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By practicing Regenerative Agriculture, increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere from CO2 since top soil sequesters CO2.
"350 THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER", a documentary about how to increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere.
"350 THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER", a documentary about how to increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere.
138 backers pledged $10,835 to help bring this project to life.

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LivinGrati Postcard

I love to create things. This time, I am creating a postcard. It is important to focus on our daily tasks to be happy and successful. But keeping the balance in life leads to a more successful life. Balance is an even distribution of all areas. A balanced life is critical to your success. Being engaged with your daily tasks means we are living our purpose. But there are other areas we should not neglect. Areas which, if not balanced, will negatively influence our ability to be satisfied in life. This postcard helps you keep that balance, focusing on life, not work. The postcard reminds you to focus on not only your daily tasks but other areas such as:

. Emotional Health

. Gratitude - Being grateful for good things around you.

. 3-Year Plan - Having a long term plan

. Forgiveness - Keep getting rid of negative charges that you feel.

. Skills - Improving your skills daily

. Physical Health - Proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise

. Love Relationship - Quality time with loved ones

. Family relationship - Quality time with family Skills

Thank you.



Something Useful

They say, if you are doing something that is useful to the world, it is a good thing. It doesn’t have to change the world.

That was the intention of my kickstarter campaign ( I am grateful, the Coloring Planner. ), a planner that does a few things at the same time: . You can use it as a planner to push forward your visions, . You can learn about medicinal plants that directly affects your health. . You will be practicing gratitude. This daily practice of gratitude has an amazing effect to protect you from negative ideas we are all bombarded with throughout the day. And you are doing all of this while coloring.

We only have 6 days left for this campaign and would love to get some help.

Thank you.

I am grateful, the Coloring Planner.





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Reminding us the value of self-love

Good day ladies and gentlemen, Hope your days are in harmony with your successful and happy journey.

Our campaign “I am grateful, the Coloring Planner for adults. is doing great. We have 23 days left and 65% funded already. The subtitles have been translated to 10 languages. The Planner will be ready shortly after the end of the campaign.

Coloring has many benefits, Reminding us the value of self-love and self-care is one of them. Coloring a medicinal plant reminds us the value of health. And finally writing what you are grateful for (The Practice of Gratitude), encourages us to see all the beauty around us.

Please check out our campaign I am grateful, the Coloring Planner - - and back us to get the first Coloring campaign that has centered around Gratitude and health.

Thank you.


Beezhan Tulu




Reach Your Dreams.

Practice of Gratitude combined with Coloring Planner for Adults helps you reach your dreams.

Good morning from sunny days of Maui.

Our project “I am grateful, the Coloring Planner” - is moving forward magically. Here is how we progressed so far.

1. The trailer of the film has been translated to 9 languages. These beautiful languages in alphabetic orders include: Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and Turkish. We are still hoping to translate it to more languages specially Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.

2. Huffington Post kindly gave us our own blog page for this project.

3. We are funded 28% already and have 38 more days to go.

4. We registered “The Coloring Planner” at CopyRight. gov as a book since the material in that book would be amazing.

5. About 50 people has joined our Facebook page and are promoting the project. The book will be an amazing “Practice of Gratitude”. A combination of learning about medicinal plants while coloring Beezhan Tulu’s illustrations.

Please support our project “I am grateful, the Coloring Planner” - and share it in your social media.

We love and respect you.

Beezhan Tulu and Team

Thank you.


I am grateful, the Coloring Planner for adults, a kickstarter campaign.