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40 Winks is a Nintendo 64 platformer that was cancelled back in 1998 by publisher GT Interactive. Now is ready to release officially!
40 Winks is a Nintendo 64 platformer that was cancelled back in 1998 by publisher GT Interactive. Now is ready to release officially!
1,709 backers pledged $131,252 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Fund #2 Reached!! #3 & 4 Revealed!

Posted by Piko Interactive (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We have successfully reached Stretch goal #2 for a 40 Winks themed Plush! Thank you all for the support!

Now, ALL Backers for Special Edition tiers will receive the plush for FREE!

Again, ALL BACKERS that selected the following tiers will receive the plus for FREE!

  • The N64 Collector Early Bird
  • The N64 Collector  
  • The Collector X64 Early Bird
  • The Collector X64

We'll ONLY have the Plush available on this Kickstarter, and we will survey all special edition backers to pick which character the plush should be of. Options will NOT be limited only to Ruff or Tumble.


Stretch Goal #3

We would like to announce the NEW stretch goal! If the campaign reaches $125,000 We will include a soundtrack CD of the 40 Winks OST. This CD will be ONLY available for Special Edition Backers! So, if you want to receive the Controller for FREE, the Plush for FREE, and an Exclusive Music CD that will feature the 40 Winks OST for FREE, upgrade to a special edition tier.

Again, ALL BACKERS that selected the following tiers will receive the Exclusive OST For FREE!

  • The N64 Collector Early Bird 
  • The N64 Collector 
  •  The Collector X64 Early Bird 
  • The Collector X64

Stretch Goal #4

As per many backers request, we would like to reveal the final stretch goal we have in mind. If we reach $200,000.00 we will do a NATIVE port to the Sega Dreamcast. This means the game will NOT be emulated, but completely developed from the ground up on Dreamcast. It will be a 1:1 port picking the best features of both PSX and N64 versions of 40 Winks (FMV scenes from PSX and Co-op from N64).

If we reach this goal, ALL Special edition backers will receive a copy of 40 Winks Dreamcast for FREE once the game is ported and pressed!  

NOTE: The reason there is a big jump between stretch goals is because we have to calculate the production of the carts and goodies that would allow us to reach that amount, plus the cost of development plus the cost of pressing Dream Cast Disks.

So there you have it guys, if you want a free OST and a free Dreamcast game, tell your friends and family to pledge so we can reach the next 2 goals!

New Stretch Goals.
New Stretch Goals.


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    1. Craig Shaffer on

      +$7,000 in a day after posting the inclusion of the Dreamcast version. Hopefully this will drive more business before this ends!

    2. Hal Motley on

      While a plush is a bit of a novelty to me, this is good progress. I am disappointed, though unsurprised the N64 version won't have the FMVs given that Final Fantasy was brought over to the PlayStation for primary that reason AFAIK.

      Can I request a digital special edition of some sorts because I am still interested in doubling my pledge to $16? Also I don't really have the space for a N64.

      Keep going!

    3. terrisus on

      Hopefully the Dreamcast version is going to be worked on only after the N64 version is complete and not detract from or delay that version any? Since, while a Dreamcast version is alright, the N64 version is the one I actually care about (and why I backed in the first place), and I wouldn't want work on another version to take away from that.

    4. Alex Grave

      So wait, the N64 port won’t have fmv’s? Can’t you pull a Resident Evil 2 stunt and compress them with modern tech?

    5. Vince Vazquez

      God damn it; that is freakin' cool! I was in it just for the PC version, tbh. Though I think it's amazing you're getting the N64 cart made finally after all these years, I don't know where my N64 is anymore (I gave it to my sister YEARS AGO) so personally I wasn't into it. I *DO* still have my Dreamcast around through, so damn.... ya got me. I'm bumpin' my pledge up boy. Really hope your momentum continues and you hit your stretch goals

    6. Missing avatar

      Cameron Hons on

      This is so awesome, please make this happen everybody!

    7. Missing avatar

      Christopher Rose on

      what's the minimum pledge to get the dreamcast version?

    8. DVBF on

      Nice update. You should make plush and OST (when stretch goal is reached) available as add-ons for everyone. Also I recommend you put a big picture on the campagin front page with clear instructions on how to get the add-ons.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Lower tiers can increase pledge amount to get extras if they want right? Like I may do the plush.

    10. Johnny Vila on

      Amazing update! Thanks! :)

    11. Lucas Bolton on

      Absolutely incredible guys! I was actually hoping one of the reach goals was the OST since I love it so much, but wasn’t expecting it to become a reality. And I thought the forth goal was going to be w strategy guide for the game (for collectors purposes), but it is even better than that: a Dreamcast port! That kind of would be like a remaster of the game, given how powerful they console was compared to PS1 and N64. I would be in taking heaven if that became a reality, so I am going to try and spread the word!

    12. Missing avatar

      James Webster on

      While I don’t think we will be able to find 200,000 It would be amazing if it was funded and porter to the Dreamcast, I’ll try to spread the word around online.