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A Comic Book Graphic Novel based upon the classic story of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Lovingly adapted & illustrated by Renae DeLiz.
A Comic Book Graphic Novel based upon the classic story of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Lovingly adapted & illustrated by Renae DeLiz.
A Comic Book Graphic Novel based upon the classic story of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Lovingly adapted & illustrated by Renae DeLiz.
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    1. Dheyrdre Machado on January 6


      Sad things to read.
      I'm feeling more stupid then before.

    2. terry on January 5

      As WCM pointed out...this comment / update is old news
      we have seen this before here ...Lies and more Lies..

      Just Refund the People Who ask....GTD

    3. Dheyrdre Machado on January 3

      I genuinely feel stupid!
      Like, seriously!

      The things is the last email you sent me was OVER a year ago.
      Just answer me!

    4. Jared Miller on January 3

      A quick run of the numbers from this KS campaign (I can't see domestic vs international sadly):

      13% (167 of 1,284) of backers are numbered/signed/sketched backers.
      18% (167 of 935) if you exclude digital rewards.

      That subsection pledged 32% of total pledges in USD. 35% if you exclude digital.

      On average:
      sketched/signed/numbered backer pledged 115.84$
      Digital rewards backers pledged 12.62$
      All other physical rewards pledged 47.89$

    5. Missing avatar

      wcm on January 3

      Yes, you told us "All Domestic Have Shipped" last May, and that signed/numbered editions would take more time.

      "As of now, all US based books should have been received, EXCEPT for numbered/sketched versions."--Renae, May 24, 2017.

      So, what, specifically, have you accomplished in the intervening 8 months? I really, honestly, don't care whether the book I paid for has a number in it? I just want the book, so I can be done with this project and the endless string of regurgitated excuses.

    6. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on January 3

      Ray Dillon here:

      All domestic have shipped. Most international (Not that many to begin with). And we're getting there with the signed/numbered/sketched editions. Those are harder, but again not a ton of those. Really wanted to have it all done before the end of the year. Got pretty close. We'll keep at it.

      If anyone has questions you can email me and I'll do my best to reply quickly.

      Hope you and all your loved ones enjoyed the holiday season. Happy New Year! :)


    7. Jason Hall on January 3

      Its unfortunate -- I have been more than polite while avoiding posting on social media. But moving forward I will be commenting on Twitter and social media. At the end of the day I have paid for something and you have not provided what was paid for (if that is not a thief, what is it?) . I (we) have been more than patient. Ship what was paid for, or issue refunds accordingly. Now (after numerous YEARS) I am looking at this as a business transaction which you have not fulfilled.

    8. Reina on January 1

      I read this article today, I think that it's very clearly detailed what we can expect from Renae de Liz and Ray Dillon. I only regret that Kickstarter can't do anything about this unfortunate crowdfunding.

    9. Missing avatar

      avmoreno on December 31

      I think he predated that comment to be on October 17, 2018, so he still has a year to go before he becomes "stressed" from all of the delays.

      Again, this book is now just a pipe dream. Unless they somehow win the lottery, or come into some money quickly, we aren't seeing our copies anytime soon. But don't worry, purchase from them now separately, and we could probably have it here by Wednesday.

    10. Missing avatar

      wcm on December 29

      We do NOT want this Kickstarter to carry over into another year. Seriously. Sorry for not being able to fulfill this sooner for those of you who are left, but trust me, we live with the stress of it every day. But we're down to just a few hundred left, they just need to be worked on and shipped."--Ray Dillon, October 17.

    11. terry on December 24

      Last login Dec 23 2017
      WTF...update us

    12. terry on December 22

      Last login Dec 22 2017.....Today.....WoW
      not even a ...hi you will have your book soon....scammers

    13. Missing avatar

      Kyle Erickson on December 15

      The last update from October said you didn't want this to drag on another year. Seeing the other comments, I assume that's not going to be the case. Do we have any kind of update coming?

    14. Jason Hall on December 14

      What are the odds of a Christmas miracle and you send me (an international bidder from the great white north of Canada) gets what he paid for years ago when you are selling books as noted below. Quite unprofessional. I wont tell you a tale of why I ordered the book in the first place but I would like what I paid for or a refund. This is getting asinine.

    15. Missing avatar

      Wes Eckhart on December 7

      Update please.

    16. Jared Miller on December 4

      If you didn't get your comic, it's now available to buy at:

      Feel free to order it, but only for US customers.

    17. Missing avatar

      avmoreno on December 2

      Well! The person who this was originally for has now passed away. Maybe by the time I do get it, my niece will be old enough to enjoy it when I read it to her. That would still mean actually receiving my copy in the next couple years.

    18. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval
      on October 17

      Congrats on Baby & hope she continues to do well!

      Did the digital version of the Companion Guide ever go out?
      Did I miss something somewhere?

    19. Missing avatar

      Gary Erskine on October 17

      Thank you for the update, Ray.

      I have updated my address with our own house move in July. I hope that corrects itself with the previous address survey from a couple of years ago. Thank you

    20. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on October 17

      Just posted an update that's a little more detailed and easier to read.

      Hope you all have a wonderful day!


    21. Rasmus Hilleke on October 17

      Is there a way to know if you already shipped by book?

    22. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on October 17

      Okay, hi again, everyone. Ray Dillon here again. I’m sorry that my absence has caused concern. I hope you can understand why after I explain as succinctly as I can.

      SHORT STORY, I hope:
      Since the last update a few months ago we've struggled to find new housing with a set day to move out of previous house, found a place and moved last minute. Renae had a preventative surgical procedure that is dangerous while pregnant. A few days later she gave birth to our baby girl Claire. Baby had very bad jaundice levels for a month and was in and out of the hospital, constant blood draws and tests. About a week after we finally made it home for good with baby, Renae had a near fatal pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lung) and infarction (dead portion of lung), hospital stays for over a month. Baby is now fine and growing. Renae dead cel mcdewp is recovering and we're starting to get some semblance of normalcy again and finally get our new place unpacked.

      Everything is fine with your book and it will be on the way just as soon as we can get it ready. Signed, sketched, and shipped.

      Now, you will absolutely get your book. I can’t stress that enough. And if you look around, the majority of backers have already received theirs. Obviously things like sketched, signed, numbered, international editions, are going to take longer, especially now with Renae recovering and holding an infant and taking care of a toddler too, and needed to keep working as much as possible.. We're doing everything we can to get these done and out.

      We do NOT want this Kickstarter to carry over into another year. Seriously. Sorry for not being able to fulfill this sooner for those of you who are left, but trust me, we live with the stress of it every day. But we're down to just a few hundred left, they just need to be worked on and shipped. If I could sketch them myself I would, but I'm sure everyone would rather wait for Renae. She's just got an infant full time right now and needs all her strength and doctors orders are for way less stress.

      Hope you can understand. I know it's frustrating to wait, especially this long and with lapses of communication, but it will work out in the end. There's literally no scenario where you'll just never receive your book.

      Thank you for your consideration and patience. Hope despite the wait you're having a nice day.


    23. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on October 16

      Ray Dillon here.

      Okaaaaay...It would appear that I neglected my communication with some of you for too long. I'm sorry for that.

      I'm holding a fussy baby at the moment but i will be back with an update today asap. Might be late tonight when i get to work. I'll try for sooner.

      NOTE: Everything is completely fine with all of your pledges and you will get them.


    24. Missing avatar

      Wes Eckhart on October 12

      Update please

    25. terry on October 12

      Last login Jul 23 2017

    26. Missing avatar

      on October 11

      Where is my book?

    27. Chris McLaren
      on October 10

      I would like an update on the status of shipping to international backers.

    28. terry on October 6

      Last login Jul 23 2017

      there is no point here , we will get nothing this year or maybe next

      scammers,,,at there best

      we have to pay now to get a answer...

      Renae De Liz
      10 patrons·
      Sep 28 at 10:37pm

    29. phoenixphire24 on October 5

      Checking in again. US backer, still no book :(

    30. Jared Miller on October 4

      If it makes you feel any better Jason, I didn't receive my book and I live in the US.

    31. Jason Hall on October 4

      Quite frankly - were international supporters robbed? I paid for a higher tier and as a reward I have to ask for an update and I am left with not even an idea on when I will receive the book I requested for my daughter YEARS ago. I said it before and I will say it again - I am very disappointed with the lack of professionalism from professionals. I request an update or a refund please - this is ridiculous.

    32. terry on October 2

      $295 a month now , 4 $ down on last month

    33. Missing avatar

      on September 30

      Still waiting.... Book or refund.

    34. Joanne on September 28

      It's been 4 months since the last update. Can we please have another update at least? I'm not sure if that will even really mean anything. I'm an international backer (Canada). Thanks.

    35. Jared Miller on September 25

      And this person got a copy after Legend of Wonder Woman came out (so between 2016 and now), while we wait out our punishment of purchasing the more expensive tier.

    36. terry on September 21

      Still no book...can i just get a refund ?

    37. Missing avatar

      avmoreno on September 18

      Time for my bi-yearly check-in. No book in my hands yet. Zero surprises.

    38. Thorsten Becker on September 14

      This was the second KS project I've ever supported, the first one (not comic related) fell through - great way to get acquainted with KS. However, I have since supported many other projects, all comics, all but one delivered, some with delay but nevertheless. I appreciate that Renea and Ray kept and keep communicating through all of this, even with delays. The other two that never delivered simply disappeared, never to be heard from again (though one of them being active on Twitter and at comic conventions).

      I run an online business with my wife, we teach ecourses. We pre-sell them and then have to deliver once class starts. We have always done so, no matter the personal circumstances, including a difficult pregnancy for my wife and then through birth and after as well (we had to do a class basically right after birth for financial reasons). I fully understand the plight of the entrepreneur, especially the creative ones.

      But deliver one must, regardless. And I am hoping that whatever is still outstanding, including my (international) copy will be delivered soon. I urge Renea and Ray to take into consideration how their actions affect their supporters, especially when I read from people who supported this as presents for their children and have waited for many years now.

      Another word of advice: life is strange and you never know who you may come to rely on in the future. Never burn bridges you so willing passed over to reach your goal, you may just have to pass over them again at some point.

    39. Missing avatar

      wcm on September 3

      Given their lack of communication on Kickstarter, I would encourage other backers to share their concerns through the other forums noted below, including particularly Patreon and Twitter. In response to my own tweets, and despite a promise in May that they would begin sending numbered, special editions and international copies to backers immediately, Ray just stated that no copies have been sent to any of these categories. Accordingly, he asserts yet again, that they will be doing this soon. It bears note that, in her May update, Renee stated that only around 60 backers need numbered copies. This means that in 3 months, they haven't managed to send a single one of these copies. They are now seeking crowfunding for another project and, as noted below, actively telling potential donors that this KS campaign is almost completely fulfilled.

    40. Jared Miller on September 3

      According to Ray the Campaign is about to be fulfilled including international shipments.

      What's the over under on domestic shipments finishing before 2018?

    41. juryman00 on August 30

      Wow, I never got my book either, thats what I get for spending 100 on a kickstarter graphic novel, its why I pretty much stopped doing kickstarter projects. Ive been burned too many times. Book looked really cool, wish I had it. Oh well, live and learn.

    42. Missing avatar

      Philip Matic on August 25

      Hi guys! How is the family? And the latest child? All good? Also any word on international books??

      Cheers Phil ?;-p

    43. Emma Ryal on August 21

      When I made my pledge, the child the book was intended for was or an age where they would have been thrilled to have their name in a Peter Pan book. That was 5 years ago! Children grow. I grew tired of waiting a long time ago and now just want a refund. I appreciate international shipping isn't cheap, so don't sent it, just give me my money back.

    44. Jason Hall on August 19

      I'm international (Canada). Pledged over $85.00. We all have reasons why we pledged this book and I am very disappointed at the lack of professionalism by these creators whom I respected. Next step is anticipating to be held hostage for extra shipping money. Honestly the race is on between this project and Rob Liefelds Brigade to who ships first. I would ask for a refund - but I doubt that would be entertained. Very disappointed guys. We all have life drama but we all manage to meet commitments.

    45. Evan Raynor on August 17

      Just bumping - dunno what the deal is with international shipping at this point, but like many others (I would assume) I haven't received anything. Would just like an update :)

    46. Jared Miller on August 15

      @Allie & @Kate same level here too. If we only pledged the 35$ we supposedly would have had the book by now.

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