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Reviv is a smart, eco-friendly weighted blanket that uses nanotechnology to help you chill like a panda.
Reviv is a smart, eco-friendly weighted blanket that uses nanotechnology to help you chill like a panda.
6,795 backers pledged $1,203,763 to help bring this project to life.

The 4-1-1 on your BackerKit survey

Posted by Ingrid (Collaborator)

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Over $1 million raised! Here’s what’s next.

Posted by Reviv Blanket (Creator)

Thanks for an AMAZING campaign!

Hey Reviv tribe,

Wow. Just wow.

Could we have asked for a better group of supporters? You’ve helped us raise over $1 million, and you’ve made your voices heard every step of the way as you’ve shared our campaign and sent us your valuable feedback.

Our campaign closed this morning with an awesome  $1,203,763 raised from 6,795 backers.

And now, we’re sure you’re all wondering what’s next!

We’re on track to meet our production and delivery goals, and we’ll be sending you a survey in the upcoming weeks through Backerkit so that you can select your preferences like blanket color and weight.

We can’t wait to get your blankets to you, and we’ll keep you updated along the way.

In the meantime, come hang with us on social media!

Thanks again for all your support and for being a part of our journey,

— Nick and the Reviv team

What the Press has to say and new ADD-ON options

Posted by Reviv Blanket (Creator)

Hey Reviv backers,

$704,322 raised, 4096 backers, and 14 days left to lots of great news to share!


We’re now able to offer new add-on options that anyone can claim immediately. Here’s the scoop:

  • For 1 Queen-size add-on (cover and 2 standard pillow cases): Add $44 to your pledge 
  •  For 1 King-size add-on (cover and 2 King-size pillow cases): Add $49 to your pledge

(Pssst: These add-ons are available in Lyocell bamboo or Minky fabric so if you want some additional plushness or wanted to try out a different cover color, now you can have it all!)

To add these to your pledge, head to our campaign page, click on "manage your pledge," and add $44 or $49 (depending upon which add-on you choose) to your pledge total. Make sure to click submit!


Reviv was featured in Apartment Therapy this week, and it was a rave review! Check it out here.

And lastly:

We were so excited to send out our $600,000 stretch goal announcement last week that we guess we rushed over a few details, because several of you have been asking for clarification.

Here’s what you wanted to know:

Anyone who has a King-size order that includes pillow cases will get an automatic upgrade to a King-size pillow case (larger than standard size!) no action or opt-in necessary.

We hope that clears things up!

Cheers for all your amazing support!

—Nick and the Reviv team

ANOTHER stretch goal reached + Look what Forbes has to say about Reviv!

Posted by Reviv Blanket (Creator)

Who’s the best? You’re the best! 

Hey friends, 

We did it again. Thanks to your supporter superpowers, we’ve passed yet another stretch goal.

We can’t believe we’re even typing this, but we’re now at over $620,000 in funding… That’s a massive 3100% over our original goal. That means that if you’re a King-Size Reviv Blanket backer, you’ve officially unlocked our King Size Pillow Case Upgrade. It’s silky soft bamboo heaven, and you’ve sure earned it.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us get here and are so excited to see the word spreading about Reviv. Check out what Forbes has to say about us here.

— Nick and Team Reviv 

We hear you!

Posted by Reviv Blanket (Creator)

What YOU want comes first.

Hey Reviv Kickstarter community,

We’ve been listening to all your feedback, and what we’ve heard is that most of you would rather sleep naked under a bush in the Australian Prairie then become velvet people!

It’d be rude to ignore you, and frankly it would make us the kind of company we never want to be…

So we’ve decided to give our velvet cover a one-way ticket to the land of failed ideas and move forward EXCLUSIVELY with our original Lyocell Bamboo cover.

Because you’re right. There’s no such thing as too much bamboo. Why would anyone want anything but bamboo? Pandas eat bamboo. Case closed.

Thanks again for being the best. No more velvet, we promise. But we DO have a better stretch goal idea coming your way as soon as we hit $600K.

— The Reviv Team

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