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The Party Barge's display is like having a vending machine on ice!
The Party Barge's display is like having a vending machine on ice!
The Party Barge's display is like having a vending machine on ice!
184 backers pledged $34,172 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. PJ Linke on

      YAY! Finally got mine and I LOVE it! I do have a couple of suggestions for version 2 though. Where is the best place to send those?

    2. Jimmi Sparling on

      Hello?? Still no sign of my white.

    3. David Lagasse Creator on

      Fedex is indicating your order was delivered Monday.

    4. Missing avatar

      Skye Shane on

      Any update on my order?

    5. David Lagasse Creator on

      Hey PJ,
      We're running Black right now. Yours will ship in next day or two. It will definitely make the party - enjoy!

    6. PJ Linke on

      Hey David. Thanks for being so responsive. My big summer party (The whole reason I bought this) is coming up quick. Any chance it'll be to me in time for the July 4th weekend (well, after July 4th weekend, July 7th)?

    7. David Lagasse Creator on

      Hi Skye,

      We will be running Black next week. I expect yours to ship around mid-week. Thanks!

    8. Josh Cole


    9. David Lagasse Creator on

      Hi Josh,

      Your order shipped yesterday and scheduled to be delivered Thursday. You should have confirmation and tracking now. Thanks!

    10. Josh Cole

      Updates? Been almost a month...

    11. David Lagasse Creator on

      Hi PJ,
      Last piece of new equipment arrived Friday. Testing this week to dial in the settings. Should be starting full production by Friday or Monday at latest. Units will start to ship immediately as produced. Can't happen quick enough for us. Thanks for everyone's patience.

    12. PJ Linke on

      Hey David, It's been a bit and just wanted to see if there is an update.

    13. David Lagasse Creator on

      Hi Skye,
      We're closer. I sent personal emails last week with that information to those that haven't been delivered yet. I'll resend information to you. Thanks for your patience.

    14. Missing avatar

      Skye Shane on

      Have you guys started with the new manufacture yet?

    15. Jack H. on

      Love my Party Barge. The silver is perfect and I can't wait to start using it this weekend!

    16. Missing avatar

      Ta Li on

      Still looking for my Revo and/or an update. Is this vaporware?

    17. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Sohn on

      I still have not received my barge, just looking for updates.

    18. David Lagasse Creator on

      Robert, update was just posted.

    19. Missing avatar

      robert on

      Any further updates? Its been almost 3 weeks since the last one.

    20. David Lagasse Creator on

      I'm sorry about those issues. I'll reach out to you directly to hear more about your situation.

    21. Chris Aloaped on

      Received my barge today and while I absolutely love the concept the execution was fairly disappointing. As I removed the barge from its shipping container I found it to be scuffed very noticeably, seams did not line up properly in some areas, and the surface finish was very inconsistent both in smoothness and thickness.

      We were prepared, prior to receiving it, to place additional orders for friends but I don't find the barge to be worth the the cost nor is it ready for prime time production.

      Very disappointed and this would be a return had it been purchased at retail.

    22. David Lagasse Creator on

      Jason and Jack,
      Production and shipping continue to be very slow. The issue is the slow process of foaming. Pressing hard for improvements. Thank you for your continued patience. On a good note, those that have received, are pleased and giving positive feedback.

    23. Jack H. on

      Are you still shipping? Estimated time until all of them are shipped?

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Lilleboe on

      Are you fulfilling the orders by color and if so what the the color order? I have a multi family ski trip coming in March and was hoping to bring it to it.

    25. David Lagasse Creator on

      Yes, cubes are shipped separately. We had a slight back order on white cubes. They’ll be filled next week. Here’s to your first Party Barge use - Cheers!

    26. Missing avatar

      Antonio Balboa on

      I received my Revo today buy it did not include the ice cubes I ordered. Are they being shipped separately?

    27. David Lagasse Creator on

      Hi Christian,
      Party Barges are being shipped daily. As mentioned in update last week, the production rate has been slower than expected. The upside is a very well made, indestructible product. I’m confident you’ll be happy with it and I appreciate everyone’s patience. Thanks, David

    28. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      Any updates David?

    29. David Lagasse Creator on

      Hey Pierre, glad you like it. Yes, Light cubes are available on our website - - and they're on sale! Thanks for the support!

    30. Missing avatar

      Pierre McLean on

      The metallic grey is spot on! Much better than the earlier version ....can’t wait to see it at my place!!! Is there a way /option to order/add a set of ice lights to the order?

    31. David Lagasse Creator on

      Hey Bob, kickstarter wouldn't allow me to attach the picture to my post (maybe a post campaign thing?). But all colors are pictured in the link I sent. It was challenging, but the metallic looks good! But then, I like all of the colors! Here's link -

    32. Missing avatar

      Bob Lalwani on

      Any chance you can post a picture of the metallic great? Trying to decide between that and black. Thanks!

    33. David Lagasse Creator on

      Hey William,
      Add $25 to your pledge per dozen light cubes that you want. We'll get your blue or white color choice when we contact you for the barge colors. Thanks!

    34. William Radkovich

      How much to add the light cubes

    35. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smallhorn on

      Love the blue. Please bring it on. Have 2 ordered. Would order at least one of the two in that color.

    36. David Lagasse Creator on

      Looking forward to your input here about our update on possible color addition.

    37. David Lagasse Creator on

      Had a question on Facebook - How do you drain without making a mess?
      It's an event cooler - up to 12hrs? and the majority of ice will still be remaining (a lot of ice will last over 24 hrs.). It's insulated like a premium cooler. When all bottles or items have been removed, it's a simple dump outside. Thanks for the question.

    38. David Lagasse Creator on

      Neal, you could certainly store it in a plastic bag but I would recommend storing it back in it's shipping carton. It's a nice snug fit.

    39. Missing avatar

      Neal Albritton on

      How would you recommend storing barge when you are not using ?