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$145 pledged of $15,000 goal


For those of you who have not listened to my music, hope you check me out. I'm on Itunes, and performed all over the country, hope you enjoy.

my 3 songs

Just Rokit

Just Rokit Tori Fixx Club Remix

Hurt No More


@Emerycritejr : Just herd your single "Just Rokit" on iTunes. I never go on iTunes and for the first time in over a year I go on to hear a song and it was yours. WOW!!! I don't know much about music but I know what I like and that was IT!!!!!! Congrats on being my 1st wall post on facebook and also being my 1st purchase on iTunes Reggie..... Keep coming out with hits!!!!!!! =)

DEWD!!! I LOVE yer fucking track! It ROCK(itz) !!! (My personal FAVORITE genre/kinds of shit to goof on very nice job!!!! I so want to learn how to use some of the fruityloops and acid pro apps, and write my own stuff... TTYL! - Mike

Jair Trice - Yeah I can NOT listen to your song anymore! Reggie: whay what happened lol and which one lol Jair Trice: Jus Rokit Reggie: lol why Jair Trice: I do some of the management duties in my apartment building This morning I was vacuuming one of the hallways & put it on repeat. Reggie: yeah Jair Trice: Before I know it I'm singing loudly about dancing until you put it in my socket. So I'm DONE! Reggie: LMAO HAHAHAAH!

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    1. Reginald Shelton 2-time creator on February 9, 2012

      Just got over 100, and I'm keeping my head up, and I'm walking by faith, and not by sight. A lot of people are telling me i can't do this, and I'm going prove them wrong . Thanks if your just checking this out, and if you back me, i have no words to tell you how it makes me feel, but thank you so SO SO VERY MUCH, it really does mean a lot, it really does.