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A Comic Book Graphic Novel based upon the classic story of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Lovingly adapted & illustrated by Renae DeLiz.
A Comic Book Graphic Novel based upon the classic story of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Lovingly adapted & illustrated by Renae DeLiz.
A Comic Book Graphic Novel based upon the classic story of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. Lovingly adapted & illustrated by Renae DeLiz.
1,292 backers pledged $64,125 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Davies
      1 day ago

      I’m still waiting on the guide book. Haven’t heard from them. Or anything.

    2. Jared Miller 5 days ago

      Blocked by both? I only got blocked by Renae.
      Someone just posted they got their books: "finally arrived after 3 years".

      I hope the individual just can't count, because I've been waiting for 5 years so if Renae and Ray are selling and delivering books to folks outside of KS, that just adds to the pile. Although it wouldn't be surprising.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hooper Triplett 6 days ago

      Still nothing for me either. I've emailed and left comments here - no replies.

      But I've been blocked by Ray and Renae (by Ray) on social media so I guess they're still around.

    4. Jason Hall on

      Wow... 8 months after sharing a very personal reason on why I even backed this - to which I even recd. a reply and still nothing. Very tasteless guys and that shows the caliber of people you are. I would like a refund as this is ridiculous but I am confident that is not even on the table. I will continue to wait in limbo like everyone else - I am disappointed in myself for believing in you both.

    5. terry on

      46 patrons
      $254 per month

      down from $305 per month in may

    6. Andrew Paulson on

      Any hope that sketched/signed/numbered editions will be mailed this year?

    7. Sighn on

      This is your second project that I backed and I guess I am doomed not to get both. 😖

    8. John Davies

      They are no longer responding to fans. Or once were fans. I think the comic business is dried up for them. Obscurity is now upon them.

    9. Kate Carleton on

      Totally want a refund now. I live in the US and got nothing! Waaaaay tooo long especially if you have the books.

    10. Missing avatar


      Book or refund.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Brooks on

      still don't have what I paid for

    12. terry on

      Last login Jan 3 2018

      thats shows what we are dealing with here

    13. Ben Whittenbury on

      $64,125.... that us a lot of money to steal from your fans.

    14. KezzieZ

      I just realized that could be misconstrued. I haven’t received either copy.

    15. KezzieZ

      Sadly, I’m still waiting on that sketch edition. In all honesty, I don’t even care about the spare regular copy I ordered.

    16. Ben Whittenbury on

      Shame on you both. Nothing more than scam artists, who by the looks of things, are still currently in the act of scamming on different platforms. At least have the decency to update us on when you will fulfill your pledges. Thrust me guys.... we are not going to forget about this. This project will haunt you for a VERY long time.

    17. Missing avatar


      Book or refund.

    18. Missing avatar


      2+ years since shipping began, and still not all books have been shipped. Even the "Official Catan Collector's Series" was delivered, and that is still undergoing an intellectual property dispute. And you can't even ship out the books you supposedly already have in house. Great talent wasted on people with no ability to make/keep deadlines.

      Perhaps in another 2 years we may have the books delivered. Here's to hoping.

    19. Missing avatar


      Another month with no book.

    20. terry on

      Last login Jan 3 2018

    21. Michael Erpelo on

      This from a reliable source in the comic industry. I cannot mention this person’s name but I reached out to this person and this was said...

      “She and her husband have been blacklisted from a lot of Comic companies believe me we noticed.”

      Great.... (/sarcasm)

    22. sirris on

      A while back I backed this campaign... I am flying to the states this May and was wondering if it was possible to seek an alternate arrangement for delivery? (At least I’ll be in the country right :) )

    23. ChrisOlsen3

      Hope everyone is healthy and doing better. Infant health issues are rough.

    24. Hyun Jin O on

      What is disappointing is that you are clearly talented. I am sorry for the issues that you are going through. But it's not right that you don't fulfill on your obligations. I would even take an apology and a cute little drawing for my daughter for whom this book was supposed to go.

    25. Hyun Jin O on at least here, she's got something that she can send out to anyone that is buying.

    26. Michael Erpelo on

      If you, Renae De Liz don’t even have the basic decency to reply to messages, emails and comments...I doubt you’ll have any decency to refund our hard earned money.

      I would like a 100% refund of my contribution. I gave you money FOR a book. I DID NOT just give you money for NOTHING in return.

      Are you an artist or a thief?

    27. Missing avatar

      Wes Eckhart on

      Any idea which State / County then now live in? I'm trying to figure out in which jurisdiction I should file a claim.

    28. Missing avatar


      Another 10 days where I can't even get a response to an email or comment. Book or refund.

    29. Emma Ryal on

      No book and never any replies when I ask if a refund is possible. The 4 year old I bought the book for is now 10 and not interested. I understand stuff happens, but I'm all out of patience.

    30. Michael Erpelo on

      March 6, 2018 - Toronto, Canada
      No book. :(
      Good thing this book wasn't a gift for someone.
      Sorry to say but I'm running on fumes of hope for this project.
      It's unfortunate the art looks amazing. So unfortunate.
      (Which retirement home can we visit Peter at?)

    31. John Davies

      Still no companion book to go with my Peter Pan book to which i paid good money for. i am wishing on a star to see it soon. so please give me a real time to when to expect it? i really hope it is soon. I hate social media at times. Bashing others on it is not my style. I have seen some mean things said about you guys. frauds, thieves, etc. I hope i wont be able to agree with them on this. So do the right thing and be transparent to all. fulfill your obligations and make people happy with the extraordinary book you made. thank you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Wendy Smith on

      It's March the 4th 2018 in NZ. I still haven't received my book. But I have sent multiple books to the US which arrived within two weeks of posting. So can I assume that mine hasn't been sent? I didn't pledge for anything fancy, just a plain book.

    33. Missing avatar


      Book or refund. Or how about responding to my comments or emails...

    34. Missing avatar


      I would like either my book or a refund.

    35. Narfle the Garthok on

      if either of them create another project, it may not be completely far-fetched to think that people here would pledge great amounts, get the project to the finish line, and then pull out of it right before it ends. seems like a possible sequence of events ;)

    36. Kate Carleton on

      Another year passed.. no book still and no updates...

    37. Ben Whittenbury on

      GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! Reply to my emails or kickstarter messages or tweets. You people are nothing more than scam artists who give crowdfunding a bad name. Spending money that is meant for fulfilling pledges on life expenses. Anyone who backs a future project from Ray or Renae or donates money to them on Patreon is an idiot!!

    38. Missing avatar


      That’s $308 too much.

    39. Ben Whittenbury on

      Still waiting, sent numerous emails/tweets/facebook messages ALL with no reply. Over the next few days I'll be taking further action. Ray/Renae, it's people like you that give these crowdfunding sites a bad name. Refund please. This has gone on for YEARS and your focus should be on fulfilling these rewards, nothing else! Get your shits together and get it done.

    40. Dheyrdre Machado on


      Sad things to read.
      I'm feeling more stupid then before.

    41. terry on

      As WCM pointed out...this comment / update is old news
      we have seen this before here ...Lies and more Lies..

      Just Refund the People Who ask....GTD

    42. Dheyrdre Machado on

      I genuinely feel stupid!
      Like, seriously!

      The things is the last email you sent me was OVER a year ago.
      Just answer me!

    43. Jared Miller on

      A quick run of the numbers from this KS campaign (I can't see domestic vs international sadly):

      13% (167 of 1,284) of backers are numbered/signed/sketched backers.
      18% (167 of 935) if you exclude digital rewards.

      That subsection pledged 32% of total pledges in USD. 35% if you exclude digital.

      On average:
      sketched/signed/numbered backer pledged 115.84$
      Digital rewards backers pledged 12.62$
      All other physical rewards pledged 47.89$

    44. Missing avatar

      wcm on

      Yes, you told us "All Domestic Have Shipped" last May, and that signed/numbered editions would take more time.

      "As of now, all US based books should have been received, EXCEPT for numbered/sketched versions."--Renae, May 24, 2017.

      So, what, specifically, have you accomplished in the intervening 8 months? I really, honestly, don't care whether the book I paid for has a number in it? I just want the book, so I can be done with this project and the endless string of regurgitated excuses.

    45. Renae De Liz 2-time creator on

      Ray Dillon here:

      All domestic have shipped. Most international (Not that many to begin with). And we're getting there with the signed/numbered/sketched editions. Those are harder, but again not a ton of those. Really wanted to have it all done before the end of the year. Got pretty close. We'll keep at it.

      If anyone has questions you can email me and I'll do my best to reply quickly.

      Hope you and all your loved ones enjoyed the holiday season. Happy New Year! :)


    46. Jason Hall on

      Its unfortunate -- I have been more than polite while avoiding posting on social media. But moving forward I will be commenting on Twitter and social media. At the end of the day I have paid for something and you have not provided what was paid for (if that is not a thief, what is it?) . I (we) have been more than patient. Ship what was paid for, or issue refunds accordingly. Now (after numerous YEARS) I am looking at this as a business transaction which you have not fulfilled.

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