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A community-led placemaking project that re-envisons creative ways to make shade on the Dallas City Hall plaza.

Every month from April-October we hold an event called Living Plaza, which is all about creative place-making on our in-active City Hall plaza. We invite musicians, artists and food trucks, set up tables and chairs, set up moveable plants and other elements based on the monthly theme.

Re-thinking Shade 2 is the second iteration of a theme to inspire the community to activate our City Hall plaza through shade. On August 15th, we put out a call for ideas to people around the city to help us come up shade structures for our Living Plaza event on Wednesday, September 26th. We were so excited and overwhelmed by the response that we have decided to do a kickstarter to get these sweet designs built! Click on the image below to see them.

There are six designs ranging from small individual sized solutions to large 400sqft ones. We are budgeting $250-$1000 for the smaller structures and $2,000-$3,500 for the larger ones. Any left over money will go to maintenance and transporting of the structures. Once built, the structures will stay on the plaza for 10 days and then be moved to various locations around the city to be exhibited.

We hope to demonstrate the importance of community led place-making at Dallas's City Hall, and continuing to make it a Living Plaza everyday. We also want to show the importance of public art and inspiring the community to help re-think our public spaces. 

To see what we're doing and all the progress we've made so far with Living Plaza check us out on facebook and wordpress.


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