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Experience the ultimate six-degree-of-freedom shooter from the people who invented the genre!
Experience the ultimate six-degree-of-freedom shooter from the people who invented the genre!
Experience the ultimate six-degree-of-freedom shooter from the people who invented the genre!
4,896 backers pledged $306,537 to help bring this project to life.

The Overload Playable Teaser Now Available To Everyone!


Backers already have access to the Overload Playable Teaser, and now is the time to make it available to everyone.  Here are the links for the 64-bit (what you most likely want) and the 32-bit versions for PC:

This version is Windows only; our apologies to our Linux and Mac (and PS4 and XB1) backers. To play, just unzip the file and double-click on "OverloadPlayableTeaser.exe".

We've put his demo together in a hurry, and though we've done as much as we can to make it perfect, it still has some rough edges. And of course we're still very early in development -- we're showing off a few sample levels and some cool weapons and robots, but there's lots and lots more to come.

Please, share this with everyone! We want as many people as possible to get hands-on experience with Overload. We are proud of this project and feel the teaser shows the potential of where Overload will go with the right support.

We're also hoping you'll help spread the word about Overload and the demo by posting screenshots, GIFs,and videos (to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & everywhere else) and using the hashtag #playoverload and our Twitter handle @PlayOverload.

After you play the teaser, let us know what feedback you have. You can email us at or join the discussion on Forums.

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    1. TwoCables on

      Revival Productions: I wish we could have everything that we have seen in video footage so far. There's a lot of mapping you didn't include.

    2. TwoCables on

      tarasis: Oops, when I saw "DPI", for some reason my brain interpreted it as the polling rate. I apologize for that. I had been awake for about 30 hours when I posted. :)

    3. Dave Oshry

      Played it - loved it - backed it!

    4. Braden Storrs on

      Shared a few times :) Thanks for making this available.

    5. ConraDargo on

      Just played the demo and I was quite impressed by it. Once I got the controls figured out properly and stopped thinking about HOW to move around, I actually felt pretty awesome as I was dodging, firing and moving around in all directions ^^ Keep up the good work!

    6. Missing avatar

      Frank Fella on

      I played the tutorial and part of the teaser mission and it all came back to me, you totally nailed that original Descent feel. This is the kind of thing that really helps sell a project like this. I know there isn't a lot of time left, but whatever the outcome, don't give up!

    7. tarasis on

      I think I was still at 1000Mhz but the DPI was down about 600-800 (on the train atm, can't check). Iirc I Normally I use either 1600-2400.

    8. TwoCables on

      All the way down? Interesting. To what? I'm at 1000 Hz right now.

    9. tarasis on

      I had a bash earlier at the tutorial, was fun after I switched to mouse DPI all the way down. Haven't had a chance to try it with Joystick or Controller.

      Good luck, I hope this puppy funds.

    10. TwoCables on


      I am a Backer and I've been playing this since yesterday morning and I'm already VERY addicted.

    11. Kashaar on

      Very cool, evokes good feelings of nostalgia :)