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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Kenny on

      I really hope Georges original green jacket outfit comes back in the game, that thing is like one of his trademarks.

    2. Augusto Breitenbach Diniz on

      I think George looks better now, but there could be still some tweaks, on the jaw I think, I'm not sure, but there's something off, and I don't know what it is... anyway, can't wait for this awesome game!!

    3. -gizmo- on

      I hope that you use the original voice actors for the Spanish version ;).

    4. Alice - Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      The subtle changes really have made a difference, he looks much much more like the George we know and love :D

    5. Gonçalo Portugal Guerra on

      @Sebastian, thank you! I'm portuguese, but got Broken Sword in spanish when I was a kid... the other day I went looking for the voice of George and found nothing...until now! Thanks, I really like is voice as George ;)

    6. Sebastian Vaggi on

      are you going to use Tomás Rubio. Voice for the spanish version ?

    7. Sebastian Vaggi on

      You should take a look to the old george, he have the eyebrow black or dark brown, that make hime look different and better. This looks more like the 3d one that wasnt so good.

      here you have the intro of the first game:…

    8. Kevin Behrendt on

      I scratched my beard as I saw George, something was off I thought. The new one is right, no scratching here *thumbs up*

    9. Missing avatar

      Ivan on

      New is much better, thanx

    10. Missing avatar

      Chocobobo88 on

      george looks great!

    11. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      Sexy French Voice for Nico, please ! XD

    12. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      @Ritchie le: such reference will be great for me :) I don't speal of one hundred and one reference. I speak of one, like I found in all previous games :) Game would be independent of BS3-4 and i totally would like that. More to say, I'm sure it would be this way :)
      BS4 and BS2 are independent too, but still :) there are references, you know it :))
      Anyway, I already accepted this prequel fact :) But still hope for small reference :) Or... In that case it's probably better with no references to BS3-4. If it seems to be set after BS2 and we'' find reference to BS3-4 it would comletely confuse all the timeline :) So be that as it may.
      Still... There is one fact and it's awesome.... It's a new Broken Sword!!! :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Ritchie le on

      @ Juan Jose Peralta The problem with fan games is that they focus too much oa particular moment in a game or a game in a series to the point where everything in the fan game revolves around that particular moment/video game.

      I stopped playing BS 2.5 becaue George is too out of character. BS 2.5 George is emo.

      I honestly want to see a fan game that doesn't focus too much on an official game if you know what I mean. I want a fan game to feel like an official game - a fan game that doesn't references an official game every second. If someone does another bs fangame, I hope they do not go with the Templar storyline, and instead use another famous legend.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ritchie le on

      @Rendref true, Street Fighter is a fighting game, but how about Devil May Cry? All the DMC games after DMC2 takes place before part 2.

      I really don't want the game to be too dependent on BS 3 and 4 to the point of it being a tribute game Like the King's Quest: The Silver Lining or a licensed game like Leisure Suit Larry MCL. Those games suck partly because they rely mostly on the success from the previous games. Do I really need to be reminded about Larry Laffer's previous adventure every 10 seconds or play a fan game KQ game that references KQ6 constantly?

      I understand ppl like fan service, but it should be used sparingly. I think you are concern that Revolution is going to toss out BS 3 and 4 out of the BS canon. I think that is what it all boils down to, which is why you want references in BS 3 and 4 in the game.

      I want BS 5 stand on it's own. I don't want the plot of BS 5 suffer because people want references of BS 3 and 4 in it. I want BS 5 to be able to carry the series without depending too much on BS 3 and 4. I wouldn't mind seeing a newspaper article about the professor's invention from bs 3 in BS5, but seeing more references would take away from BS 5.

    15. WP - Member, Mutant League on

      We don’t want to tempt fate – so will only publish the Stretch Goals if and when we do hit the goal of $400,000.

      Think this is a mistake, backers want an incentive to fund this game more.
      The incentive is not just the higher rewards but also what they can expect
      more from the developers when higher funding goals are reached.

    16. Missing avatar

      mohammed rizvi on

      Broken sword games are fantastic!!! One of the reasons I play games on my pc is because of broken sword!!! Best news is that its back to 2d! Only one request from me, make the game really long because i dont know what i am going to do after this game!!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      David Marín Baraza on

      I believe that really to obtain a complex video game must be capable of following the history where it remained. For example the plot of BS3 with Bruno and the Templars it seems to me to be very interesting, and in BS4 the separation of Nico and George. Definitively I hope that Revolution is capable of lining up a complex plot and that he adapts to the whole saga. And if you are a fan of Broken Sword you have played to 4 games... (Brilliant! In spanish)

    18. Missing avatar

      belacqua on

      Thank you guys!!!! Thank you for italian voice recording!!! My 25$ are well spent!!! You are awesome!!! W George Stobbard!!!

    19. Kiwiblazer on

      HI can't wait for this game can everyone also support this game Wings it looks really good .

    20. Jose Sousa on

      Ricardo, i think English subs it is certain..
      But like i said earlier, i agree with you, European Portuguese Subtitles would be awesome!!! ;)

    21. Martin Mulrooney ⌠⌠ Order of the Goat ⌠⌠ on

      New George looks great - only small changes but they've made a massive difference! The Stobbart chin is back! :D

    22. Ricardo Perleques on

      European Portuguese subtitles please! (or at least English ones)

    23. Juan José Peralta on

      I like the new desing, it looks more like George, his face in the trailer was a bit too "rounded".

    24. Juan José Peralta on

      @Guillermo Actually, the creators of Broken Sword 2.5 were so obsesed in making the game "look" like a Broken Sword, that they didn't even had the thought of working on the script and story. Making it canon would be horrible. Revolution, don't do it. Maybe just a little nod and nothing more.

    25. Daniel Strauss on

      the charakter models look fine....but i would love to see them rendered more 2D.
      it is posible today to make 3D charakters look completly 2D (like in Runaway)

    26. Guillermo on

      Now it came to my mind Broken Sword 2.5 and although it was fanmade, if this BS finally takes place after BS4 I'd like you to take into account that story too ^O^

    27. Fox-Balls on

      BS1 was my first PS1 game. I would love these games to return to Playstation 3. Makes me happy knowing this is possible. Id probably buy a Vita for BS too. There are so many classic moments, loved it when George went to the pub in Ireland. If memory serves he also visited an old lady in Spain. Anyway bring it all to PS3 (or multi-platform)

    28. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      @Markus: actually BS1-2 and BS3-4 are pretty easy games in puzzling. It's because they logical. I hate some inventory "sex" with items like in games like Monkey Island and The Longest Jurney (brrr. the duck gives me a creeps), although I like those games, but I never couldn't figure out what I must do. Because use of items in such games is very illogical :)
      Broken Sword allows me to think like a human, not like a cartoon character. All the moves make sense. Never I've been stuck n any BS game more than couple of hours (and that was inly 3 times: the goat in Irland, the knight in Spain and the dungeon in Instambul in BS4 :). Of course the ultimate stuck is one from BS2 - I just haven't been able to find a piece of feather after giving it to cat for about 6 month (yeah :)). But this is just pixel-hunting problem :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      @Adrien Dodinet: very mature. It's like not liking a good book, just because it's printed for example on stone instead of paper. Or on paper instead of being in e-book format. Or otherwise.
      It's in 3d, why hate it? See the story and the game. Don't look there for a 2d point-and-click. It's just silly to hate it just because it's not classic adventure game. Broken sword have always been a much more than just a game. It's a great story. And the story in BS3 is the greates in BS series (exepr for dragon ending :)) or one of the greatest. The hell with that, I like all four stories.

    30. Markus on

      I hope you will find a compelling story like in BS1, where you can't sleep at night because you are lying in your bed and poring over the current puzzle you are stucking ;)

      I tought this feeling was missing in BS3 and 4.

    31. Stathis Ameridis@OotD Goat $13.9 on

      I was thinking it over and I was wondering why not to be able to play with both George and Nico? Why not to have 2 stories running in parallel (one for George and one for Nico) and multiple endings? Just an idea of course!

    32. Thomas Perret on

      I am a big fan of the knights of baphomet since the very first, I rely on you to show as well better that the first two episodes which are for me the best but the only thing which I would like it find is the real French voice of Georges.

    33. Missing avatar

      Adrien Dodinet on

      I'd be very happy if BS5 took place after BS2 and well I wouldn't mind if they did like BS3 and 4 never existed... Unless they redid them in 2D point and click.

    34. Sarah Holmes on

      this sequel has been long awaited for, even my mother whose 75 year old has been asking me when the new broken sword is out, and now i can finally break the good news, great work guys/gals, its about time we had some classic adventure hitting our pc's again,

      As for improvements or extra's, I'd like to see this on the gaming consoles, extra puzzles, would also be great to have multiple ending, so you just don't have to play this one and let it collect dust, or even take part as Nico or George and having a different ending with them, its all ideas, and no doubt you will make a good choice on what people suggest

      Keep up the great work

    35. Missing avatar

      Bertolino Pierre on

      Voices in french please !!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      @Alena V: maybe to write a personal message about the matter to Charles like I did? Of course, petition will be fine :)
      Or make $ 10 000 pledge or more and Revolution will probably listen :))
      Anyway, in any BS you could tell after what game it takes place, because there are always lines with mentioning previous events. One just couldn't pretend that all the stories are gone and the current stand-alone story is the only one. There will be recurring old characters, it is said by Revolution. And they could be only if George have met them before. Where? Why, of course in the previous games! Because there were 4 previous games.
      Ok, I'm frustrated about this new... Frustrated a lot... Hope someone from Revolution will answer me. And maybe they'll do a little reference to BS3-4... Characters do not age - that's fine. But this doesn't mean that all those events were or should be in random time sets....

    37. Missing avatar

      Alena Rymkiewicz on

      I totally agree with you. They should continue, because we are not only interested in George and Nico's adventures, but also how their relationship evolves. I would love to see some characters from BS3&4 as well. But how to make us heard?

    38. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      And in Indiana Jones 1-2-3 no supporting characters that bring up talks about previous events. There are only Indie and Sallah... In that case it's not a crime to use "floating timeline" or make a lot of sequels-prequels (which Lucas didn't :( ). In BS there a lot of old characters who George knows. It's a way more cpmplicating tha in Indiana films

    39. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      As I said on forum: "Indiana Jones live his life in adventures. There are lot of stories that might be told about Indie and it will not be a contradiction.
      Life if Stobbart is not full of adventures. He enjoy these chances to be envolved in Great Adventure every time, because it saves him from his miserable and boring job as a lawyer (it all can be seen in BS3). There are no space and no time for another adventure set in-between. " Well... only if in the end of the game George and Nico will break up. What leads us to their places in BS3.

    40. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      @Martin Blazek I complain. Ir was the worst and boring Indiana Jones movie. And one of the most boring films in itself.
      @Ritchie le: don't care about Street FIghter. It's a fighting, not story-oriented adventure. And there's no need to make a lot of references to BS3-4, there will be enough of one reference, that will set it right. What's there for picking up by certain fans?
      Also I know a there is a lot of fans in who never played BS1-2. But I don't see Revolution ignoring events of THOSE games.

    41. Cristiano Scorsetti on


    42. Missing avatar

      Philip Usher on

      Like the new version of George by the way, he looks much more pleasant. The first version looked kind of sly! You should make Nico more feminine like in BS1.

    43. Missing avatar

      Philip Usher on

      How about using the extra cash to make a 2D version of The Sleeping Dragon? That would be awesome!

    44. Missing avatar

      Martin Blazek on

      Oh give me a break.. Indiana Jones 2 is set before Indy 1 and no one complained. Just enjoy the fact there will be a new BS game!! And btw, I did like both BS 3&4. I thought especially BS3 was great, on par with 1&2..

    45. Missing avatar

      Ritchie le on

      I think one of the reasons they are making bs5 after bs 2 because most fans, new and old, played the first two games. If the game is set after part 4, a lot of bs 3 and 4 references might not be picked up by certain fans

    46. Missing avatar

      Ritchie le on

      While I understand where you are coming from, such practices to "ignore" a "hated" sequel by making the new game taking place before it and "going back to it's roots" is common in video games. Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Castlevania - to name a few.

      However, even when a new game takes place before an existing game, it still doesn't mean that the old game like BS 3 or Street Fighter 3 will be ignored or removed from canon. Street fighter 4, for example, acknowledges the existence of SF3 by adding SF3 characters in the later SF4 updates.

      Maybe we will see some foreshadowing and references of BS3 or BS4 in BS5.

    47. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      I won't withdraw it. It doesn't make sense to withdraw, it'll not change anything :) And the game will be great, i'm sure. But for me it will always be with a bitter taste. Because details are matter..

    48. Guillermo on

      @Rendref I see what you mean and I agree that it'd be better if they continue all the plot so that make it more exciting making possible some situations, such as some character's deaths or more reunions with characters from BS3 or BS4, I don't know. But, however, I think it's not a HUGE mistake, so I guess you shouldn't withdraw your pledge only for this, it's still Broken Sword and I have all my hopes that it'll be a GREAT videogame. :D

    49. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      @Guillermo: I think something horrible happened... Searched trough Internet and found some fan post on some forum, that Tony confirmed it... "We don’t strongly relate this game to the others but we sort of think of it as coming after bs2. For example, it’s set roughly in the present day, but no ones aged all that much". If so, there will be no references to the BS3-4??? All this beatiful stories, jokes and events - just vanished, because Revolution decided to suggest a 3d-BS-haters fans? O boy this is lame...
      It's completely alogical. There's clearly have been no adventures in Stobbart life between BS2-3 and BS3-4. This ignoring is just.... awful... terrible. I hope Revolution re-think such a step, if it is really so.

      I'd probably withdraw my pledfe if it do any good. But it will not, not if all the backers withdraw their pledges until Revolution says "OK, it's set after BS4, and no game in the series will be ignored".

      I want a new BS, but I want it right, exploring lives of my favorite characters, how they moved on, how Nico and George have met again and how their relationships evolving. Isn't it a greate theme to explore? Not just a stand-alone story with no consequences at all set in the middle of nowhere.... or nowhen...

      Maybe all who wants BS3-4 not to be ignored will send a letter to a Revolution? Or directly to Charles? Or we could create petition or something...

    50. Missing avatar

      Kantiran on

      I really like the new George. Now he is much more similar to the George from the first two games. Thank you so much Revolution!! :) Now I have only one more little wish - that George is also changed on the cover of the game. For me he nearly doesn´t look like George and seems very severe.