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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      @revenu -- Is the voice of Emmanuel Curtil official for the French version ? I don't think it has been confirmed yet... But I really hope it will !

    2. S.D. on

      Looking fantastic, Team Broken Sword! Ace effort. :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      oihanguren on

      By the way, I think the new George is much much better, he looks like the real George Stobbart we met in the first game.

    4. Missing avatar

      oihanguren on

      Hello! I'm Basque, and as you may know, mine is a minority language, so I don't think you'll translate the game to it. But is there any possibility to let users translate the subtitles for those languages that you aren't going to provide translation? That way, the communities that speak those languages will be able to contribute translating and they will be able to play Broken Sword 5 in their own language. I'm sure that this would be a good way to get more users. (It is not a game, but Twitter was recently translated to Basque by the community, and the new appeared on TV, newspapers, radio,... )
      Thank you for the great games, Broken Sword is my favourite game.

    5. Benny Samuelsson on

      @Marko. But in Sweden they can meet the flimsy king!

    6. Alexander Kiryushkin on

      Now that's more Georgy)

    7. Marko Rahnasto on

      Sweden? No, they should visit Finland and meet Santa Claus. ;)

    8. Missing avatar

      Marco Petucco on

      Hey there! Great news!

      I don't know how many backers there are here in Brazil, but how about Brazilian portuguese subtitles? It would be great! :)

    9. Missing avatar

      revenu on

      Finally, I prefer the "old" version of Georg. But personnally, I really enjoyed Georg and Nico in the Director's cut and particularly at the end of the game, when they stand on the Eiffel Tower. What do you think? By the way, very very good news about Emmanuel Curtil acting as Georg. Without him, it would not have been Georg!

    10. Benny Samuelsson on

      Hmm am i wrong but has Broken Sword ever been in the nordic countries? Time for a trip to Sweden for our favourite characters :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Martin Hughes on

      I insist that George's green jacket be re-instated! At once!

      Other than that, I think he's looking in great shape! :D

    12. Massimo Cesario on

      Thank you very much for supporting italian fans!

    13. Missing avatar

      Thierry on

      Great update, thanks ! And please, don't worry German and French guys : the game WILL BE translated into these languages, as announced at the beginning of the project (see the FAQ).

    14. Strayth on

      David Meunier => Le jeu sera traduit et doublé en français, c'est annoncé depuis le début...

      GEORGE LOOKS GREAT TIHS WAY !!! George's face was the only thing I didn't like about the art style ! Now it's perfect !

    15. Basia Gancarek-Śliwińska on

      Thank You for Polish translation!!! So happy!!!

    16. a-side on

      It will be Jerome!

    17. Patrick on

      While I still prefer the flat shading and use of simple lines to bring out out facial features on the hand-drawn characters, this does look pretty good and, more importantly, looks like George. I am still a bit worried about the level of expressiveness the 3D models can attain though -even in this still there is somewhat of a blank stare-, but we will see when some animation is done.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jerome BEARD on

      Hi everybody! I hope that the game will also be dubbed in French ;) The voices in French were great so far and I just hope that we will have the same casting.

    19. Missing avatar

      harlekinrains on

      Its better said here then for it to get lost in the overall chatter. The "NEW" George deliberately looks more like a hunk to work better within the demographic. Broken Sword never would have worked with a hunk in the main role.

      But I'm sure you have very convincing people telling you otherwise.

      How about the likeability of that character? There is a very distinct difference between someone you cast for a role as a "ha8wt" Charakter and someone you would cast as "likeable".

      Just do this little lesson with me. Think about adjectives you would associate with the original George, than look at a shopwindow mannequin and do the same.

      Very disappointed with this choice. It shows that "best" is referring to "what ever our demo seemed to like".

    20. Benny Samuelsson on

      I remember i played the demo of BS1 on a old magazine demo cd a bunch of times ages ago and couldn't wait for the full game. Since then I've held BS1 as the best adventure game ever and it hasn't changed. I replayed the directors cut recently as well.

    21. a-side on

      It will be David!

    22. Christian Richard - Order of the Goat on

      But I'd eliminate any glimpse of reflection on George's Skin or hair to make him look even more 2Dish

    23. Missing avatar

      MEUNIER David on

      Please translate this game in FRENCH.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew R on

      For anyone wondering what the difference between the images are, check the jawline. You can see in the first images, George looks a bit dopey but in the second, he has a more confident, heroic appearance. The stroke on the jaw doesn't join up in the side view too, which is much better. Hopefully this will improve the close-ups, which was the main thing that looked wrong (1:30 in the promo vid) but that could be the solid eyelashes/eyebrows and face deformers - far away the hair would blend to be solid but closeup perhaps not.
      Is the motion being mocapped or hand animated? I think it will cut down a lot of time and have more believable animation if it's mocapped vs say roto. It may be possible to do this on the cheap using a Kinect SDK even if that's just to bake a basic animation that can be tweaked.

    25. Diogo António Rendeiro on

      Hi there, please add Portuguese (european / standard portuguese) to the game! That would be so awesome... Also, on the same vein of translations, I bet backers would love to make suggestions on additional settings of mini adventures / chapters besides Paris (and of course I would suggest Lisbon and Oporto :P)

    26. Benny Samuelsson on

      Great update on George. I especially didn't like how he looks on the cover. I hope that'll change as well.

      Would be awesome with long behind-the-scenes interviews and voice cast taking questions together like naughty dog have done with their cast for each game. That would be awesome extra material. More people from the crew can come too of course :)

    27. Zappar on

      i'm still doubting that 3D george's facial expressions will reach the charm of 2D george. at this graphics level, a lot of details look very good in george's face, but then again - every single inconsistency pops out. with 2D chars, not everything has to be "right", and may even look better than "right". you already realized this for the backgrounds.
      unfortunately, it seems you do not consider going back to 2D chars, for whatever reason - did you ever mention why? it's just my opinion, but i know many people think the same. check for yourself this visual george comparison:

    28. StarshipTrooper :Asylum Krazies $6.66: on

      Like the new George! Please use him in the game.

    29. Jose Sousa on

      Nice :)
      i dont want to be a "beggar" but It would be GREAT, if you could have PORTUGUESE ( EUROPEAN) subtitles too !! ( its one of the most talked languages in world too :D) THANK YOU !!!! Jose Sousa

    30. Gromber Fox on



    31. animaniac on

      sharper faces would help giving a more cartoonish look. I liked the models in broken sword 3, although it might have been involuntary because of the low poly. other easy modifications would be increasing the eyebrow movement (they are a bit rigid compared to a cartoon during the close up in the launch video), add more folds and sharp edges to the clothes (to avoid the "tube" look of limbs), and drawn details on the textures (a la borderlands or walking dead).

      anyway, it's good to see developers listening to feedback. I am french and prefer to play games in english because french dub are often awful, and I'd prefer these reseources spent on game content, but looks like I'm the minority here!

    32. Chris MacDonald on

      Very subtle change but it does make a weirdly huge difference! For the better obviously! Admittedly his previous face put me off a bit, but glad to see the change :D

    33. Missing avatar

      Northensnow on

      Oh god, I hope the Italian voice actors are the same from the first two Broken Sword games - I can't remember if they are the same in BS 3 and 4. You did use them for the new scenes in the Director's cut, don't let me down now!
      Also, George looks much better now, great job!

    34. Ayman Şanlıtürk on

      Am I the only one who wants Turkish subtitles in the game? Because I am damn sure there is a major community who plays BS series since the beginning.

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I see no difference

    36. Risto Myyrylainen on

      @Gösta Larsson, yes we do know enough english. I just say some people here in Finland do not enough understand some english words.

    37. Rachel Hawthorne on

      The new George does look great, thanx for the preview. A longer game also sounds good to me, I mean the reason we fans want more games is because we never want the adventure to end! O.K I know it may have to end sometime but as long as you make the games I'll want to play them! I see I am not the only one, the goal is very close now for pledges, in such a short space of time... Seems everyone knows this is definitely worth backing! Thanx for chance to give a little something back to say thankyou for the hours of entertainment!

    38. Rinu on

      The new model is definitely an improvement. Keep doing a great work :).

    39. Raul Herencia on

      thank you very much for attending our requests and translate the game into Spanish voices and texts

    40. JJ - Order of the Goat on

      Wow - George looks perfect! New George resembles the old George we all know & love. Thankyou Rev :)

    41. Ra3V on

      Thanks a lot for the Italian voices! My brother and I still have very clear in our head, one Italian sentence of Broken Sword 2, when we were stuck at one of the puzzle and we kept on talking with this guy who was repeating all the time "Un'altra frittella George?".

      I also like the new George, although now he looks very perfect and handsome when the old one was somehow a little bit "goofy".

      Anyway, keep on with the great work and let's do this last 15%!!!

    42. reibag on

      Fuck Yeah !! Spanish voice too !! :D

    43. Missing avatar

      Robert Rodriguez on

      Well It's definitely an improvement but I'm still a fan of 2D characters. Older broken sword sprites were gorgeous :D

    44. Ben Salmon on

      I imagine the skeleton of the game must be laid out by now - I'm curious how the game would be made longer. Would that be adding flesh to certain areas, or literally adding new areas, plot developments and characters?

    45. Gösta Larsson - Order Of The Goat 7.77 on

      @Risto, come now. We Scandinavians know enough English ^__^

    46. Loutre Moldave on

      @adhuin @Filip
      Ok thanks for the news.

    47. Gangxxter ⌠⌠ Order of the Goat $7.77 on

      New look is definitely a step in the right direction, looks much better than the old look. But I still think it could be better. After all, this is still work in progress, right?

    48. Javier garcia on

      Thanks for the spanish voices hope you get Tomas rubio as George but if yo cant thanks too