany and the location of the previous games was stunning! so you have to keep this work up and running!
      Alexander Schottky and Franziska Pigulla were amazing as George and Nico so it would be wasted potential losing this content...

    50. Andrew Jones on

      Hey guys, One thing I'd like to see is having the option to revisit places from earlier in the story, with new dialog options which reflect what is going on in the main story, but these would be totally optional and not part of the main story.

      I remember you could revisit the cafe in the original Broken Sword, but there were no NPCs around to talk to and the workmen never came back (though I believe at some point it was hinted that he won some money on the horse that he bet on).