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The goal is to get at least 1000 backers to make the first Remotte. Remotte also works for your smartphone, tablets and other devices.

The goal is to get at least 1000 backers to make the first Remotte. Remotte also works for your smartphone, tablets and other devices. Read More
pledged of $70,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on December 6, 2013.

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About this project

We have decided to cancel the Kickstarter campaign. The reasons are mainly the reduced size of the Glass Market today and also, that we don't have enough information about the final Glass version and Glass' roadmap at this point to produce the right bluetooth version of remotte. Putting our customers first, the responsible thing to do at this time is to cancel the campaign and re-start it again after a few months, once the Google Glass are definitely in the market available for everyone. The good news is that the project has aroused much interest, and we have funding to manufacture the 1000 units we originally planned, so our roadmap moves on. Be sure to be connected to and our social networking accounts to keep informed of the latest news about remotte, the first remote control for Google Glass.

What is remotte?

Google Glass is already a reality

They will soon represent a new milestone in the world of communication and multimedia devices in the same way that the iPod, iPhone, game consoles and connected TV´s did before. The production and individual consumption of digital content is growing exponentially, and our lives will become increasingly easy thanks to this new accessory called Google Glass which, undoubtedly, will become a staple tool, as the smartphone is today.

Remotte, the first remote control for Google Glass

Remotte is the first remote control designed specifically for Google Glass and it is the perfect complement to fully enjoy this new "r-evolution." After several months working on the design and getting feedback from several "Glass Pioneers," our team has developed a device that significantly improves the user experience on Glass. Remotte allows private and comfortable use in a faster, more intuitive and simpler way. Connecting your Remotte via bluetooth you can easily access the essential functions of Glass or any other compatible device.

Remotte linear touchpad has a "replica" of the Google Glass touchpad and additionally has other elements such as a second circular touchpad, central and frontal buttons, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and a vibrator and a buzzer that maximize your communication capabilities with your remote devices.

Remotte also works for your current devices

Remotte will be awesome with your Glass, but its technology also lets you get the most out of other compatible devices, like your smartphone, your tablet, your smartwatch, your smart TV or computer. Using Remotte is simple. It works "natively" and on most of your devices there's no need to download any application. You can use it as a "remote trigger " for your mobile camera and be there in your family photo. You can also amaze your friends making videos of a sunset in "time lapse" or special effects using the "stop motion" and of course run your favorite music player, advance your presentation slides or whatever comes to mind … You can also use Remotte in games and other compatible applications specifically created by developers.


Three different modes

Remotte will initially operate with the "Remotte Explorer" software, which may be supplemented easily and simply with new functions without hardware upgrades. This software has three modes: Glass Mode, Photo Mode and MultiMedia Mode.

These modes are available in the "Remotte Explorer" version and, depending on the feedback we have, others may be included in the retail version to have a more complete commercial product. This kind of change is software related only and would be made without affecting the device hardware so that its implementation would be done in a short time without affecting the product delivery date.

Mode I. Glass mode

When on Glass mode, Remotte can be used to browse your Google Glass. All functions available on Glass side panel can also be executed through Remotte. The center button is a "hot key" to shoot quick photographs; something simple and fast.

Mode II. Photo mode

How many times have you missed that function on your smartphone? Remotte is a powerful "shutter" or "remote photo trigger" for taking great photos. There is also a photo snapshot feature and four additional functions on this mode. With the "stop motion" and "time lapse" intervals you can choose from 2, 15, 30 and 60 seconds expositions with the touch pad. This new functionality turns your smartphone into a creative tool for making videos and amaze your followers on Instagram, Vine or Youtube.

Mode III. Multimedia mode

When on Multimedia mode, Remotte can be used as an accessory to control the music from your iPhone. The basic commands would be play, pause, rewind, volume control and next song.

Remotte could help real people.


Gpop has become internationally famous for original and creative customization of Glass, and now Remotte can also be customized with your designs. Use this opportunity to choose between three different designs created by David Lee exclusively for this kickstarter campaign, and at a very special price. For this campaign, three custom vinyl covers for Google Glass ™, Pebble™ and Remotte ™ will be integrated in a single vinyl sheet with the same cool design.

Are you a developer?

Remotte is based on Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) technology, all profile specifications are available and open, so anyone can develop an APP for it. Remotte provides source code examples, libraries and documentation for iOS and Android (other platforms coming) to encourage developers to create new and interesting APPs easily, quickly and with high integration level.

Remotte has different sensors and they are available from the GAT Table, please check out documentation for specific details.

The sensors present in Remotte and sensorTag from TI (Texas Instruments), are mapped in the same services/characteristics UDID, so all sensorTag apps can be compatible with Remotte. Developers only need to check that APP identifies the device by the Services UDID, not by device name.

 Make your apps compatible

If you are a developer, you can use all provided documentation to develop your new app, or simply integrate it to your existing one. Libraries are organized and well documented to make this a really painless process… and much more uses... all which can come out of your imagination …

You can also use Remotte in health and fitness, medical applications, educational tools, toys and remote controls and others accessories. Make the difference with your competitors!

Contact us for cool apps that may need a firmware changes

Imagine the possibilities of a custom made Remotte for your company's product or device! Remotte can easily be tailored through USB firmware changes.

Remotte could help real people

What our Glass Explorers say?

Here are Cecilia Abadie testing remotte...

... and Noble Ackerson talking about remotte. 


Our team worked hard for several months. We have the first working prototype ready and we are ready to move forward with the project. A small review of the PCB to correct the sensitivity of the central pads, improve software libraries and test applications are the only obstacles we have to overcome in order to mass produce. We have booked the main components, and have everything ready to begin production as soon as we get our funding target.

The patent is requested, all the documents of trademarks and industrial designs are presented. Both mold makers and component suppliers are waiting to receive the order of production. FCC and CE certifications for Remotte are in progress in order to offer all guarantees as a technological product.


Technical Specifications

What's in each backer level?

 Project timeline

... 2013… Idea (May). Concept and design (Jun). Project definition and specification (Jul). First prototype PCB order (Jul-Aug). First prototype production (Aug-Sep). Hardware and software testing (Sep-Oct). Kickstarter campaign (Nov-Dec). Redefine Final PCB (Dec)… 2014 ... Purchase of reserved components, certification (Jan). Production Explorer Edition, packaging (Feb-Mar). Fulfillment to customer (Mar). Feedback from explorers, software revision (Apr). Production Kickstarter Edition, packaging. Fulfillment to customer (May).

Remotte Production Plan

Although producing a device like Remotte is complex, we have everything ready to start productions as soon as we get our fundraiser goal. Production becomes a complex issue considering the complexity of a technological product such as Remotte. We are very aware of this, and we know credibility is a must. That´s why we have been working on the production plan from the very beginning while we were designing PCB and developing the software. We have budgets from sensors and components suppliers, from the company which will make the mold, from the one which will assemble them into the Remotte, and we are very conservative with our time limits in order to be ready to deliver the product even before scheduled. If there are problems, we would still be before deadline. Once the kickstarter succedes, we will buy the reserved components which are due by the first days of January. Certifications are expected to be issued in February, and assembly completed in March. Then, we will be ready to start shipping the explorer edition. We have April to implement software revision and we will have the kickstarter edition shipped along in May.

We Need Your Help!

A project as big as Remotte requires a lot of help. Our principal goal is to get funds in order to produce, at least, the first thousand; the called “Remotte Explorer Edition.” That way we will get, on one hand, that developers start writing specific apps for Remotte, and on the other hand, that users help us to figure out how to define its functions. This way we will be able to achieve the best commercial version possible. Apart from that, we have to get the certificates and we want to keep developing libraries, and who knows what other surprises…

Remotte is a risky bet, there are not so many Glass in market, but this dream will become true if you contribute your two cents. Take part with us and Remotte success will be yours, too. Be one of the first Remotte Explorers!

Follow us

There are many other ways to participate in the project: social networks, blogs, comments, likes, +1. Thanks for helping us spread the word about Remotte.

Expecial Thanks To:

Alex Blasczuc, Thomas Carmine, Christian Assad, Jordi Bracke, Jordi Casamada, Juan de la Cruz (graphic designer), Jordi Ferrer, Enthusiasts Society of Glass, Accent advanced Systems, Andreu Ibáñez (glasslleidadevelopers), Carlos Fernández y Ander Martínez (mundoglass), Marisa Martínez, Marcel Pérez, Rafael Pérez RevillaSalvador Puig, Jason Salas, Diego Torres (video maker), Julián Beltrán (Droiders), and all who in any way support us in this project.

Remotte Team

Remotte is, above all, an endearing team that has considerable experience in various fields facilitating the smooth running of the project. From knowledge of technology to user experience, through e-marketing and social media, we have tried to bring together passionate people into Remotte team. All have felt fascinated by Remotte and the idea of Juan Carlos´ dream becoming real.



Trademarks and copyright

Remotte is patent pending in USA.
Remotte™ is a registered trade mark of Remotte LLC and is a company independent of all the rest of the companies that appear in this kickstarter campaign. Glass™ and Google™ is a registered trade mark of Google, Inc. Pebble Smart Watch™ is a registered trade mark of Pebble Technology Corp. iPhone™ is a registered trade mark of Apple, Inc. SensorTag is a product of Texas Instruments Inc. Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG.


What device are compatible?

 From official Bluetooth website:

I´m a developer, what can I do with Remotte?

Remotte provides source code examples, libraries and documentation for iOS and Android (other platforms coming) to encourage developers to create new and interesting APPs easily, quickly and with high integration level.

The sensors present in Remotte and sensorTag from TI(Texas Instruments), are mapped in the same services/characteristics UDID, so all sensorTag apps can be compatible with Remotte. Developer only need to check that APP identifies the device by the Services UDID, not by device name.

I´m a user, what can I do with Remotte in my Glass, smartphone or smartwatch?

Remotte will be useful with all your compatible devices. Move your glass timeline in a quick, intuitive and simple way. Access to specific app for Remotte and check real data from sensors such as temperature, altitude, etcetera...

If you like taking pictures with your cellphone you can use it as a shutter without touching your smartphone, record videos in funny “stop motion” and “time lapse” mode without losing the focus.

What´s the difference between the Explorer version and the Kickstarter version?

There is no difference in hardware, for it is the same in both cases. On the software side, the final version will be updated with the improvements decided by users and developers who have the Explorer version. We want the best software possible, and nothing better than a thousand explorers, which, of course, will have access to the last version of software available.

Why use Remotte if I already have My Glass?

The usage of Remotte has many advantages over “MyGlass” app; for example you do not have to get your cellphone from your pocket or purse, unblock it, go to the app, and then browse and be attentive to your cell phone display instead of to your Glass. Not to mention what a huge waste of energy a backlit display means for your cell battery. Remotte has an ergonomic design that allows you to use it easily without looking in a intuitive way.

Remotte is a discreet device, and at the same time, an elegant and vanguard item. It is really light (20 g) and its usage has a incredibly low impact on the battery, so it is perfect for continuous or frequent use.

Due to its size, it will probably go unnoticed if you want to, but if someone does notice, he or she will wonder what that futuristic and awesome device is and what is it intended to do. It is quite probable that the final version of glass will have 4G, so there will not be any need of a supporting cell; then, Remotte will become even more useful.

Why should I buy a Remotte if I can´t even buy a Google Glass?

Remotte is a product that already has, as of today, multiple advantages and applications. With it you can produce creative photos and videos with your mobile phone. Through applications you can make use of your smartphone in a variety of ways even if you don´t have one a Glass.

We Remotters, think that by launching this device we win in a manner of ways. We´ll have a ready product already approved and tested for thousands of users when the Google Glass arrives on the market. We´ll make use of this competitive advantage to advance the production and make it possible for the first developers and ¨early adopters¨ to develop compatible applications and find new uses.

As you can imagine, you can use Remotte in many situations outside of Glass.

Risks and challenges

All pictures that you see here are real and functional prototypes. We have already signed pre-agreements with major component suppliers, all top quality. We have defined the manufacturing process, designing the packaging, and shipping process.

In this type of technology projects, there is always the possibility of slight delays in delivery due to manufacture process adaptation, or official certifications. Anyway, we believe that our deadlines are realistic. In case of any unexpected problem, we will notify you as soon as possible and pledge to do everything in our power to deliver the product in the scheduled time.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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