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Experience the ultimate six-degree-of-freedom shooter from the people who invented the genre!
Experience the ultimate six-degree-of-freedom shooter from the people who invented the genre!
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INFERNO 2 - Free to backers! (and Greenlight and Dev Video #2)

Posted by Revival Productions (Creator)

Inferno was once the name for Descent.  It actually had a few names, starting with XYZ Bots (it was partially inspired by XY Bots).  Then the game was called Miner.  When it came time to send the game to publishers, we came up with the name Inferno.  Here's one of the early design docs.

Many years later, Luke Schneider started Radiangames in 2010 after working with us for 12 years at Outrage and Volition.  The first year Radiangames released 7 small action games on Xbox Live Indie Games, with the most popular being the twin-stick adventure-shooter, Inferno.  Three years later, Inferno 2 was released on iOS/Android and was Radiangames' most popular and best-reviewed game.  But the game is really best with a gamepad, and an enhanced version was released for Steam in July of 2015.  Here's some gameplay footage:

We're happy to announce that all backers (at $25 and above) will receive a free copy of Inferno 2 on PC.  We will send out Steam codes within a week of the Kickstarter ending, and everyone can enjoy the stylish 4-degree-of-freedom (aka twin-stick) adventure-shooter.


Luke spent some time this week working on a couple new prototype weapons for the game, and recorded the process. The video begins with some 40x timelapse development, then a quick look at the 2 new weapons at the end. Keep in mind these weapons might not make it into the final game, and if they do, they may look/sound/act quite a bit different.


Overload is now on Steam Greenlight.  Feel free to head on over and give us a Yes vote if Steam is your thing.


We've been compiling all the feedback and trying to figure out the best ways to add more tiers, rewards, and add-ons without overdoing it.  We'll be adding the majority of the new stuff on Monday, so look for details in that update.

- Mike & Matt

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sergeant Thorne on

      Bonus game! Woohoo!

      Flak cannon is an interesting idea. It's takes Rob Irving a lot longer than that to add weapons *nudge* *nudge* ;)

    2. Missing avatar


      Wow, that's awesome! It never once would have occurred to me that Radiangames had any connection with the Descent series. He always makes great games so it's really good to hear he's part of the Overload team. :)

    3. Civan on

      Your team should port Descent 3 for Android and iOS! I'd buy that!