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Revolights bike lighting system.
A Bay Area design project.
Our light's different.  We get that.  We embrace it.
Join the revolution.
Revolights are a legal headlight, smart brake light and a dramatic increase in side visibility. A true 360º lighting solution for your night riding safety.See and Be Seen.
Revolights are a legal headlight, smart brake light and a dramatic increase in side visibility. A true 360º lighting solution for your night riding safety.See and Be Seen.
1,442 backers pledged $215,621 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sean Chan on

      Sorry to be bumping an old Kickstarter project but what's the warranty of these Revolights? Seems my front right has kaput.

    2. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @TheChosenOne - Sorry for the delay, we don't check the comments section so often any more... There are certainly instructional videos, there's a link to them in the manual ( We've had some shops do install, but it seems to vary. Please email us with any further questions!

    3. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @Nick, @James-Ross - We have some other backers that had the same challenge, give the hotline a call so we can walk you through a fix. Also email info@revolights with any other questions!

    4. James-Ross Harrison on

      I cant seem to get mine to fit right and i follow all the instructions, i think the spokes are are fat at the bottom for the clips :-(

    5. TheChosenOne on

      Is there already a video showing the installation? That would be very helpfull aswell to see how to prepare/do everything.

      And how quick could a professional bikeshop put it on the bike? Taking the frontwheel off is gonna be tricky. There is this guy I know who works in one very close by. Would still need to pay though.

    6. Peter McAndrew on

      Ah, looks like I misread the description for deep-V rims. I don't have them.

    7. Peter McAndrew on

      My only issue so far is that when I went to put the tshirt on today I found it quite tight, so I had a closer look at the size and saw it was a womens size instead of mens :-)

    8. Peter McAndrew on

      Got mine yesterday and put them on today. I also had some difficulty with the clips due to the thickness of the spokes, but it became quite easy when I figured out I could use a scissor blade to hold them open enough to start the process.

      Also, it seems I have deep-V wheels (in that it's more than 30mm from rim edge to nipple), but my revolights fit perfectly well.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nick Tittle on

      My spokes are much larger than the spoken in the instruction video, and I'm having difficulty getting the spoke clips to snap on. Do you guys have any tips for getting them on there?

    10. John S Hansen on

      Got the package today. Nice packaging - can't wait to install this weekend! Great work guys!

    11. Missing avatar

      Kendrick Kelly on

      Solve the Revolights engineering implementation for fat tires...Eventually, please.

      Hugs and kisses!

    12. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Olson on


      Received my Revolights on Thursday, and I agree that my initial impression was a very well thought out packaging/presentation of the product. I love the design of the logo/stickers and the instruction booklet was professionally put together and easy to follow.

      However... The installation was pretty tedious. It took me about 3-4 hours to get everything installed and centered on the wheel (I cheated a little and used a truing stand to get it perfect). While I agree that using metal hardware instead of plastic clips is a good idea, you could improve the assembly process greatly by finding a way to reduce the number of parts required at each clipping point. The biggest annoyance was attaching the spoke clips, because my spokes were about 2x as large as the slot in the clip. I had to use a scissor blade to pry open each clip to attach them to the spokes. Adding a chamfer to the open end of the slot would remove that problem. Lastly, tightening and loosening the long bolt that attaches the spacer to the clip was a nightmare! The straight driver couldn't fit on the bolt, so I was stuck using the 90 driver to rotate 1/8 turn at a time.

      Once I was thoroughly frustrated with the whole thing, it was pitch black outside - perfect for a test ride! And I must tell you... The first 5 minutes of riding around with the lights absolutely made up for the tedious assembly process. The lights are much brighter than I expected (almost like a headlight) and there is no way you're missing a bike with a pair of these! Riding only in my front yard at 10:30pm, I already got one "whoa that's so cool!" and one "what the hell are those?". :D The algorithm for the light patterns seem solid; the arcs straighten themselves out within a few feet of riding and stay steady if you're moving at a relatively constant speed.

      So in conclusion, the 3-4 hour prep is totally worth it. You guys nailed this project. Thank you so much for an innovative product that will help keep our fellow cyclists safe!

    13. Missing avatar

      S on

      Yay! Just got my set today! Woohoo!! They look great! Thank you guys for doing such a wonderful job and following through!

    14. Azaad on

      Officially received my revolights yesterday! Congrats to Kent, Adam, and Jim.

      Firstly, I was very impressed with the packaging and instruction manuals. Everything was very neatly and professionally put together, and everything matched the streamlined revolight theme. All of the components were neatly packaged and, I'm sure, meticulously counted to ensure the proper contents.

      It took me a couple hours to completely finish the install using just the included instruction manual, but keep in mind I am no handy man. The instructions are very clear and easy to understand, and although the whole install process takes some time and involves some tedious clipping and screwing - overall I never felt overwhelmed. I made a few small errors initially, but was extremely impressed when I ran into issues how easy it was to find a solution. Together with the well written instruction manual, all of the online help videos, and most of all - the help hotline (that was answered by one of the revolight founders himself!!), I think anybody can successfully install these lights. After finishing, I noted how sturdy the lights were. I am glad the guys opted for a more robust screw-on system rather than some cheap snap-on system that would have inevitably fallen off or worn out.

      And the lights themselves are great! I managed to charge up the battery packs and easily clip them on to my hub where they work exactly as advertised and looked brilliant in the night. They are extremely bright and pretty much impossible to miss on the roads! Once again, I'm impressed by the build quality of the lights and am confident they will last through the elements. Overall, I am very very impressed.

      I should say, I did run into a few snags. Firstly, there is a magnet included in the box that you mount onto your fork that interacts with the revolight rings. Its interaction allows the continuous arc of LEDs to form and face forward even as you increase or decrease riding speed. I found that the revolights weren't quite sensitive enough to the magnet, so I really had to custom rig the magnets mounting point so that it was positioned perfectly. I had to mount the magnet so it was literally 1-2cm away from the spinning revolight before it would work. I think the next line of production could benefit from stronger magnets, or a more versatile mounting system.

      And finally, I noted that the provided tools and screws were somewhat cheap. They were made of quite a soft metal that would easily strip during install. Once again, I'm no handyman so I expect my technique wasn't quite perfect, but I would have liked to see some higher quality pieces here that would allow for a lifetime of mounting and dismounting without ruining the screws.

      Overall, bravo! Very very impressed with my lights and I think this is the best product outcome I've experienced during my kickstarting career. Thanks so much guys!

    15. Leah Kim on

      Just got my shipping confirmation and am so excited to finally get the revolights in my hot little hands. Ready to make some waves in BK!

    16. Ron Leland on

      Just got your latest email: shipping in full swing. Stoked.

      Congratulations Fellas!

    17. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @Arthur van Mook We are looking at an MSRP of $250.


      The Revolights Team

    18. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @ Brian Ackerson Glad you are happy with how weve handled this adventure. You will be even more pleased once you have these installed on your bike and have the full Revolights experience. Kinda weird to say but its life changing!

    19. Missing avatar

      Arthur van Mook on

      Hi Guys, thanks for the updates! Really looking forward to receive the first set of lights! I was wondering: what will be the selling price of the Revolights during the presales in September?

    20. Missing avatar

      Brian Ackerson on

      Y'all have really done this right. I guess final judgment will be when I get my revolights, but so far I've been very pleased to give you $250 of my hard-earned cash.

    21. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @thomas Will you just shoot us an email with all of the changes to and we can adjust it in our files.


      The Revolights Team

    22. Thomas Rand-Nash on

      hello. i need to change my shipping address. will you be sending out a form? thanks!

    23. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @Craig Dunn Yeah we did see some videos out there of other Revolights inspired products, we are amazed that the DIY community has joined the revolution but the Revolights product that will be hitting the market soon is far more advanced than the ones in these videos. Imitation is the greatest for of flattery!

    24. Craig Dunn

      Regarding my last post, I just went and refreshes the vimeo page and there is now a reference to revolights being the inspiration....

    25. Craig Dunn

      Anybody seen this knock-off attempt.... Credit for effort, but not really the same quality or output. Wonder what the intent is here, though....

    26. Adam Miller on

      Great job Guys!

    27. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @Mike Westerman we know but we want to make sure that the initial products that hit the streets are the best they can be. we dont want to prematurely release so we are testing these to an extreme level! Thanks for understanding.

      @Micheal Ries We cant believe we are so close!! its more than exciting for us and cant wait to have them hit the streets. Thanks so much for your support !

    28. Michael Ries on

      Guys, excellent work! The latest pictures and design look spectacular! I've had a lot of faith in this project from the beginning, and it's great to see it coming to reality. The whole process has been worth the wait. Cheers, Kent, Adam and Jim!

    29. Missing avatar

      Mike Westerman on

      Heh you're driving us crazy - it looks so good and so close to GO! Well done!

    30. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @Paul Marbach @thomas savarino @Elsbeth @David Adams- Thank you so much for the support. Many more exciting updates will be coming fast and furious.

      @AJ Laarman - The packaging has been a major project. Our initial ring design was taking that into consideration but we didnt want to compromise any of the antitheft design. Its a bigger hit to us but we feel like security is #1 priority.

      @Termi - We have done everything in our power to make sure this isnt a failure. This is something the biking community and the world needs!

    31. Missing avatar

      thomas savarino on

      Hi guys, don't despair, keep up the good work.

    32. Missing avatar

      AJ Laarman on

      Wow, you guys have thought of everything. Excellent work! I can't imagine the countless hours you've put into this product, it sure looks like it's paying off! Is there a way to make the rings fold into 1/4's so packaging can be smaller/cheaper/lighter? Looks great!

    33. Paul Marbach on

      excellent update! looking great

    34. Missing avatar

      Elsbeth on

      Would love an update! Thanks so much

    35. David Adams on

      Hey, what's the haps? I just realized it's almost June!!! Could you guys provide another update please?

    36. Missing avatar

      Termi on

      Yep, hope this project isn't a fail like all the other Kickstarter projects I've backed so far.

    37. Rami G. on

      i think they all got beamed up by the mothership...

      no more updates XD

    38. Missing avatar

      Daniel Toy on

      More specific dates for mailing out green and yellow? I know you said June sometime but my anxiousness is getting the most of me!

    39. Missing avatar

      Dusty Silvester on

      It's May now. Riding weather where I'm from. Any updates?

    40. Jochen on

      Everybody check your inboxes: the surveys for the shipping addresses and T-Shirt sizes are out! Just filled out mine... looking forward to them :-D

    41. Missing avatar

      Charles Joseph on

      Super excited to get my revolights! Since March is rapidly approaching, do you guys have a more specific estimate of when they will be shipped?

    42. Missing avatar

      Hans Peter Grøndal on

      Long time since last update

    43. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @ William, thanks for the question. We're planning on shipping all rewards for the GREEN and YELLOW jersey backers in March. We're really focusing our efforts to utilize the funding provided by all of you backers in the best way possible. This means not incurring 2x shipping costs by sending rewards out in two separate shipments. We really feel this allows us to put as much as we can into getting you a great set of lights. Thanks for your understanding and continued patience!


    44. William Valencia on

      I don't mean to clog the comments board with this, but when should we Yellow Jerseys expect to receive our t shirts? PHX is definitely still t shirt weather in January, and I'm very much looking forward to showing my support for revolights in sartorial form!

    45. JAMES on

      I was thinking ... what does it look like when the back wheel runs in larger pattern? would it not be more red light for safety ?

    46. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @ Nick, it was great to meet you too. The bike expo was a great time and getting to meet backers like yourself made it that much better! Can't wait to get Revolights cruising the streets!

      - Jim

    47. Nick

      Met you guys today at the SF Bike Expo. Great experience. You all were so down to earth it makes backing this project all the better. Rock on all!

    48. Kent, Adam & Jim Creator on

      @Nate - thanks for the link to the OLEDs, definitely cool things happening with LED advances. Sorry to hear about your bike light, I don't think we're going to be able to get a version out to you early. We're working very hard to finalize this design and get it ready for all of you backers by March! Sorry for the bad news and thanks in advance for understanding.

      - Jim

    49. Missing avatar

      Nate Crider on

      Also, my bikelight was recently stolen, and it gets dark and snowy at like 5:00 here in Minnesota. I really don't want to shell out another $20 for an inferior light when I just gave you guys $200. Any chance at all I could get a prototype early in exchange for some extra feedback?

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