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Manipulate the masses, juke the system, scam the true believers & make the world safe for Democracy & a better place to live!
Manipulate the masses, juke the system, scam the true believers & make the world safe for Democracy & a better place to live!
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We just signed a deal with Game Salute to fulfill and distribute Democracy: Majority Rules. As soon as the manufacturer in China can get off their... can deliver the product (they are now promising a week now) they will almost immediately ship it out.

Even better, Game Salute has agreed to run the full Kickstarter process for the next couple games have already developed: from manufacturing, to customer service, to updates to deliver.  I know some of you have issues with Game Salute and have warned me away... but many, many more of you have told me they are great and PLEASE work with them.

And so I am. 

Game Salute has deep relationships with many manufacturers, distrubutors, vendors and shippers, so I am sure that at this point, things are going to go well. Have no fears, this product will be delivered, and soon. 

If you - or a friend - will be at Essen, remember to pick up your copy. I had them air shipped so don't leave me hanging (we are hanging by a thread at it is on this one).  Please contact me at You can pick up your game at teh GAME SALUTE booth, they have the full list. Ask for my boy Callan if you are there on Sat or Sun, otherwise, just ask whoever is there, or you need too, call me at 01525-5618642. Love to do demos, so call me for that as well. 

To be clear, we are NOT selling the game at ESSEN, only delivering copies to backers who are there, as well as to reviewers. You are our backers, you come first. 

So, good news all around. Your wait is nearly over. Thank you for you patience, in the future we are going to be at the TOP of the list (through Game Salute) and not the bottom, and all the hard stuff is going to be done by them as well - quickly and efficiently. Should have gone with them from the start but I was warned away...

So remember, in politics, always be warned away by they who did the warning. 




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    1. Jerome Michael Franklin-Ryan on November 1, 2013

      Mark- I'm sorry if it came accross as treating you and your staff with contempt. This is not the case. it was merely utter frustration. I'm sorry if I caused offence. it was not my intent. I have checked back with my friend. He did not ring you. He should have. He made a mistake. However he still swears he gave me the correct information. The staff on the Games Salute stall knew nothing about the game when he asked. could there have been temprary staff on Thursday or Friday? or two Game Salute booths? Something did go wrong on both sides. He should have rung you and there must have been some comunications breakdown between you and the Game Salute people. Again I'm sorry for any offence caused. I am looking forward to getting the game by the new year.

    2. Gorm Reventlow on November 1, 2013

      It is good to hear thaat the people have got the game are happy to recive it and think it is brilliant. Yes people have been fustratede about not reciveing the game but their is finally light at the end of the tunnel and I can't wait to recive my version of the game :-)

    3. Mark Rein-Hagen Creator on November 1, 2013

      Jerome, you need to check back with your friend. I personally trained the entire staff of the booth, every single one of them knew everything about Democracy and and the very simple procedure on how to pass out the game. All your friend had to do was to give your name and his and he could have picked up the game. I bought 10 extra copies of the game which were there until the very end. Please don't make it out that we did anything wrong, over 30 other people picked up their game successfully, that would seem to indicate that the problem was with you and your friend, not ours. Moreover, your friend, or you, could have called me, I gave you my phone number, and I would have hand delivered it to his hotel or hostel. Who the hell else gives out their phone numbers at Essen! Your attitude about this makes me very upset, I spent a great deal of time, effort and money making this work and rather than ask questions you treat me and my staff with complete contempt.

    4. Jerome Michael Franklin-Ryan on October 31, 2013

      With the greatest of difficulty I called in a favour and asked a friend of mine to pick up my copy of Democracy from Essen for me last week. He had all my details as well as all the information you gave on here that he needed. He went to the Game Salute stand twice on the Thursday and the Friday. On both occasions the staff at the stand had no copies of the game. They had never heard of the game or anything about it and had no idea who you were. How is this even possible??!! Why on earth were you not there?! Ok you cannot be at the stall 24 hours a day but why was there such a complete lack of knowledge and or communication with the Games Salute people?! ? Are you paying this firm for this complete lack of service!? Worse still how it is other people seem to have been able to pick up their copies?! This is utter madness!!! Once again I have been completely let down as I am certain others have too. 360 days since you had funding and still no game just more delays, mistakes and broken promises.

    5. Robert Dijkman Dulkes on October 28, 2013

      Thanks for the update Georg. That is very encouraging to hear.

    6. Georg Hach on October 27, 2013

      I picked up my game in Essen yesterday. It's just gorgeous. The materials and the box are of very good quality, paper-wise, and the art design looks even better in print than digital. Mark and all the others at the booth were very nice. Thanks for making this possible!

    7. Jesper Nøhr on October 25, 2013

      Great news! Looking forward to finally receiving the game :) Can't wait to play it!

    8. Missing avatar

      on October 24, 2013

      Very good news, looking forward to the game when it arrives.

    9. O.Shane Balloun on October 24, 2013

      I've had good experiences with Game Salute. I do think it's good for you to outsource this area of expertise. Thanks for the update. Hope all goes well at Essen.

    10. Vesper on October 23, 2013

      Thank you for this very positive update, Mark!

      I wish I could pick the game up in Essen this year... First time in 4 years that I won't be there :/
      Enjoy the lovely craziness that is SPIEL :-).

    11. Josh Taylor on October 23, 2013

      GREAT news! Game Salute is very good, in my experience. So, let's say two weeks til the game is done-done, 6 weeks on a boat, another 2 weeks once Game Salute has them, Probably sometime in Late January, early February! (Fingers crossed)