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Bring Brooklyn Castle to the People!'s video poster

Help us fund screenings of Brooklyn Castle for the communities, schools, parents and kids affected by after-school programs! Read more

Brooklyn, NY Documentary
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This project was successfully funded on October 18, 2012.

Help us fund screenings of Brooklyn Castle for the communities, schools, parents and kids affected by after-school programs!

Brooklyn, NY Documentary
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About this project

It's finally here!!!!! After many long hours of filming, editing, and appearances at countless film festivals (including our debut at SXSW this past March) Brooklyn Castle IS NOW COMING TO THEATERS nationwide starting this October 19th!!

It has been an absolutely incredible journey so far, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Kickstarter community for helping fund our early creative vision and then turning it into reality. That's why we're turning to you again! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT more than ever now that we're coming to theaters.


Brooklyn Castle is a film that has sparked discussions about the important role after school programs play in the lives and development of school kids across the country.

While the film is coming to theaters, we also need ensure our film reaches the audiences that have the most at stake in this issue: the communities, schools, teachers and of course, the kids who have the most to gain (and lose) from after school programs. Towards that end we intend to use your funding to help us realize additional community screenings of Brooklyn Castle. This includes:

  • Rental of movie theaters/screening locations for special community screening events in cities across the U.S. 
  • Transportation to get viewers to the screening, shipping costs for prints and travel costs so the filmmakers and Brooklyn Castle's subjects can attend


In addition to helping fund a larger rollout of the film to communities across the U.S. that might not otherwise see it, your funding support also plays another role - spreading the word. 

Through regular campaign updates we plan to distribute to Kickstarter supporters, we hope to find partners and supporters across the U.S. who not only care about the critical issues of after school programs in their communities, but who can help us spread the word so as many people see Brooklyn Castle as possible.

Join us! Go see Brooklyn Castle on 10/19 and, in the meantime, donate whatever you can afford to make sure the film gets seen by as many people as possible. Whatever the amount, please know that your support will play a critical role in helping us spread the word about this amazing film to the people that need to see it.

Thanks so much!

Katie and Nelson Dellamaggiore + Brian Schulz

To learn more about the project and join our update list please visit

In theaters October 19th, 2012.


JUSTUS - 6th Grader

Possessing a natural gift for chess, Justus is a rising star in the scholastic chess world. At just 11 years old, he is already rated 2100 and has been selected to join the United States Chess Federation’s esteemed All-American team — one of the highest national honors attainable by a young chess player. Justus struggles with the unwanted attention his immense talent commands, as well as the sky-high expectations it raises. 

ALEXIS - 7th Grader

A meditative, thoughtful chess player, Alexis is one of the highest rated members of the I.S. 318 team. He sees chess, and entrance to one to New York City’s top tier public high schools, as the first step on the road to a promising career that will allow him to support his immigrant parents. But getting into a great school is based on the result of a single exam, and Alexis suffers under the strain of pressure from both outside and within.

ROCHELLE - 8th Grader

Having found chess at I.S. 318 to be a boy’s club, Rochelle was driven to prove she could not only be a formidable opponent against her male peers, she could outdo them. Three years later, her name sits atop the list of I.S. 318′s best players. Now Rochelle has her sights set even higher: She’s determined to become the first African-American female master in the history of chess. 

POBO - 7th Grader

A charismatic student and natural politician, Pobo emerges as a big brother figure and leader to the other chess team members. Dubbing himself “Pobama,” the ambitious 12-year-old mounts a campaign to become president of the school, with the goal of restoring budget cuts that threaten I.S. 318′s afterschool programs, including chess. 

Patrick - 6th Grader

For Patrick, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, chess is more than a game, it’s a way to learn focus, concentration and patience. Although he has difficulty with some of the more complex strategies, he displays an endurance and commitment that promise to lead him not just to a higher rating, but to newfound confidence in his strengths – in both chess and life. 

Elizabeth Vicary - I.S. 318 Chess Teacher and Chess Coach 

A chess champion and the guiding force behind I.S. 318′s blue-ribbon chess team, Ms. Vicary has helped hundreds of kids go from not knowing how to move the pieces on the board to winning national titles. When she arrived at the school, the chess team was only 10 members strong and had never competed in a tournament. By the end of her first year, they’d won a national title. A tireless coach and mentor for her students, she instills I.S. 318′s kids with skills and confidence that will serve them long after they’ve graduated – and led the school to more national chess titles than any other junior high in the country.

John Galvin - I.S. 318 Assistant Principal and Chess Coach 

Now in his 17th year at I.S. 318, Mr. Galvin is a veteran educator, dedicated chess coach and firm adherent of the notion that talent and hard work lead to success – an idea he impresses on the members of the chess team. He’s tough – but supportive – and his high expectations have led to the culture of success that pervades I.S. 318. When the Wall Street financial crisis begins to impact the school, he helps to mount a community-wide campaign to push against funding cuts and save the programs that make I.S. 318 great.


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    Ever wanted to learn how to play better chess? How about 1:1 chess lesson from one of the kids featured in Brooklyn Castle? Conducted in person for those who in NYC and via Skype for those elsewhere.

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    We'll take you on a personal visit to I.S. 318 to see where the magic happens with filmmaker Katie Dellamaggiore. Plus a 1:1 chess lesson from one of the kids in Brooklyn Castle and 2 tickets to the NYC premiere.

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