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$73,965 pledged of $365,000 goal
By Team Renfest
$73,965 pledged of $365,000 goal

BIG NEWS! New Cast Member Announcement!


Hear ye!  Hear ye, Backers!

We here at Team RenFest are bubbling over with joy! We have a Major Announcement for you this morning!  

We are pleased to announce the addition of Frank Conniff, AKA TV's Frank of MST3K, will be joining the cast of RenFest in a recurring role! 

Huzzah! (arm flail, cue trumpets)

 While we don't want to give away any spoilers, Frank will be playing a key role in the series.  It's going to be a very juicy, fun and hilarious part for Frank and we cannot be more pleased to add his talents to the project!

As a bonus, here's a video of Frank asking for your help on the project:

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Frank will be talking about his addition to the cast of RenFest today from  2-5pm ET on Sirius XM channel 121.  If you're a Sirius subscriber, be sure you listen today (and everyday).

WOW! It feels great to have The Mads on this project! Now would be a great time to tell all your friends to back us so we  can make then show happen.  We also hope to have other exciting news to report in the next few days.  Stay tuned!

Thank you for your support! Become our Town Crier and SPREAD THE WORD, won't you?

PS:  To cut down on the number of updates today (because c'mon, this is a BIG one), we will push today's free ringtone to tomorrow.  So you get TWO, count 'em, two ringtones in one day!


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    1. John Biebel on

      Well, if FRANK says so... :-)

    2. Team Renfest Creator on

      @ Lynn "House Viking" Knott: You can! It is on YouTube!

    3. Lynn Knott on

      I wish I could share that video of Frank! "DO IT!"

    4. Adam Smith on

      Now with 100% more Frank! Huzzah!

    5. Holly D Somers on

      This makes my day!

    6. Erick Christgau

      OMG this is so awesome!

    7. Christy "Zap Rowsdower" Gleason on

      Yay!!! I was so excited about this, and now Frank is joining!! *thoughtfully strokes non-existent beard and considers upping pledge*