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A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions!
A musical Action Roguelike of epic proportions!
1,572 backers pledged $31,919 to help bring this project to life.

Anniversary Month Updates + Teaser Video

Posted by Rekcahdam (Creator)
It has been over a year since we first announced and launched the Band Saga Kickstarter! We truly appreciate everyone who backed and supported this project and we want to let everyone know that Band Saga is alive and kicking! Throughout the month of September, we will release an update every Sunday to commemorate our anniversary.
Here is a teaser video of what is to come in the future updates:   


While working as hard as we can to finish and release Band Saga this year, we realized that we simply don't have the capacity to make regular updates like other high profile Kickstarter projects. One major reason, out of many, is that Hillmon has done the unthinkable task of re-animating every section of the game to match our true vision and breathe more life into the world of Band Saga:

Old V.S. New
Old V.S. New

We want to present you with the best game we possibly can. However, to do this takes experimentation and openness . With only a two person team this can take a lot of time and we sincerely apologize for the delays that it causes. In the past year there have been an alarming number of Kickstarters to go bust and fail to deliver on their promises which has put the Kickstarter community on edge. So I can understand if many of you have lost your faith in us to deliver.

But, it is important to reiterate the fact that this game has been highly planned in a professional manner. This will be my 14th released game; this project will neither be my first nor last. I don't intend on tarnishing my reputation by letting down my backers and folding on my promises. On the contrary, I intend to make this my best game yet! We will not stop until Band Saga is complete and in your hands! We have not forgotten about the backers rewards and what we've promised to deliver. We understand the frustration of waiting but we ask, once again, that you be patient with us while we continue to work towards delivering your rewards!


With that said , we're excited to officially announce that we are being published by Playism! I've had a great experience publishing Celestial Mechanica with them in the past and I'm confident that Band Saga will be even better! 

Thanks for your time and patience and please stay tuned for our next update!


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    1. Rekcahdam Creator on

      @Bence "BenyoBoy" Kosa + Matt Lohkamp :

      I'm happy to reply (and have replied in the past) to any DMs, emails and twitter messages at my earliest convenience. I'm also happy to post a Kickstarter update with one sentence saying "I'm still alive" if that is what you guys would like . In fact I think that I will do a poll pretty soon to see exactly what the majority of the backers want to see in regular updates in the future.

      @Darmin Hadzic:

      I'm glad you mentioned Ghost Song! I actually wrote the soundtrack for that game! Matt and I are good friends. In fact he has contributed some artwork towards a Band Saga video that will be released in they very near future!

      He does update quite often and I love most of his updates! One major difference here is that Ghost song has a familiar style of gameplay and design that has a tried and true formula. So he doesn't experiment as much as we do and he also doesn't risk much by showing gameplay because people know what to expect overall.

      In our case, there are things about Band Saga that we have yet to disclose to anyone except for those who are really close to the development of the project due to the fact that it could jeopardize our ideas. I'm friends with several developers who have had their ideas remade and published before they were even able to finish their game. We know that ideas are free and they will be copied after the game is released but we'd at least like to hold our cards close to our chests as long as possible until then. This makes it somewhat difficult to make updates at a rapid rate such as Ghost Song's.

      So this is another reason, among the many that I've already mentioned, that we have videos and updates planned out and designed far ahead of time instead of rapid fire posts showing exactly what we're working on. Luckily , as we're getting close to the end of development and the launch of the game, we'll become more and more prepared to release more content and information. And, as I said before, we're happy to make small posts here and there to assure you guys that we're still working on the game if that will help you guys feel more engaged in the development.

      @Franggio C. Hogland :

      I'm glad you guys enjoyed the video :)!

      @Anthony Holden:
      We don't consider any of our backers haters. We love all of y'all! We love seeing your feedback whether its positive or negative because we know that you guys are very passionate about video games and making sure you only support the best and most interesting out of the bunch. And we're honored that you guys chose Band Saga out of that bunch.

      But, the REAL haters get ignored of course haha.

    2. Missing avatar

      Franggio C. Hogland on

      oh? Was it only I that really liked the video update? ^^
      Anyway cool to see Playism here. Really like them, even Nayans beard....btw if you get the chance shave that beard and send it to me. I need something fresh to patch my beard with ^^

    3. Darmin Hadzic on

      Thanks for the update. To be completely honest, I almost forgot this project succeeded. I, too, was one of the people who came from the La Mulana 2 project and am glad that Playism continues to help out.
      I understand the reluctance to put out updates because the project is not complete, but we just want to hear how you guys are coming along, some tidbits of character models, or even little blogs about the development process in general.
      If I may draw attention to another project, Ghost Song, that was a project that had minimal updates until May. The creator recorded himself just playing through a bit of what he had so far. The audio quality isn't even very good but everyone appreciated the insight.

      For what it's worth, I didn't see your video as a dis, but I also didn't fully understand it. I wouldn't say it's too deep, but maybe another angle would be appropriate.
      (also the new animation has a lot more "feel" than the first one, which I really like)

    4. Bence "BenyoBoy" Kósa on

      I was in the first third of backers for this project. The video above me was really cool, and I'm still kinda hyped for the project. But the lack of communication is a problem. And it's a shame, but now this is a regular thing at the whole site. I don't want to name what project, but I had to literally bomb the fuck out of a creator with PMs, e-mails, Facebook messages and Twitter posts and I eventually had to report it because they haven't gave any updates for almost like a year. At least they gave me a refund, so except my faith I haven't lost anything else. I don't say you are like that, but really, we gave our money to make this project successful and I believe it's the very least that we should have some infos, anything. Just post one sentence, like "I'm still alive" once awhile, nothing more, and I'll be happy, for real. I really appreciate that it's going to be artistic and groundbreaking, just don't be the next Tower of Babel.

    5. Anthony Holden on

      Dudes! Just do the best work you can! Filter out the hate, take the constructive criticism into consideration, but just keep doing your thing. We're all here because we believe in you. Keep up the amazing work!!!

    6. Matt Lohkamp on

      you gotta get to monthly updates, post work-in-progress videos and screenshots, music teasers - you want to show your work, basically.

    7. Rekcahdam Creator on

      @ Tiso Spencer:

      I understand your concern and I apologize that the video and post came off that way . It was not meant to convey that feeling towards the backers at all! We are taking quite a bit of artistic liberty with this project . We don't want this to be like anything you've ever played before. Therefore we're building the story in different mediums (music videos , soundtrack , comic:, etc). The soundtrack itself has music with similar language in it which was released before the kickstarter had already launched. So this is not something that I'm doing all of sudden. This was apart of the plan from the beginning.

      We did not only 'design' THIS video. We have more videos prepared that have an artistic direction. Many of the videos have been in the works since last year. So this is all planned with extreme detail! Like I mentioned earlier we are taking quite a bit of risk and artistic liberty with this project so I understand If you don't like the artistic direction and I apologize for that . I take your feedback seriously and I will make sure that we make our artistic direction more clear in the future .

      As far as the time it takes to make these videos; It took quite a bit of time for us to get to the point where we can actually make videos with in-game footage that we felt proud of and is actually worth your time. I never said that it was "normal" to make minimal updates. I actually said that we know it was risky to do this. I've also said that we understand the frustration of waiting for kickstarter updates . The only reason I mention radio the universe is because I feel that it is unfair to single out Band Saga as the only small team Kickstarter that doesn't make weekly or even monthly updates.

      As I've said before, we know that we were taking a risk by not making regular updates but we needed this time to catch up on development to have more to show you guys . If we make regular video updates that are marginally incremental then I feel that it wouldn't be worth your time. In fact we've recieved negative feedback that our PAX update wasn't enough. So based on that feedback we took the time to focus more and make something more epic .

      Either way we apologize and we hope that we can undo any negative feelings you currently have in the future . We really do appreciate all of our backers and we thank you for your patience. Our main goal is to create a product that will be enjoyable and also match our artistic vision.

    8. Tiso Spencer

      So just my thoughts on it.

      From a PR perspective you need to stop asserting that because you're a 2 man team you can't be bothered to post some kind of update within a month at the very least. Especially considering you guys took time time to design and create a animated music video address post no?

      The video did come off as a diss track. Now if you didn't mean it that way as you said below, that's fine, and we'll be rewarded on that story aspect beat soon enough, however; the fact remains as a backer I 100% interpreted it as such upon viewing it which came as very disrespectful.

      Now I'm glad there will be hopefully a Sunday update for the month, but trying to convince us this long among of silence is normal even among KS isn't going to fly. I don't care what random KS project #1, #2, and etc are doing. It doesn't make it any better for them to do it as much as this project has been with its lack of updates. We as backers are essentially powerless because we've already invested our money and time into seeing the project come to life. We have no choice but to wait for success or bust.

    9. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Thanks for clearing that up, glad I was wrong.

      Radio The Universe... now there is a game I have not thought about in a while. It's the oldest of the KS projects I've backed and not received. His updates are pretty sparse but tend to be pretty interesting.

    10. Missing avatar

      Justin Potts on

      Looks amazing. Take the time you need and turn it into something great!

    11. Rekcahdam Creator on

      @Kenny Nierwienski + Andreas Ernst:

      The video was not meant as a dis although I anticipated that it could be seen in that way. The rap is related to the story of the game and not directed toward any of the backers. It was meant to be more cryptic and creepy than anything else. In future updates you will begin to see the connection... or maybe even before that .

      As far as community interaction; I'm always happy to reply to people as swiftly as possible about Band Saga's progress when they contact me via email, DM or comments. So I do interact with backers regularly. Making regular Kickstarter updates becomes problematic because tends to push development toward making something just to show people instead of actually making a awesome product. It's also a balancing act to try to show you guys cool stuff about Band Saga without giving away everything. We want you to actually be pleasantly surprised when you play the game. So this is why we've decided to only post public updates when we have something of great importance to show or announce.

      We knew that it would be risky but we think it will be worth it in the end.

      Also, here are few of my favorite Kickstarters games who have very little in the way of Kickstarter Updates but are still being developed and anticipated:

      Radio The Universe -

      Sealark -

      With all of that said, THANK YOU and all the BACKERS for being patient with us and dealing with our faults. Even though we feel very experienced in game development we still have a lot to learn about PR. So please continue to bare with us. We want to deliver a highly artistic and enjoyable product without compromising our vision BUT we also take everyone's feedback seriously and we don't want our supporters to feel that they are being treated unfairly or cheated out of their money. We really appreciate all of you! THANK YOU!

    12. Andreas Ernst on

      Can you blame us for beeing upset? There's been exactly one Update since you've been funded, and even that was a month after the original delivery date. Same thing in the comment section. There's like, two comments in March and April, and then radio silence for months.

      That just not how you treat your backers, no matter how small your team is. The least you can do is keep us informed.

    13. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Glad to finally hear something from you but the video just seemed like a dis to those of us who have questioned your silence.

      Personally I don't care how long it's taking, I just don't like how little we've heard about the project. It's usual for KS projects to take far longer than originally but I've never seen one get so little community interaction.

      I'm not doubting your ability, I'm aware that you've made plenty of games, but whether this game's development is going amazing, terrible, or just OK we still need to hear about it.

      That said, whether the video was a dis or not, it was pretty cool. Looking forward to the rest.

    14. Rekcahdam Creator on

      @autumn sevier:

      Thank You for believing in us! I had no intention of accusing you or any of the other backers of being worried but we have definitely received complaints in the comment section to full-on threats by a few backers directly via messages and emails. So I felt that it was important to reassure people that the project is not dead!

    15. autumn sevier on

      really nice to finally have an update again , that said personally i know things take time to get done so i wasn't worried really. gratz on getting playism to publish the game if i recall i think i actually only heard of this kickstarter cause of their la mulana 2 kickstarter so thats pretty nice. the new animation looks good for the most part ( glasses moving make the forehead seem a little big but its still cool). keep up te good work :)