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Huge Comic Anthology created entirely by over 140 women, made to showcase everything we have accomplished and what we are capable of!
Huge Comic Anthology created entirely by over 140 women, made to showcase everything we have accomplished and what we are capable of!
2,001 backers pledged $109,301 to help bring this project to life.

April Update!

Hello everyone! :) How are you today? And Happy Spring to you all!

Straight to News & Updates! Scroll down for REWARDS if that is what you want to check on!

Womanthology: Space

Yep, it's true! There's to be further Womanthology! :) This one is themed Womanthology: Space. IDW late last year made it known they wanted to further extend the good of Womanthology and help support more women creatives in comics, so they have decided to pick up Womanthology for a series of 5 issues that will then be collected into a Graphic Novel! 

The editors will be Mariah Huehner and Laura Morley , both of Womanthology: Heroic!

Here's what's the same:

  • Everything is still creator owned
  • All experience levels are welcome
  • Pairing professional with up and coming talent
  • Portion will still be for Charity (but not all of it this time due to the page rate given)
  • There will still be Creator Bios, How To's Interviews, Kid/Teen Contributores, etc! :)

Here's what's different:

  • A page rate is offered to the creators
  • Womanthology: Space is much smaller in size, it will be 5 single issues collected into a Graphic Novel.

If you are interested in participating, or have a young lady who you'd like to help sign up, you can go to the official sign up lists HERE (will have to sign up for the forum). If you are under 18, make sure to put that somewhere in the submission in bold! Also please be known that there is far less room in this series than in the Heroic book, so even if you're not in this first series, keep posting because there could be more coming!

That's pretty much it! :) It's very very exciting. Womanthology has ever meant to be a positive, fun project that supports, inspires and showcases all women creatives in comics and their unique voices. This series (and hopefully more afterwards!) will only continue the positivity further. So first of all thank YOU guys for making it happen. Without your support, Womanthology would not only not have made print, but wouldn't have been able to carry on to further adventures!

And of course thanks to IDW (whose 13th birthday is today, incidentally!) for taking up this project that means so much to a lot of people :)

Laura Morley moving into Space!

You may have been lucky enough to speak with Laura Morley  since the start of this project :) She has been here, answering questions, manning the Womanthology email, organizing many aspects since day 1. She's been working hard through the many trials of Womanthology to bring it to fruition and I could not have done this without her! So a big hand by all to Ms. Morley for all she's accomplished with Heroic! :) 

As you saw above, she is moving on to help with the new Womanthology: Space! and I am happy to announce, she is also preparing for the arrival of her first child! :) So a huge congratulations as well to her and her family! Anyone who wants to offer congratulations can tell her on twitter HERE

We love your Laura!


This section is only abut the BOOK as that's our focus right now. We are doing a complete check up on all other rewards this week and will report on any left next week. 


Most books have been delivered, but there have been delays on a certain portion of backers. 

US backers (NON-PO Box addresses): It has been reported these should have all been delivered by now (UNLESS you are also one of the address types below) This is the majority of backers.

SKETCHED & SIGNED Copies: These are all still in process and are being taken care of as I type :) These are all subject to various people's schedules and require further time, but are certainly on the way!

US backers (PO BOX) The shipping company made it known to me let month that no PO Box addresses could be sent. There were about 30 of you. You should have gotten an email notifying you that the shipping company needed a physical address to ship to you. Almost all have been collected and your addresses have been given over to IDW last week, so it will be mailed out shortly! 

International Backers: The shipping company discovered a difficulty in sending your copies as they now need your phone numbers to complete the customs forms to your various countries & ensure your copies safe mailing. So you should have gotten an email asking for your phone number. We have since collected all but a few and they have been sent off to IDW last week for shipping. Again I am so sorry for this delay :( Please know I'd change it if I could and I care very much about your wait!!

Address Changes: As per the last update, most of you have filled out the change form, or contacted me or the Womanthology email. Your addresses are all on the address list sent to IDW last week so they should all be mailed shortly! 

Not part of the delayed portion of backers but still don't have a book? Message me here on Kickstarter! There could have been an error in your address, or it could have been plain lost in the mail. Again if you've been in contact with us over the last couple weeks and given your address, then it's part of the mailing list just given over to IDW, so no message is needed.

And please remember that I am NOT a big company delaying your books and not caring about your wait. This is not a perfect process and Womanthology is not a well oiled machine like Amazon that can deliver books at a push of a button (though we try hard to be!). Errors are to be expected on a project this large. Though despite the project's success or the amount made, it is still just me & Laura taking care of the many needs of Womanthology in whatever free time we have and for certain we care very much, and are working hard to take care of everything :) 

I would ask if you have Kickstarter questions, to ask here and not my twitter, Facebook, or email. This is because it's easy to lose track of everyone's messages when they're scattered about so much, and I want to efficiently take care of everyone.

Womanthology Signings

There have been a lot of cool signings popping up all over the country at Comic Stores! If you have an interest of setting up a signing and want to invite contributors from your area, contact Rachel Pandich at ! :)


Oh my is there so much good happening from  Womanthology! :) Here are a few things:


Library Copies that were volunteered by you to be sent! (if you have photos to add, send them to me! :))

The Youth Department of Secaucus Public Library, NJ with their copy!

Womanthology as part of a comics display at Hernando Library in Mississippi 


Some awesome male supporters with their copies! I point them out because it's been made known to me many don't realize just how many men are in complete support of this project and of more women in comics! So thanks to all you guys out there who helped make this happen :)

Steve Niles

 (GREAT beard! ;D )


This without a doubt to me, is where I see and feel the most positivity that has come from this project. I have heard countless stories at this point of people seeing young girls pouring over copies at comics shops and libraries, and have gotten many emails from grateful parents who have something to encourage their aspiring creative daughter with.

If you have pictures or stories to share, send them to me! :) 

From Contributing writer Jody Houser's Tumblr

"Today at my local comic shop (House of Secrets in Burbank), I watched a six-year-old girl page through every single comic in Womanthology: Heroic.  I may have gotten a bit choked up. Isn’t this exactly who Womanthology was made for?"

And YES I'm reposting this one from the last update because it's soooooo sweet! :) A Kickstarter Backers children with their copy!

Here is a letter from Kickstarter Backer Brendan Burke's amazing daughter Valerie, in which I have permission to share :) This was in response to a sketchbook that was sent to her that had a sketch in it

And finally here is a link to some interviews of some of the Womanthology: Heroic contributors that are under 18 :) 

They are by and you can find them HERE


Ashlee Lentini

Christianne Benedict

Maja K ( soon to be on Womanthology: Space)

A contributor's parents cos-playing as characters from her story :)


This is still getting on it's feet, but I'm opening a portion of the website for the ladies to post their artwork & writing from Womanthology projects for sale for those interested! :) Go HERE to check it out!


And finally check out the Womanthology YouTube for video of various Panels at conventions by contributors of the project and much more!

Thanks so much everyone! :) I'll be in touch again soon!



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    1. jade on August 7, 2012

      I still haven't received anything yet, nor any updates. I really don't buy the 'stuck in customs' thing
      please let us know if there is any way of tracking this!
      thank you

    2. James Andrewson on August 2, 2012

      Hey Renae, I was a $50 backer for one of the first 400 numbered books as well. I know you are extremely busy but I still haven't received my copy of Womanthology yet. I am patiently waiting, just haven't heard anything back from anyone I've contacted lately and just wanted to stop by and leave a reminder. Thanks and once again congratulations on everything you've achieved so far!!

    3. Paul Handley on July 27, 2012

      I was a $50 backer for one of the first 400 numbered books. Updated my details straight away by E-mail when requested so that the book would get through customs and so on. I'm in England, don't know if the book has been sent yet, but I haven't received it and it's a number of months since I updated the contact details.

    4. Alex Johnson on July 12, 2012

      Any update since May? Waiting on a signed copy.

    5. KikiDoodle on May 23, 2012

      I replied to the other one, but I havne't received my copy. Not a sketch version! Just a normal.

    6. seanrabin on May 23, 2012

      Still waiting on my copy as well. :(

    7. Ron on April 11, 2012

      Thank you for the info.

    8. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on April 11, 2012

      Ron: Yours is a sketch version so they take a bit more time! :) You'll be contacted when it's ready if your phone number is needed!! Thank you so much!

      Kelly: Thank you so much for letting me know! That is so strange! There was one other person who had that issue too. I REALLY appreciate you letting me know this, and if you can email me at we can get it sorted! :) Thank you so much again!

    9. Kelly Frederick on April 10, 2012

      I feel very luck to receive two copies. But I only ordered one. How can I send one back so it can go to the appropriate person?? They should enjoy this awesomeness as much as I have :)

    10. Ron on April 10, 2012

      Did you need my phone # as I am one of the International backers and do not remember getting a request for phone #.

      Let me know.

      Patiently waiting as well. It will be worth it.

    11. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on April 10, 2012

      Thank you Crystal! :) Which reminds me, I should add an section in this about Sketch/Signed copies!

      I am sure Sarah is going to do a GORGEOUS job in her sketch copies! :) I hope you enjoy it!

    12. Crystal Rotz on April 10, 2012

      Still patiently waiting on my copy :-)