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At £250,000 access to the Prime Minister is out of reach for most people, this kickstarter will democratise the process, slightly.

At £250,000 access to the Prime Minister is out of reach for most people, this kickstarter will democratise the process, slightly.

At £250,000 access to the Prime Minister is out of reach for most people, this kickstarter will democratise the process, slightly. Read More
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About this project

Cash for access at £250,000, that's not how democracy should work!

We firmly believe that in this great country of ours the attention of politicians  shouldn't be for those with all the money. Everybody in the UK has a right to make their voice heard, to be listened to and have access to politicians at all levels.

It is the British way that democracy should cost a lot less, cheaper democracy for all [as long as you have a credit card and, terms and conditions apply].

# How will it work?

There is a long standing tradition that impartial donations to the government while not directly influencing policy (obviously!) can mark you out as someone trustworthy who clearly understands business. Once your favourite political party (if you have a favourite, otherwise the one currently in power will probably do) has been made aware of your impeccable skills you may be asked to look over proposed Bills for any obvious mistakes and omissions.

Donations are normally made to the Tory Treasurer, unfortunately the current one has just recently left to spend more time with his family. When a new treasurer is found and the dust has settled I will make a donation for the full amount raised (the more we raise over the target the more time we get to spend with the PM) to sit with David Cameron for a full hour to put forward your stories, opinions and lobbying.

# We're all in this together

Because the minimum bookable hour is prohibitively expensive for the likes of you or I, generally being reserved for big business and well funded lobbying groups I have split the hour down into the following time slots...

  • 1 x 5mins @ $10,000+
  • 5 x 2mins @ $9,500
  • 20 x 1min @ $5,500
  • 30 x 30s @ $3,000
  • 59 x 10s @ $100

...with the last 10 seconds saved for a joint message we can all share as a nation which you can sponsor for just $10, full details of each pledge level can be found to the right.

To preserve my voice I reserve the right to interspace the 10s slots among the others if most of them consists of continuous shouting.

That's right, with the new Conservative (and LibDem) government we finally have a way to cut through all that bureaucracy and red tape. By working together (nearly) all of us can cheaply directly access politics, with new crowdsourced government

# US $ to GB £ conversion

Although the recently advertised amount for access to the Prime Minister was listed at £250,000, all values on this website are listed in US dollars. Please don't worry that there's going to be a shortfall, the UK government welcomes foreign currency, especially the US $. For donations and political lobbying we have a special Anglo-American agreement that values the US dollar on par, if not greater than our own UK sterling.

# Thank you

Thank you for joining in this experiment in accessible democracy, please pledge as often as you like.

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    Pledge $10 or more About

    I know a lot of people have a simple shared phrase they'd like to say to David Cameron. In the very last 10 second slot I will, to the best of my abilities personally issue this phrase to David Cameron's face.

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    Pledge $100 or more About

    In the final 10 minutes I shall put your chosen 10 second statements to David. For short and to the point messages 10 seconds is quite a long enough, try it now and see how much you can fit it.

    When submitting your statement please specify if you want it phrased as a question, spoken calmly or shouted at him.

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    Pledge $3,000 or more About

    Suitable for small business owners and some benefit claimants, I will speak to the Prime Minister on your behalf for 30 seconds.

    While 30 seconds may seem a bit short I will endeavour to be as persuasive as possible. Still great value when compared to the equivalent cost of lobbying local councils about those tricky building regulations.

    (Sorry no Power Point slides can be presented in the 30 second or 1 minute slots)

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    Pledge $5,500 or more About

    1 minute of quality lobbying time or just to get your point across face to face, using my face. I will do that for you, let you use my face on David Cameron.

    Perfect value for private care home owners (and those looking to start, now's a great time), those looking for family work experience or greater access to Jeremy Clarkson and the one from Blur who "makes" cheese.

    (Sorry no Power Point slides can be presented in the 30 second or 1 minute slots)

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    Pledge $9,500 or more About

    A very limited number of five 2 minute presentations to the premier leader of the UK. Not only will I present to the PM on your behalf but I will also show an accompanying Power Point presentation deck if provided (sorry no Keynote, Number 10 is a Windows only environment). PPTs should be limited to 6 slides, 4 bullet points per slide maximum, please no clipart figures I'm trying to be as professional as possible.

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    Pledge $10,000 About

    I will visit you anywhere in the world (or Skype if you don't mind the US government listening in) to repeatedly go over and rehearse your five minute presentation to the UKs Prime Minister. For those not wanting to donate the full 250k this offers a great opportunity to people from the music industry, intelligence community (don't worry, 5mins is plenty of time to present any evidence you want) or those simply looking for a tax write off. Yours will be the very first presentation given to the PM at the start of the hour, I shall, at no extra cost take his favourite oatcakes (with cheese) to butter him up. I will also take a photo of David Cameron and get it screen printed onto a one-off t-shirt for you, please specify size when pledging.

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