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A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions!
A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions!
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Quick Battle Preview

Posted by Rekcahdam (Creator)
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Guys, I'm working on a long gameplay video! Until it's done I'll be posting some gifs leading up to it!

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    1. Mats Andren on

      What?? You live here?? I didnt realize. I thought you were here just for the show last time. yeah man lets have a beer or something! Do you have my mail through the backer data? (sorry for the late reply, I thought Id get a notification if you wrote something but apparently not)
      Looking forward to the next video!

    2. Rekcahdam Creator on

      @Mats Andren

      I'm always in Tokyo :)! I will not be displaying my game at Tokyo Game Show this year but I will be making an update around that time. With that said, I'll be around Tokyo Game Show , lets meet up!!

    3. Mats Andren on

      nice!! great that youre hanging in there, it must be really hard to plan for a long design project like this. I regret not ending up trying it back at TGS. (was too scared of sucking badly at games in front of people :)) any demo planned?
      and are you coming to tokyo again at any point??

    4. Rekcahdam Creator on

      @Darmin Hadzic:
      Working on it now! Thanks for your patience!

    5. Darmin Hadzic on

      Pretty cool stuff. Can't wait to see the gameplay video!

    6. Rekcahdam Creator on

      If you think this looks gorgeous I cant wait to show you more soon! haha

    7. Jeshua on

      Whoa, it's alive (and looking gorgeous)!

    8. Matt Lohkamp on

      holy shit is this still happening?

    9. Kolma on

      yay an update!. animations looking good!