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A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions!
A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions!
1,572 backers pledged $31,919 to help bring this project to life.

Bonus Supporter Alternative Suit & Reddit AMA Monday !

Posted by Rekcahdam (Creator)

Everything about Band Saga has been carefully planned even down to the hidden story elements! Backers who pledge to the BONUS SUPPORTER TIER and above will receive a few extra hidden treats throughout Band Saga's story campaign! 


 This alternate suit is only available for the BONUS SUPPORTER TIER and above! 

BONUS SUPPORTERS and above can show off their alternative suit in co-op mode as well!

They'll also receive a secret blaster weapon!

 If you're an EARLY or NORMAL SUPPORTER you can upgrade your TIER  by clicking "Manage Your Pledge" on the Band Saga Kickstarter main page.

If every backer increased their pledge by $10 dollars we would reach our goal and beyond! I urge all EARLY and NORMAL SUPPORTERS to consider upgrading to the BONUS SUPPORTER TIER. It would help the campaign tremendously and you'd get an awesome reward in return!


I know a lot of you still have questions about Band Saga, indie game development or me!  I want to answer all of your questions no matter how simple or complex! So, I'll be running a Reddit AMA  ( ) all day tomorrow starting at 8AM EST ! The link will be posted on my twitter at , facebook at and in the comment section of this Kickstarter. Come ask as many questions as you like!


It should go without saying that I really enjoy rogue-likes and RPGs! So, any time I see one worthy of my time on Kickstarter I have to let people know about it! BEDLAM was definitely worthy of my time! Check it out!

I also have to show love for other hybrid games as well. Battle Chef Brigade is a game about hunting monsters to cook them later in the most extravagant way possible! The art and animation for this game looks really cool!

 Guys, we're 75%+ to our goal! We can make it! NEVER GIVE UP! LET'S KEEP PUSHING!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Philip Rajchgot on

      Boosted my pledge ▬ fingers crossed! Almost there!

    2. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Went & upped. Much as you're pushin' in this final stretch, I think my funds can handle at least that much in return.

    3. Rekcahdam Creator on

      @T.J. Fuller, Jr:
      Upgrading to the 10 dollar tier will get you a digital instruction booklet with concept art and wallpapers which you wont get if you're an EARLY SUPPORTER. But I can't give the NORMAL SUPPORTERS the same thing as the BONUS SUPPORTERS unfortunately. This would make each tier meaningless.

      I just added a FAQ about the BONUS SUPPORTER content on the main page of the kickstarter. If you're on the fence about changing your pledge it might help sway you.

    4. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Consider me the cheapskate to ask: If we're Early Supporter, can we bump up our pledge five bucks to count for this? I'd wager no, and I'm up for going $15, but gotta poke the bee's nest, y'know?

    5. Tiso Spencer

      Yeah come on guys, we're about $6k away from the finish line. This game needs to be funded, we can do it.

    6. Paul Hamilton on

      Stay on target! Stay on target!