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Huge Comic Anthology created entirely by over 140 women, made to showcase everything we have accomplished and what we are capable of!
2,001 backers pledged $109,301 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on

      Hey, everyone!

      We now have Camilla's books and will be sending those out asap. First we will send a form around to make sure we have everyone's current addresses.

      Hope you're all doing well! Thank you for your continued patience!


    2. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on

      Happy Holidays, everyone! Ray, Renae's husband here.

      We're shipping out a big batch of special editions (signed/sketched, circuits, etc) today. And Camilla's manager has the money for shipping. I'm sure they're super busy with the holiday season but we should be getting those back soon and then we can start shipping them to you!

      If there are still any regular copies (particularly international) that haven't made it to you, please email the shipping manager and feel free to attach me so I can stay on top of it, too.


    3. Ayal Pinkus on

      I gave to the 65$ pledge for the signed Womanthology book and the sketchbook. And I actually paid 100$, so 35$ more than needed. 

      I never received the Womanthology book. I did receive the sketchbook, so you are able to get something delivered to my door.

       I feel taken advantage of. You took my money, promising something in return, and you never delivered on your promise.

      In addition, you keep blaming IDW for it. I have no business with IDW. It is you I gave good money to.

      If you are at all serious about getting the remaining books to the rightful owners, I would suggest you chase it and find out where the orders got stuck. Because I am not the only one who didn't get his book.

      I'm fine with the book not being signed, if that is what is needed for me to finally get the book.

      I am not sending you my personal information by email again. I have done that several times now and you seem to have done nothing with it.

      If you don't plan to give me my pledge reward, then at least be honest about it.

    4. Ayal Pinkus on

      Hi Ray, Renae,
      I haven't received my copy yet. At this point I would be happy with an unsigned copy.

      To add to that, I have nothing to do with IDW. I thought I was dealing with you, seeing as it was you I had given my money to.

      There is no one you can contact at IDW or their distribution company to check on the status? There really is no way to find out?

      I have sent you my info several times now. You seem to have done nothing with it. Stop blaming others for the fact that you yourself are not keeping your promises.

    5. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on

      This is Ray, Renae's husband helping with messages.

      We absolutely do, Ayal. And thousands have gotten their books and only a very few have not. And if you check the comments section, you're starting to see how we are following through as best we can with those copies and people are beginning to post about it.

      Please understand that WE do not have your copies, if we did I would send it right to you. We thought it would be easier to use IDW's shipping company because of the number of books and it went great aside from a few unfortunately problems, but they are being resolved.

      If you have a sketch or signed copy, we're waiting on those to be sketched or signed by the creators and sent back to us.

      Please email me at with all of your pledge and shipping info and I'll send it directly to the shipping manager at the shipping company IDW uses and he's been doing a great job of taking care of problems.


    6. Ayal Pinkus on

      You have no intention of sending us the book do you... At least be honest about it...

    7. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Ron!!

      Caryn - I've just come back from a complicated trip. Did you get a reply from me? Want to make sure you didn't get overlooked.

      Christine - Emailed you and sent your information to IDW.


    8. KikiDoodle on

      I keep emailing you and have NOT received any reply :( I've sent maybe 10 emails over the past 4 months.

    9. Caryn Humphreys on

      Email sent... I'm pretty unhappy with the results of this... considering it's been almost a year now??

    10. Ron on

      E-mail sent.

      Wishing you best of luck with Peter Pan project, looks gorgeous.

    11. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on

      Hi, everyone! This is Ray. If you haven't gotten your book, please email with your full name and address and I'll be sending to IDW's shipping company later this week.


    12. Missing avatar

      Andy Bartalone on

      Hi Renae,
      I too still haven't received my book.

    13. Dark

      It'll be interesting to finally see this book.
      Odd that there seems to have been so much trouble with the shipping.

    14. jade on

      fantastic. now where the hell is my copy

    15. Missing avatar

      lillerina on

      Hi Renae - I, too am still waiting on my copy of the book and have just changed address. Where can I let you know of my address change? Thanks,

    16. KikiDoodle on

      I'm glad everything has gone well!

      I still haven't received my copy, though :( Please respond to me soon!

    17. Sarah Romig on

      Thanks for the update! Alas, I am still waiting for my copy (have never had this level of trouble getting them to Australia) so will most likely be purchasing from my local comic shop who seem to have them on the shelves ....

    18. Missing avatar

      Tom Rafferty on

      I'm delighted that this has been such a success. I am still waiting for my copy too - a hand numbered one. Is there any tracking information once they have been despatched? Do you expect it should reach the UK within 30 days?

    19. Roxanne on

      Thanks so much for the update. Glad to hear the news. I'm excited that I'll soon have my book. Thank you. aloha, Roxanne

    20. Ayal Pinkus on

      Congratulations on the success! Hope to see the book one day as I am one of those people who are still waiting for a copy :-)

      Maybe shipments failed because there was no field in the address to enter the country...

    21. Emilio Torres Jr. on

      Congratulations on your success. When will IDW send the copies for the backers that haven't received it yet? Me being one of them.