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Chess Movie is an in-the-works feature documentary that goes inside the best junior high chess team in the nation, I.S. 318 from Brooklyn, New York.
Chess Movie is an in-the-works feature documentary that goes inside the best junior high chess team in the nation, I.S. 318 from Brooklyn, New York.
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    1. Rescued Media 4-time creator on March 4, 2011

      We're in the final stages of post production. Hope to share news of a NYC screening soon. Check our blog ( for updates :-)

    2. Orlando Wood on February 24, 2011

      Hi, when's your nyc screening likely to happen? Congrats on the fledgling fund!

    3. Sully on August 29, 2010

      Keep on, keepin' on. I will be front row some day soon. That's my word. Can't wait to see how this project turns out. Stay focused, work hard. Love.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicole on July 30, 2010

      m excited to see if there are shots of me.. since my homeroom is the chess room ;D

    5. Found Sound Nation on April 20, 2010

      I see you have surpassed your goal (by more than double!) - so congratulations! Still wanted to donate because this looks like such a fascinating story. I can't wait to see the screening. Best of luck!

    6. Missing avatar

      Stuart Chagrin on April 6, 2010

      i just donated $250. i don't need the Diamond Membership to Please keep it or offer it to someone else. Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      Donald MacKinnon on March 25, 2010

      I truly hope that your movie is a major success and that you can get it widely distributed so that a huge audience learns what chess can teach. Maybe you'll win the Academy award for best documentary! Hopefully the movie will show all the wonderful unintended consequences for these underpriviledged kids of playing chess, so that school boards will recognize why chess should be taught in every school (as it is in many countries). Perhaps you can find some more big chess names to support your project. Good luck!

    8. Elmo Suikki on March 24, 2010

      I must make correction: Chess is not the World's oldest game. Other than that, nothing negative to say about this project :)

    9. Alexandra Kosteniuk on March 17, 2010

      Congratulations on your great project, I'll be glad to support it! You're doing a lot of good for chess and for the kids you're inspiring, I send my thanks to you for that and my best wishes to bring your project to completion!
      Alexandra Kosteniuk, women's world chess champion

    10. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Underhill on February 10, 2010

      What an awesome and inspiring project and what a great effort you made to highlight these children. The trailer looks wonderful . Charlie and I wish you the best!

    11. Megan Reich Tateishi on February 9, 2010

      So proud of you guys, this is awesome!

    12. Missing avatar

      Rich Tanenbaum on February 9, 2010

      This is a great project; thanks for putting it together. The production quality looks very high. But one constructive comment for the trailer: i doubt anyone from outside the chess world (which hopefully represents a very large percentage of your final audience) will know what a rating is: that ratings exist, or what a good or bad rating is. It should be introduced somehow in the trailer.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Moody on February 3, 2010

      Much love and success to the I.S. 318 Chess Team. I am honored to be able to back this project.

    14. Andrew Nguyen on January 29, 2010

      I love this so much. The trailer is very well done.

    15. Sully on January 28, 2010

      I'm head over heels for you two...and you know'dis. Mad love and support. Please keep us all posted if this comes down to crunch time. I am fwding this email to my cirlce. And my circle runs deep, so deep, so deep....

    16. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Finazzo on January 25, 2010

      This is BRILLIANT. I love the teaser and can't wait to see the entire film! Best of luck with everything! I love you guys ;) Jenn