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$73,965 pledged of $365,000 goal
By Team Renfest
$73,965 pledged of $365,000 goal

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    1. Lynn Knott on

      Tell Lloyd "Festicles" is certainly better than "Festering Sores".... The guys you could call "manifestos" - I'm from Wisconsin, so feel free to call me a "Summerfester" :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      Awwww why was it canceled you have a good idea and I can see this going on for seasons.

    3. Jared Holman on

      This is just a bump in the road! You guys are so talented and great at what you do! You guys can do anything and make it funny! Let's all lend our support and thanks to the RenFest team!

    4. Drew5oloDoLo"DIRK"StiCkEr"McBUFFNuggets" on

      Just wanted to say I LOVE all of you amazing people. Cast and fans alike. Whatever projects MJ, Trace, etc do...
      I say please, take my money.

      I will still help fund this any way possible.

    5. Scott Kircher on

      Succeed! I command thee!

      I hope it goes well. I love you all with the fire of a thousand platonic suns.

    6. Trevor Stasik on

      If you do come back to Kickstarter in the future, hopefully everybody's warchests will be more full and ready to deploy. Good luck! Hope to see this show in the future.

    7. Missing avatar

      William Kyle Schraffenberger on

      I was happy to pledge, but even happier to hear that there are opportunities opening up for this project elsewhere. I think we made some noise showing that this is the kind of show people want to get picked up. Huzzah! �

    8. Daniel Wolterink on

      I'm SO HAPPY for you guys! This show must be made! I'm really, really excited for it, and if production opportunities are opening up elswhere that's amazing. Those of us who back a lot of Kickstarter projects and know how these things work saw a while ago that this project wasn't going to reach its goal, just as I'm sure the Renfest team was aware. So this is nothing but fantastic news. I say again, huzzah!! Can't wait for more news! And if it is a relaunch here at a later date, I'll be back to show my support!

    9. TVsFrank on

      Huzzah! on the potential opportunity. Hoping it pans out. If not, I'll back it again.

    10. Lynn Knott on

      @Cameron - I know how badly you wanted to die by some fowl means as getting too drunk on mead and trying to swim out in a knight's costume to be one with a bevy of swans or something. Perhaps they'll figure out a way for you to do this, anyway.

    11. Cameron Sowder on

      Would it help if I bought the Producer's Reward? :-)

    12. Cameron Sowder on

      Whah the bloody ell? Kickstarter campaign has been canceled? I think we still had a chance but I hope that this is for a good reason and it gets picked up by a production company that can do it justice. Although I am disappointed I won't get killed on the show now! Either way, I will always back you guys. Good luck.

    13. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      I put 7 dallers I know it aint much. But I love your preview and I love renfest. I hope your show can get made it's something special and different. Anyway your friend edward Aka RiddleJoke

    14. Lynn Knott on

      @Adam - That's true, but I could probably get a skywriter for a couple of grand. Maybe a little more, if I want 'em to spell it right.

    15. Missing avatar

      Steven Franey on

      Okay. I threw in my ten bucks. The promo video alone was worth that. These guys are hilarious. And I love Mary Jo. She is so funny. Sometimes I think things are just too funny for their own good. I didn't get the Simpsons at first but now I think the first nine or ten seasons are comedy genius. Perhaps that's what happened to MST3k. Just too funny. This show looks wonderful. I live near the Texas Renaissance Festival and have gone a dozen times over the years. Mostly as a teenager and once on acid and I can say that this show could be comedy gold. Especially with Trace in it. He just cracks me up. I cannot keep a straight face when he reads a line. I don't know how the other actors work with him in the scene and not loose it. Wish more people felt the way I do. I'll tell all my friends if I can remember all six phone numbers...

    16. Holly D Somers on

      I upped my pledge and shared!

    17. Adam Smith on

      @Lynn: Of course, if you were rich, you could just fund the show!

    18. Lynn Knott on

      If I were rich, I'd hire a skywriter. Wonder if he'd get dizzy having to make the @ sign if I paid him to put @RenFestTV up there.

    19. Melissa

      I agree. I have never been to a Ren Fair, but I've done plenty of cosplay and was in a Star Trek fan club for a while. There's a connection in the Fandoms. Besides, I'd go to a Fair if a good opportunity presented itself. And you can still find love in this show based off the people and jokes. It reminds me of Park & Rec.

      I didn't hear about this until it had 9 days to go. The Denver Dino Hotel said something and I fell over myself getting here. It must be made!

    20. HEX

      I really hope that this gets backed during this campaign or you redo it later as another campaign, in which case please let all of us who backed this time know when it starts up again! This is seriously hilarious whether you know RenFests intimately or casually!

    21. Team Renfest Creator on

      Thank you Greg!

    22. Greg Tally on

      OK. We're cross promoting like crazy on the Revival League Podcast And in "put up or shut up mode," I just personally pledged to hang out with The Mads for a day. I'm in "House Everybody." Go RenFest! Part one of our interview with Trace is here:

    23. Daniel Wolterink on

      I'm so sad that this isn't going to be funded. Will you regeoup, plan for more and better marketing, and relaunch at some point? The pitch video is hilarious! We're a match on both Tinder and Twinder! I also made sure to "thumb up" all of your amazing photos and stories on Snapagram!

      Seriously, so funny!
      I hope you're not discouraged when the Kickstarter fails! Regroup and relaunch!

    24. Lynn Knott on

      I know there's legal rights and all that involved, but I would have dearly loved to see a video of Crow, Tom Servo & Gypsy promoting this project. Show 'em working the puppet show at the Ren Festival, killing time until the new season of MST3K starts. Warming up their rusty acting chops. After all, at the end of the show, the bots and Mike do end up on Earth....they gotta do SOMETHING until the Satellite of Love soars once again :)

    25. Joel Schooling on

      I'm supposed to tell you Joel sent me. But to be fair, Mike, Kevin, and Bill sent me too! Much love!

    26. Steve Parker on

      Joel tweeted the link to this project a few hours ago, 27 retweets so far. Hopefully that will get us some more pledges.

    27. Michael Gilstrap on

      By the by there are 11,282 views on the youtube trailer for Ren Fest @… and only 82 likes ... just sayin'

    28. Missing avatar

      William Kyle Schraffenberger on

      @Drew5oloDoLo That's awesome, congratulations!! That's huzzah worthy any day of the week! :D

    29. Drew5oloDoLo"DIRK"StiCkEr"McBUFFNuggets" on

      Just upped my pledge again!! Yay! We just had our baby Girl! So have not been on media, but huzaah!

      Super happy fun time!!

    30. Missing avatar

      William Kyle Schraffenberger on

      Is anyone involved in Game of Thrones communities? As another intersection of medieval geekery, it might be worth signal boosting Renfest there.

    31. Paul Findsen on

      I've been spreading the word as best I can, to nerd groups on FaceBook, sending tips to bloggers I know, and posting on my little nonsense blog. I can't believe this isn't funded yet!

    32. Mynkx on

      Just a thought.... bring Felicia Day on for a guest role.... then you'd really have all The Mads! Plus, she has a huge fan following & has been rocking the renfest look as of late *^.^*…

    33. Lynn Knott on

      To those who may have missed the Q&A - it was fun! Big announcement at the end is that all of lovable RiffTrax fellows will be having cameos on the show.

    34. Lynn Knott on

      Reminder to attend Q&A at at 2 PST, 4 CST & 5 EST today (May 24th). Get your questions ready!

    35. Team Renfest Creator on

      Thank you Adam! You rock!

    36. Adam Smith on

      Just tweeted 12 major Renaissance festivals with the link and a request for a retweet.

    37. Adam Smith on

      And one for #HouseLloyd! #AllYourFestAreBelongToUs:

    38. Joel Madison Botwinick on

      I like those large turkey legs. I sure hope they are prominently featured in your show.

    39. BATMANATEE on

      Pledge made and word spread. I wish I could do more but the crazy shipping costs and weak Canadian dollar are too much for me to handle at the moment, so digital only it is for now.

    40. Pam B Natural

      Aw crap, stupid keyboard...

    41. Pam B Natural

      Oh man, now yoy have to usage ask the artwork because Frank is on board. Darn. Oh and squee!

    42. Adam Smith on

      Also, I've put together a Pinterest Board with shareable promos here:

    43. Lynn Knott on

      @Sean - good. It just doesn't look that way when you look at the list of rewards.

    44. Missing avatar

      Sean Mulhern on

      Well, anyone can always pledge $1 even if there's no reward level at that amount.

    45. Lynn Knott on

      Is the minimum pledge $10? You should do what RiffTrax did to draw in more warm bodies, and push the $1 or more donations. Just a thought.

    46. Adam Smith on

      Haloo Renfest backers! Need a Facebook Cover Image that lets everyone know about the Kickstarter? I've made one you can download here:…

    47. Team Renfest Creator on

      That's a great idea William! Can you start circulating the URL at Tumblr or perhaps give us some Tumblr sites that would be good for us to post the link? Thanks for your continued enthusiasm!

    48. Missing avatar

      William Kyle Schraffenberger on

      So excited for this project! Let the festoonery commence!!

      I'd also like to recommend circulating the URL over on Tumblr as well. That's a huge potential audience and I haven't seen much awareness of this project over there.

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