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40 Winks is a Nintendo 64 platformer that was cancelled back in 1998 by publisher GT Interactive. Now is ready to release officially!
40 Winks is a Nintendo 64 platformer that was cancelled back in 1998 by publisher GT Interactive. Now is ready to release officially!
1,709 backers pledged $131,252 to help bring this project to life.

Latest ROM Report

Posted by Piko Interactive (Creator)

Hello Backers! We finally have finished up all necessary measures to recover the latest 40 Winks ROM and are in the process of evaluating it to see the differences. 

The date of the rom is Oct 1st 2000 and is much later than the leaked rom out there.

Also, this rom is NTSC and plays the game 60fps and also the story sequences are 60fps.

This version does not include any languages (because it is NTSC) so we also need to see if this later version is compatible with PAL consoles. The other rom version we have is PAL, with Spanish, English and Italian, it is complete, but it is very close as the leaked version.

Check out the video:

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Now we will get a PAL console (we had bought one but the seller messed up and it was actually a NTSC one), a Memory Pak, a Rumble Pak, and a Expansion Pak. The game it is confirmed to need Memory Pak, but we want to test compatibility with Rumble Pak (seems to be compatible) as well as Expansion Pak (seems like a few graphics will show hi-res with expansion pak)

At the same time, we will re-evaluate the source code for future ports (Dreamcast in Mind) If we do not reach the stretch goal for Dreamcast port, if the community is up for it, we can launch a follow up KS for only the Dreamcast port.

We hope to finish strong on the last 5 days to reach any stretch goals pending!

We will be launching a backerkit page once the KS finishes, you will be able to make any add ons there, and we will be able to combine your pledges with add ons! We will also have other discounted Piko Interactive games if you are interested in grabbing some. We will be only making 1000 controllers and 1000 Plushes (minimum quantities by the factory) so there will be a limited amount left over and they will never be produced ever again.


The Piko Interactive Team

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    1. Vince Vazquez

      I'll 100% back a follow-up campaign for a Dreamcast version, guys. You can count on my support there :)

      This all looks and sounds fantastic guys. Good luck with getting everything sorted out!

    2. Missing avatar

      Janice Paterna on

      Omg that video just brought back so many memories of being a kid playing this game. I’m so stoked!

    3. Dave on

      Can't wait to play this on my N64 when it releases!

    4. Silverwings on

      Looks like a LCD TV you are using; don't forget to test this game on a CRT TV, the way these games were meant to be played. CRTs have a better contrast, if you played Doom 64 or Shadows Of The Empire (in the dark ice cave to be specific) on a LCD you can't see a thing in dark areas, even if you turn up the brightness. But on a CRT you can see and make out where you need to go.

      Also CRTs have less lag than a LCD, that's another thing to test for. If you can, test on both a ''bubble'' and flat glass CRT to see which one the game was made to be displayed on properly. Also remember CRTs cover up the overscan area of the image.

    5. Christian Mohr Jensen on

      Its nice to see some footage from the rom, It looks great, Thanks for the video and update, Look forward to the launch of the backerkit page, Keep up the good work guys. :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Gantann on

      Alright, thanks for the answers about Backerkit. Whatever changes to pricing or availability you make, I just hope you'll announce them in advance!

    7. Lucas Bolton on

      Will we get a sneak-peak at the PAL build?

    8. Piko Interactive Creator on

      Yes once they are (and if they are) available later in 2018 or 2019 we would make an announcement.

      The Controller mock is the best we can do now, which is on the main campaign, and would be pretty much like it, may be some slight changes in the tone.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I have backed from the US, but I have only a PAL N64 and German is my first language, so it would be brilliant, if I could get the PAL version.

      Regarding the other N64 Roms (Dragon Sword, Glover 2). Will you promote them via kickstarter or will they only be available via your website?

      Any chance to see the controller before the end of the campaign?

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthieu Larère on

      If you plan to do translations for PAL version, you would rather do two PAL version :
      - the existing one with english, spanish and italian
      - and alternative one with french, german and maybe deutch or portuguese or which ever languages are relevants considering the backers origins.

    11. Piko Interactive Creator on

      @Gantann: should be open for a while, but pricing may change, also Special edition cart won’t be available for long, but regular edition will be. Also there will be some left over controllers and plushes available till supplies last.

    12. Piko Interactive Creator on

      @Mayhem: yes on your survey :)

    13. Piko Interactive Creator on

      @Ryan Medlock: we’ll have 2 versions of the game carts one that runs 100% PAL and one that runs 100% ntsc. PAL will include extra languages, NTSC will be just english. We may do a Japanese NTSC too, but at the moment Adding French is Priority for languages.

    14. Piko Interactive Creator on

      @Matthieu Larère: yes, although we might not only do English, Spanish and French. As we only have 3 spots in the rom and may not be possible to add more than 3 languages. Adding French is something we really have as a priority for the PAL version!

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthieu Larère on

      Did you consider to translate the game ? It might be doable, it just takes time. German and French translations would be nice.

      Also, it might be possible to switch the NTSC version to PAL just by editing the ROM with S-Paladin. For some ROM it works perfectly, for some others not, but you should give it a try.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ryan Medlock on

      This isn’t very reassuring... I need confirmation on the pal version ASAP.

    17. Mayhem on

      @Piko will people have the choice of PAL or NTSC version if you make separate editions etc? Although I live in the UK, I have a US N64, so I’d probably want that version!

    18. Missing avatar

      Gantann on

      Oh good, that news about the Backerkit has me relieved, as I've found I just won't be able to afford the rewards I want when the Kickstarter closes. Going to drop my pledge down to a dollar so I can add on the special edition, controller, etc. through there later.

      Any timeframe on how long the Backerkit will remain open, and any plans to limit certain rewards to the main campaign only?

    19. Piko Interactive Creator on

      By the way, I don't think we have mentioned, but we are going to do Different versions in packaging for PAL and NTSC, so they would get their different styles respectively.

    20. Lucas Bolton on

      I can’t wait to receive the PAL version of this game! Interesting to know that this is a later rom that you are working on converting. 40 Winks’ striking graphics look incredible on that monitor, so I’m excited to see how it looks on my upscaler.

    21. Piko Interactive Creator on

      That is the plan HAL!

    22. Hal Motley on

      If I was getting a cartridge (I'm not because I can't afford it and I'd rather play it digital either natively or via emulation), as a Brit I would want a PAL cartridge.

      NTSC equipment on European televisions has historically not ended well. The issue is the AC frequency which results in flickering or loss of colour. I know this personally because both Shadow the Hedgehog and Tekken 4 allowed changing the frequency each time the game is started.

      My advice if you have European cartridge backers is make the PAL version available and with parity with the NTSC release.

    23. Piko Interactive Creator on

      Is 1000 total for life based on the KS projections, at the moment we only have 665 (plus 24 controllers alone) claimed, with only 5 days to go we don't think we will reach past 1000. If somehow there are more than 1000 claimed on the KS, we'll close it on the next amount with 00. (for example we get 1036 claimed in KS, we'll produce 1100, as that is how our factory operated)

    24. Missing avatar

      Blake Hamilton on

      So is the 1000 controller and plush limit in addition to what you sell in the kickstarter? Because it seems like you will be selling more than 1000 special editions. Thanks!

    25. Jeff on

      Thanks for the update @Piko

    26. InvaderBrad on

      Discounted Iron Commando!? Yes please! I missed out on this one and would love to pick it up!

    27. Missing avatar

      Gaëtan on

      Hello ! It’s great to have news ! If you find something to put french language on the PAL version, it would be awesome !

    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen Cooper on

      Very excited thanks for the update. Whats the aspect ratio out of curiosity? The video looks like 4:3.

      How are you developing changes? Dev kits, rom carts or using emulators. Just curious really.

    29. Piko Interactive Creator on

      Don't worry, there is a working PAL version build, that is 100% complete, we were working on this one to work on NTSC as well but were having problems with the sequences.

    30. Missing avatar

      bekoruler on

      Seriously need an update on the PAL version ASAP!

    31. Missing avatar

      James Webster on

      This looks awesome, I’ll definitely pick up some of the discounted games and i would definitely back a Dreamcast port! I’m mainly interested in the game tyrannosaurus Tex, but i believe it’s only for pre-order (for now) so I don’t expect it to be discounted.