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Huge Comic Anthology created entirely by over 140 women, made to showcase everything we have accomplished and what we are capable of!
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BIG Update for Everyone!

Posted by Renae De Liz (Creator)

Hello guys! :D Hope the New Year is treating all of you well!

I'm making this an update for both Backers & Public as there's info that non-Backers might like to know as well.

This update covers:

  • Release Date Information
  • Information for Stores that want to have signings
  • List of Rewards and progress made on each

It's all important stuff, so make sure you take a minute to read sections that may interest you and as always contact me with Questions!

Release Date

Just for general info for those that may have missed it, the book has been %100 completed and has been off to the printing process for awhile now. I've just been informed to expect delays for the release date due to printing issues. But as the book is now out of my hands, the exact date hasn't been made known to me yet, but once I do know I'll update everyone. The estimate given to me was that it had to be moved from the Late January date to a very early March one (so a little over a month delay). I've been told as the books continue to print and further delays are out of the question, we'll then have the more certain date for it's release. 

Womanthology is a beast of a book that is unlike any other, so there were a lot of fun twists and turns and challenges to get it ready, and everyone involved (including the amazing team at IDW who have been tirelessly preparing it for print) have been working nonstop to make it happen, and this delay is not the cause of anyone, just an unfortunate happening. I personally just cannot wait to finally hold the book in my hands!! On the bright side, if it is indeed released in early March, it'll coincide with Women's History Month :) So destiny maybe?

Kickstarter Copies Release Date

Your copies will be sent a couple weeks earlier from the release date for stores. All the addresses we collected were sent in already to the mailing company, so be sure if you haven't given us your address for your book copy that you do so now! 

Please note that I hand numbered and signed special bookplate pages that will be bound into Kickstarter/Contributor/Library copies only :) So there's no further delay for that, but anyone who ordered altered copies (sketches, or further signatures) will require further time. I'll be in touch about all that soon!

Bookplate Image

Store Information

I've been made aware that some of you amazing stores out there already set up signings with contributors of Womanthology for an Early February release date. First of all, you are absolutely awesome for supporting female creators like this, it means a lot to all involved!! Secondly, if you need to reschedule due to the delay, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. So please contact our Public Events Coordinator Rachel Pandich (who is also a writer for Womanthology! :) ) Her email is She can help you work with contributors to reschedule, and anything else we can help with!

Special "BookPlate" for Stores 

 I have a limited number of extra book plate pages (I explain above what those are), so I thought it would be nice to offer those to stores who may have set up signings for Womanthology creators :) Meaning, if you have set up a signing already and have to reschedule OR are thinking of setting up a Womanthology signing, I'd like to offer to send you a couple of these pages signed by me and personalized for your store. You could then have the ladies at your signing autograph it for you to keep, or even offer them to your Womanthology pre-order customers to make up in a small way for the delay. I only have limited number of these, but you can contact Rachel Pandich at if you are interested! Again I know it's not much, but I and all involved really do care and appreciate your support of Womanthology and female creators in general. :) So THANK YOU!

Reward List

So here we have the list of rewards! Go ahead and check on yours for individual updates, and if yours says "done" and we're mistaken, feel free to contact us at 

A * for reviews means we have been informed you've been contacted directly and are in the process of being reviewed.

  • Thank yous: DONE
  • Sketchbooks: DONE (if you have not received yours, don't panic, some are still trickling in, especially if you live out of the US. Email if you have questions!)
  • Blue Line kids' packs: DONE
  • Kids' art inked and colored professionally: DONE
  • Cameos: DONE (will be trying to mobilize pics of all cameos for you to see!)
  • Locke and Key Hercules keys and full set of keys: DONE
  • Full Page Rewards: DONE
  • Barbara Kesel script reviews: DONE* 
  • Annie Nocenti script review: DONE* 
  • Devin Grayson script review: DONE*
  • Chris Ryall art review: DONE*
  • Gail Simone script review: DONE*
  • Robin Furth writing review: DONE*
  • Jim Lee NYCC portfolio review: DONE
  • Steve Niles script review: DONE*
  • B Clay Moore script review: DONE*
  • Fred Jeska figure: DONE
  • Cargo Hold DC New 52 issues: DONE
  • Kevin Smith podcast call: DONE
  • Tone Rodriguez cameo: DONE
  • All Thinkgeek Rewards: DONE
  • Steve Niles death cameo: DONE*

These rewards are in various states of progress. 

  • Womanthology Books: PENDING Kickstarter copies to be sent mid Feb.
  • Hand-drawn, signed, original pages: IN PROGRESS as of this week, mobilizing art to send. Should start receiving this month!
  • Cary Nord cameo: IN PROGRESS contact given to Cary
  • Mitch Breitweiser commission: IN PROGRESS
  • Jim Lee NON nycc review: IN PROGRESS, waiting on reply
  • Greg Pak pack: IN PROGRESS
  • Rob Liefeld pages: IN PROGRESS, waiting on reply
  • Evelyn Evelyn package: IN PROGRESS, waiting on reply
  • J Scott Campbell sketch: IN PROGRESS contact given to Scott
  • Brian Denham collaboration: IN PROGRESS collaborations under way
  • Sketch and signed copies of Womanthology Book: PENDING waiting for book release
  • Neil Gaiman postcard: One DONE, one pending. 

Please be aware that the first 3 months or so after the campaign ended we had to focus all efforts on completing the book to get it out as soon as possible. So Laura and I (who are taking care of the rewards) have only been at fulfillment of non book content rewards for almost 2 months now. We are making super fast progress, and I cannot express our thanks to all the supportive, nice people we've had the pleasure working with during this time! And thank you all for the understanding that even though Womanthology ended up being a far bigger deal than ever imagined, it's still only our tiny team of ladies handling it all!

I guess that's all for now for this massive Update! :) I'll leave you with a super cool peek at one of the Neil Gaiman sketch postcards he sent, and an awesome review of the Womanthology sketchbook by SubatomicLaura who is also a backer of Womanthology! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Video Review: Womanthology Sketchbook by Kickstarter Backer SubatomicLaura

Neil Gaiman Sketch Postcard


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      Christian Marra on

      HELLO! 2 days ago it's arrived my copy of sketchbook...thanx a lot, it's pretty....but honestly, thinking to the potential also given by this beautiful and ambitious project so much lucky, I hoped into something more cured and in an edition not so cheap....I don't wanna offend anyone but the "edition" is not so's a pity!