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A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions!
A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions!
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Characters and Backer NPCs!

Posted by Rekcahdam (Creator)

While the core story line in Band Saga will focus on the two main protagonists, there are several supporting characters who are just as important. Here they are: 

In fact, every character in Band Saga will play an important role including the Backer NPCs! Those who are 'CHARACTER SUPPORTERS' have been sent an email with a personalized picture of their character attached! 

More updates to come soon but, for now, I'll leave you with some concept art of the main protagonists and a few of the supporting characters rendered by Hillmon!

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    1. Bence "BenyoBoy" Kósa on

      I love the artstyle so much... it's beautiful!

    2. Dan George on

      I've done nothing with my life but at least I'm immortalized.

    3. Matt Lohkamp on

      it's super nice to hear from y'all, and you should *really* consider doing monthly checkins. there's got to be fun stuff going on to talk about.

    4. Missing avatar

      Franggio C. Hogland on

      hah cool!
      I recognized myself before I checked the pm ^^

    5. Tiso Spencer

      Uh... what? This is like total surprise city with this update. Wow. This has me excited because it's such a welcome surprise. I can't believe it.

    6. Banni Ibrahim on

      Not trying to sound mean or ungrateful or anything..... but the last update was September, EIGHT months ago. I had forgotten about this project... and your first update after three quarters of a year is a three-sentence blurb that there will be supporting characters in the game?