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Manipulate the masses, juke the system, scam the true believers & make the world safe for Democracy & a better place to live!
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Democracy Abides

Posted by Mark Rein-Hagen (Creator)

I was going to post a full update today but I decided I needed yet another night to think about my words and rarefy them to a unique level of profound sublimity wildly unfamiliar to my creative Loki. However, you first need to know – my splendiferous, so uncherubic crazies – that the game shipment is nearly there. Things are not only, at long last, underway, but there was an serious reason, health-wise (I haven't been well) for me to be off-line and out-of- touch for such a elongated interlude.

But first hear this – loud and clear – I'd rather send my kids to community college than abrogate a contract. No joke. I'd never leave a gamer and his wad stranded, ever. Never have, never will. Democracy is on its way.

So calm the f**k down. Subside. Please please plese

Full post when I wake up... 

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    1. Caias Ward / TaleSpinner Holdings on

      So, any updates on this, Mark? It's been nearly 2 months since your last update.

    2. Missing avatar

      Geraldine on

      When you said you would contact us in another day, I take it we were talking biblical days (= an aeon of unspecified length), not the traditional 24-hour period?

      For me, this message is worse than nothing. You COULD have given us clear info, and instead just delayed and misled.

      Tell us precisely, and without jokes and flourishes of rhetoric, what is going on. 'Please, please, please.'

    3. Jerome Michael Franklin-Ryan on

      Wow! more than 2 months and this is the update we get! No new information at all, no details on what the hold up is, no delivery update time, Just bady written verbage,excuses and promises. Oh and he then insults us into the bargain! Worse,we have paid for this abuse!! Is he quite mad? or under the influence of some powerful narcotic? I still have had no update from Game Salute either. I am sorely temped to report this project to Kickstater.

    4. R.L.J on

      Full post when he wakes up, guys. Two days later...

    5. Robert Gruver on

      Vague thoughts, half baked estimates, and now we should calm the filth up, eh. Filth, flarn, flarn, filth to you too. I want a refund.

    6. R.L.J on

      @ Robert Dijkman Dulkes - great idea. Done, and done. I, also, suggest anyone that takes umbrage with Mark's actions do the same.

    7. R.L.J on

      Wow. I can't even believe this pathetic response from Mark. Since we're bantering around profanity now...f**k you, Mark, and the clown-show bullsh*t operation you rode in on. Complete lack of respect in kind, sir.

      Totally agree with everyone saying that health problem or no, everyone saw you posting things on FB, but nary a single word to people that already entrusted you with money. Plenty of time to pander backers of the next project up on the docket though, amirite? I could give a sh*t about your health problems at this point. Everyone has them at some point or another, hell my father is a throat and brain cancer survivor. No excuse for your actions, and certainly no excuse for this subsequent response to your backers.

      "I decided I needed yet another night to think about my words and rarefy them to a unique level of profound sublimity..." - "calm the f**k down." What a joke... I want a full refund, consider this my third formal request. Not that I expect anything from someone whose displayed your character traits.

    8. The Evolutionary on

      At this point I'll be happy if this game is delivered. My sister is convinced this game will never be delivered (It was a gift for her...she works in the federal (recently DC) government ironically. LOL But...Game Salute has not been very good at communication either.

    9. Joshua Jenkins on

      Well, this is just rich. And I guess "Full post when I wake up..." is just another broken promise? Thanks for nothing, Mark.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jeremiah May on

      @MatthewTitelbaum I had the same thought. How embarrassing. #epicfail @MarkRein-Hagen I welcome your apology.

    11. Dana Richmond on

      I am not too concerned. He is saying what I am thinking most of the time when folks whine about a late Kickstarter project. Not that I would say it in a forum like this mind you. Still looking forward to this project whenever it gets here.

    12. Matthew Titelbaum

      I've thought about this overnight, and I think there's only two possible explanations for this update:

      1. Someone has hacked Mark's Kickstarter account.
      2. Mark is on some sort of heavy medication that has dulled his capability to realize that it's inappropriate to curse at 683 strangers who have paid you an average of $70 each that you have repeatedly disappointed for an entire year.

      Which do you think is more likely?

    13. Robert Dijkman Dulkes on

      I really can't tell you how insulting I find this update. I was going to let it go, but I just couldn't. So I pushed the button on the bottom of the project page and reported this update to Kickstarter for profanity and insult, both of which are against the terms of service.
      I encourage everyone who feels the same about this to go ahead and do that too. We don't need people like this destroying what is otherwise a really cool thing.

    14. Missing avatar

      DL on

      365 days late, and you curse at _us_? And what's with the random slam on community colleges?

    15. Larry K. Fryer on

      There is no excuse, health or otherwise, to distribute such a pathetic (misspellings and cussing) update, Mark. Shame on you. Keep your game and the money. I do not want it. On principle. Enough said.

    16. Missing avatar

      Roberto Luttner on

      Good to have some information at last!... Let's hope all ends well, it's been a long wait.

      (one thing I am worried about, before sending the games, could you please have our addresses checked? I have moved and I need to update my address, and I can guess many people will also need this)

    17. Gorm Reventlow on

      @Mark Rein-Hagen
      No worries... I am calm... I have faith in the project and you.

    18. gwailo on

      Months between updates, no photos of the finished product, missed deadlines set for yourself, complete lack of communication on any front and well over a year later than originally estimated.. Yeah, I would say that you are lucky how little freaking out people have been doing. A lot here smells shady, and you've done nothing to alleviate any worries your backers might have. If you have been sick I am sorry, but you are a year late with this already. Unfortunately, against my general feel for Kickstarter projects, I am left feeling pretty justified in being annoyed with this project honestly. Get better soon. In every sense of that phrase.

    19. Missing avatar

      Geraldine on

      Also sorry you were sick, but if you were well enough to be working on another game and posting updates on FB, perhaps you could at least have put up a one-line 'Sorry, I won't be keeping my promise about getting the games to you by Xmas' message here - or had someone else relay that message for you.

      I've never thought you were scamming us, but it is frustrating wasting our time trying to chase down rumours about where our game might be, because you (even before you were sick) couldn't make the time to give regular, brief updates.

    20. Diego Sotomayor Noel on

      So after all this time "calm the f**k down." is what we get for an answer... just after mark says he needs time to think his words...

      Hope tomorrrows update comes with a way to get our money back. This is definitely not a person or behaviour I want to back.

      @Mark, sorry you were sick, good to hear you are better now. Still no excuses to this.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ivan Mayes on

      Sincerely disappointed.

    22. Robert Dijkman Dulkes on

      You know we can read your Facebook updates, right?

    23. Joel Eddy on

      Keep the money. I no longer want the game. Thanks.

    24. Matthew Titelbaum

      I have to agree with Jason here, adding that it's actually been almost three months since an update.

      I'm glad you're feeling better, but I think, after a year of delays, radio silences, and broken promises, we backers are fully entitled to freak the f**k out a little.

    25. Shervyn von Hoerl

      Glad you're feeling better. Sorry you were ill. The game can wait.

    26. Jason Hsu on

      With all due respect, when you are a year late and after two months of radio silence, "calm the f**k down." might not be the right language to use with your dear backers. Just my two cents there.

    27. Missing avatar

      Patrick Gallagher on

      Thanks for the update Mark. Life happens, take it easy. We'll get the games when we get them. Until then, I patiently await this sweet looking game! (ps- could you address changes in shipping information in the next update, if you are privy to that info)

    28. Simon Vasey on

      Glad to see an update finally. Sorry to hear your health as been such a problem - I hope you are on a path to recovery! You really can't blame people for fearing the worst - after such a long absence from communication, it's not surprising that people have gotten so angry. As Emil said below - the lack of updates was the biggest concern to me. I'm sure we'll hear more from you tomorrow. I think you should watch your language in your next update - I doubt most people here will appreciate the tone of this update. Anyway, it IS good to finally hear from you.

    29. Greg R

      Get well. I've waited this long for the game, I can wait longer. Beside, election year is still a ways, plenty of time to get it before then when my gaming buddies will want to play it! ;)

    30. Emil Stenström on

      Thank you so much for an update! The thing that worried me the most was not that the game would be late, it was that we didn't hear from you. Sorry to hear you have been ill, and hope your health will improve.