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Designed for food bloggers, sellers, and influencers.
Designed for food bloggers, sellers, and influencers.
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Results of the 5th design vote are in!

Posted by Mandy Gleason (Creator)

Results of the 5th design poll are in and it’s a landslide…TIE! 

Weathered Wood and Gray Plaster are the crowd favorites and are neck and neck. Because TWO designs have gotten so much love, I’ve decided to close the first poll and open a NEW poll pitting the current favorites against a different wood and light gray design - the brown-toned Barn Wood and the lighter gray Cement. So let’s vote on these pretties, shall we?

Click here to vote it up! 

And if you’re a Brushed Teal or Confetti fan, don’t fret! You may still see them someday.

To answer some of your questions from the poll:

How can I add on a design? 

At the end of the campaign, you’ll get an email asking you to select your designs. The email will also ask if you want to add extra Surfaces to your order. You can add as many Surfaces as you want, and can choose from the original four designs or the 5th design.

How much will it cost to add-on Surfaces? 

I haven’t worked out the price for add-on Surfaces just yet. Just like the Surfaces you’ve already ordered, add-ons will be HEAVILY discounted compared to the expected retail price. You can also add-on additional sets of Stands (super-discounted of course).

Can I choose any combination of designs? 

YES, you can choose any combination of designs! That includes two or three of the same design if that’s what you want. For example, you can choose three Shiplaps and one Weathered Wood (if that one wins, of course). Or one of each design. Your wish is my shipping command!

Are these the only designs Replica will ever have? 

Of course not! These first 5 designs represent some of the best looks in food and product photography right now, but I’ve always got my eyes on new backdrop trends. New designs will be released intermittently, so if there are particular colors and textures you want to see, send your ideas my way!

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