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A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.
14,032 backers pledged $771,560 to help bring this project to life.

Day 5 and we are overwhelmed by the response so far

Posted by Revolution Software (Creator)

We're into Day 5 and the pledges are already well over 65% of the target. We were slightly overwhelmed with messages and questions and are only now catching up - apologies if we haven't replied to you yet - please don't think that it's because we don't care. 

We grabbed Charles to give a quick update. Although still cautious, with some way still to go, he did address some of the questions about possible stretch goals, if we are fortunate enough to exceed our target. But in particular we want to hear what you would want if we do go over our goal. What would you like to see in the game? What would you like more of? Locations? Characters? Puzzles? Easter Eggs? Perhaps you would like to see the game released on console? More languages? Please leave a comment on this update - we will go through them really carefully and publish a list if we get close to our target. 

Many thanks to Georg, a fan who compiled and sent us a list of feedback from fans. The main comments were that most of you want the original point-and-click Broken Sword experience, with death sequence, overworld maps, and of course a colourful cast of characters! It's just was well that this totally encapsulates our vision for Broken Sword: the Serpent's Curse. 

And finally, we just want to say: Thanks a bunch guys! Without you none of this would be possible. The fact that Broken Sword: the Serpent's Curse has been received with such passion and enthusiasm is incredible, and we really can't wait to deliver an amazing game for you and with you!

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    1. Amy Blackwell on

      I second the call for a Barrington Pheloung soundtrack. Amazing.

    2. -gizmo- on

      I think that If you do it as close as possible to the first BS game will be a great product. Innovate, but keep the essence that made great the first and second game.

    3. Nicholas Raimo on

      One thing that I would REALLY like, apart from the old Italian voices of George and Nico that I wish will come back, is Barrington Pheloung to return for the game's soundtrack. I think that a good part of the success of the first two Broken Sword games is also of the beautiful music in the game.

      Also... come on, keep on pledging! I hope the money raised at least reaches $650.000!! I want to see those exotic locations! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Markoraf on

      To me, two things are important :
      1) Do the game as if we were in the 90's, don't be afraid of being "old-school", put as many hilarious comments of George as you can and put him in in the most improbable situations!
      2) Try to have back Emmanuel Curtil for the french version! He was perfect!
      "Paris en Automne, les derniers mois de l'année. Et la fin d'un millénaire. La ville évoque en moi des souvenirs de cafés, de musique, d'amour... et de mort. ".

    5. Missing avatar

      gregory john booth on

      I think more puzzles. to make the game last longer as these games do not come out as often as I would
      like.but perhaps if the new game sells wel.l you will consider a final broken sword before moving on to new games.I think if you did some more questions to the public about what thay would like and raise the funds as you are doing now.also without being nostalgic .about broken sword the series i think RPG games will make a come I have said before go into any games shop or online and
      90% of all game out there are shoot um up. games if not for the graphics they would not sell.and
      judgeing buy the sales of games apart from the odd one I think game sale will slow up not becouse
      of economic situation but becouse people are getting feed up with the same format of games no matter what the game. a bit like a John Wayne film all the same he just changes his hat. any way
      good luck. one the new broken sword game at least you are true to your word and don't just peddle out anything. I have sent my $15 if I could afford more i would have sent it but as thay say every little helps

    6. Missing avatar

      Ivan on

      This isn't a stretch goal idea, but I'd definitely like to see you make a series of t-shirts for fans to buy (and not only for backers). I, for one, would love to own one!

      Cheers from Croatia!

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris_2 on

      Hi, it would be very great if it could be possible to create a Version for Nintendo Wii

    8. Jiří Malina on

      I like to plead for Czech subtitles :-) Ther are many fans of BS thanks to Czech translate of the first game! And of course George can visit Prague, but this time the Prague how it really looks not that russian dream from BS3.

    9. Luke Harrison on

      As a long time fan of the series, I would like to see lots of references to previous games (not so much characters, just little things in the dialogue) as well as some easter eggs, such as the talking goat. I think little stuff like that would be nice for those who have followed the series and an incentive for newcomers to go back and check out the older games.

      If possible, an XBLA / PSN release would be nice but please keep it point and click, it worked on the playstation and there is no reason why It wouldn't work again. Please don't make it like BS3/4 where you moved the character around, back to the original formula or at least have an option to do either.

    10. Ta-Ha Doubli on

      please make george travel to germany, best if it is hamburg =)

    11. Rident on

      I'd like to see the return of familiar characters such as Duane and Pearl. I did like the additions to the puzzles on the Enhanced version of BS: SOTT so would like to see more of those. Most features I am very confident the team will deliver such as the humour and nods to movies or other games. Maybe a visit back to a familiar destination from a previous BS title.

      Agreed with the general feedback of wanting it traditional point and click adventure with timed death sequences. More languages couldn't hurt whether they are text subs or voice overs not that I personally need them.

    12. Jose Sousa on

      I already put my contribute in the next Update comment section.. but i will put here again: European Portuguese Subtitles ..PLease!!!! :D

    13. Sandra Friedrichs on

      I have the same thought as Jasmin. BS was and still is a part of my life. Gosh, I was so young when I played the first BS! So, please, don't forget the German players! I'd love to play it in English first and then play it again in German :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Benjamin F. on

      I just remembered something important - I'd like to see some beautiful winter locations with snow and ice - that's something I really missed in the first two episodes.

    15. Jasmin on

      I would love a German voice recording, since I grew up playing BS and listening to the German voices. I would not care so much if BS had not been a part of my life for so long now, since English is not the problem anymore :D In fact, l really like watching movies without dubbing now. Nevertheless, Broken Sword would not be the same experience without the German voices for me.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      I just remembered one IMPORTANT thing: PLEASE do cursor in the game LIKE it LOOKED in FIRST TWO BROKEN SWORDS!!! It's even better if it will look like in BS1: the had on the exit and expanding areas, the gears on interaction, the mouth if it's possible to speak... But make hand cursor anyway!!!

    17. S.D. on

      Backers: Windows/Linux/Mac/iOS/Android confirmed at launch. iOS versions (iPhone/iPad) cannot yet be awarded in tiers... Revolution Software is trying, but Apple is not helping yet. Android is able to be awarded, but the team has not fully investigated this yet (they are trying). EFIGS localisation, with voice actors, is confirmed *without* stretch goals. Newly, Russian and Polish text (and subtitling?) are confirmed. Please do not ask for these! They are committed! :-)

    18. Javier garcia on

      Spanish voices please! would be amazing

    19. Petr Dolejší on

      I would love to have an iPad version. Touch control on tablets are best match for adventures. I greatly enjoyed replaying both the remastered Broken sword games.

    20. Gromber Fox on

      spanish voices! if revolution have problem to make spanish voices, please talk with FX Interactive for a physical version, in spain they sell normal/indie games like deponia with full localization to a cheap price (20€)

      And 2D characters!!! but is too late ¿no?

    21. Ben Naylor on

      Would like to see some behind the scenes stuff with the voice actors.

    22. Missing avatar

      dayflash on

      love the story behind broken sword! would really appreciate when the backers also could get the android/iphone versions (in case you're planning those) of the game too. and of course: german translation ;-) and more locations :-)

    23. Gösta Larsson - Order Of The Goat 7.77 on

      Don't print copies of the game on PS3 and Xbox if it's too expensive, instead keep the costs down by releasing the game on PSN and Xbox live. That way you will keep costs down tremendously as well as keeping true to all your console fans.

      Broken Sword has been about social gaming, and console is the best way of bringing people together to laugh with George Stobbart and "I can explain everything!"

    24. Missing avatar

      SeninAndrew on

      Russian translation would be great to have!

    25. Missing avatar

      Salaun on

      Active background seems to be a great idea !

      I'd like to see our friends in temple and if project exceeds the goal, i'd like to see:

      1) longer story / bigger locations
      2) deeper dialogue system

    26. Tim Catley - Order of the Goat on

      I like the idea of multiple ways of solving a puzzle with the items you have in your inventory think that would be a god shout.

      Also, how about more active backgrounds to give more of a feel to an area? Animations with the crowds of people, cars going by, people in cafes, walking by etc. etc.

    27. Rinu on

      And I agree with Herwig, more realistic is always better.

    28. Rinu on

      If the project exceeds the goal, I'd definitely like to see:
      1) longer story / bigger locations
      2) deeper dialogue system
      3) more NPCs (possibly a queer one? :o)

    29. Missing avatar

      Herwig Weidle on

      More realistic and authentic locations and characters, more authentic historic details and a nice and epic end - maybe a summary dialog.

    30. Missing avatar

      Anastasios Deligiannis on

      As Rincevent said: "One of the things that I really loved in the first game and that I would like to see here was the possibility to show your entire inventory to other characters and have funny dialogues about it."
      Little trivial that people who played the game, trying the vast combinations of inventory and characters, left them with something unique. Others things could include more than one way to solve a puzzle and different ways to interact with characters. BS (especially 1) was unique in my opinion on the depth of the character interaction.

    31. Matt Thornton on

      I've just thought of another bonus content. How about interview videos with Charles Cecil himself on the history of Broken Sword? And maybe Rolf Saxon (voice of George) as well? Maybe the voice of Nico too?

    32. Missing avatar

      Roberto Bondi on

      About the game, I trust you, but...
      Localization in Italian, please!

    33. Gösta Larsson - Order Of The Goat 7.77 on

      @JJ, thank mate... I totally disliked the whole tips thing and blue dots on things you can interact with in the director's cut!

    34. JJ - Order of the Goat on

      Tick box* Not switch :P

    35. JJ - Order of the Goat on

      Gösta - Tony has confirmed an on/off switch for hotspots :)

    36. Gösta Larsson - Order Of The Goat 7.77 on

      Can we agree on a on/off switch for "hotspots" and hints and other things that destroy the experience for all those that actually love spending a week thinking about a puzzle?

    37. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      To Mumbledore: How the hell is it possible without GOATS? Anyway, what did poor goats did to you, that you don't want see them in BS?

    38. Missing avatar

      Mumbledore on

      I would suggest this; multiple paths or solutions to puzzles. I'm not talking some big fancy Fate of Atlantis style ambitious branching storyline, I just mean if I have to knock a bird's nest out of a tree and I have an umbrella and a walking stick in my inventory, for god's sake let me use the walking stick OR the umbrella.

      Also - NO GOATS :)

      You guys rock, I'm so looking forward to a proper, globetrotting, old school, Broken Sword adventure again.

    39. Gösta Larsson - Order Of The Goat 7.77 on

      You are wrong about console control Charles! The point and click worked perfectly on the original Broken Sword games. The direct control of Broken Sword 3 was horrid, and that had nothing to do with the mechanics. It just didn't feel right!

      What you should know is that gaming on a pc or mobile is very much an alone experience. Me and my brothers grew up playing Broken Sword. For us Broken Sword has always been about us three brothers sitting down in the couch and scratching our heads over puzzles together and laughing at or with George Stobbart.

    40. Tako Schotanus on

      If it could be made easier to buy/download/play the game in a different language from the region where you live it would be great (Just happened to me that I had to download a separate language pack to enable english on my Android version of Broken Sword 1, which is doable but seems like a lot of work for someone not well-versed with computers and copying files around).

    41. Missing avatar

      Magus Esko on

      All I want for stretch goals is more content and a longer game. More locations is probably what I want more than anything. What Broken Sword has been good at previously is to separate the game to areas so when I'm stuck I don't have too many places to search through to find what I need. It would be nice if you add more areas that are more or less isolated from the rest of the game. But tie them in with story and perhaps you can bring back items to use in a "main area". That would also make it easy to add in these areas, should you reach your stretch goals.

    42. Teddy Godard - Member of on

      i have no idea about the cost of creating a game for multiple platforms
      is it really expensive to developp for 3 or 4 machines???
      or it's better to do it on one device ????

    43. The Sphinx in the Face on

      More locations, more puzzels and an hardcore difficulty.

    44. Missing avatar

      rico on

      xbox 360 Definately! Monkey Island was a success there so you guys could definately be too!

      Some easter eggs like mayby posters on the walls in a street of the old games mayby? or old characters cropping up! Mayby a hint to kickstarter in it?

      Cant wait for this game I saw in the news you guys where developing a new one and I jumped off the sofa to back it! cant wait!

    45. hingant alan on

      playstation 3
      long story
      new character with many humor

      thank !!!!!!

    46. Andrea on

      - many locations (new and old)
      - Italian language for voice and text
      - Long story
      - George humor

    47. Missing avatar

      Rendref on

      George is fine. Little bit more details to characters models - and that's it. How exactly does this model is similat to its design in bs3-4. And George from BS2 is exactly the same as in BS1. Slightly differences doesn't matter.
      I think Revolution Software have already spent a $ 500000 on this game development (including character's design and models) not just to change all these models to 2d-drawn. So that is fine. 2d-3d - it actually doesn't matter if that is Broken Sword. Never saw a Broken Sword game that dissapointed me (exept 2.5, but that doesn't count). So we all keep faith in you, guys!
      Hope for another update :)

    48. Aran on

      Jacopo Columbro is definitly right. The George in bs1 was the beste George in all bs games.