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By practicing Regenerative Agriculture, increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere from CO2 since top soil sequesters CO2.
"350 THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER", a documentary about how to increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere.
"350 THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER", a documentary about how to increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere.
138 backers pledged $10,835 to help bring this project to life.

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Breaking Bread with Pizza Topoli, The cookbook

Hi every one, hope you are all well.

We have a new kickstarter campaign. Please check it out and share if you have a minutes.

Pizza Topoli is a cookbook of traditional delicious Persian food mixed with organic edible medicinal plants and herbs.

Peace Starts Here

Dear backers. Hope you are all having an amazing weekend.

I wanted to tell you all about another kickstarter campaign I am running. It is about "The immediately applicable practical tools & skills for transforming relationships in schools, workplace, the home and the heart.".

Hope you all get a chance to check it out.

Peace Starts Here:

Thanks you.

Thank you gift

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Dear “Tropical Nature Skills” Backers, before anything else, we want you to know that we really appreciate you.

We have decided that in order to express our appreciation, we are not going to nag you with any more stretch goal announcements asking for your help. You have already backed us more than we had imagined for this campaign. Instead we are announcing the addition of a thank you gift for all of you.

Each of you will get a Medicine at Your Feet CD that includes 400+ labeled pictures of local medicinal and native Hawaiian plants along with your other rewards.

With deep appreciation for your help, we thank you.

Why is it important to learn nature skills?

Why is it important to learn nature skills?

Dear Backers. Thanks for your amazing support. Many of you have asked, “Why is it important to learn nature skills?”. In response, we have set up some interviews with our teachers and created a short video. Hope you enjoy it. Please share our link in social media ( and encourage your family & friends to support. Every dollar of your support is directed towards a better detailed quality tutorial DVD.

Thanks again.

Beezhan Tulu and the team.

Stretch goal + fully developed syllabus

Stretch goal + fully developed syllabus

Dear Backers, hope you are all having an amazing Tuesday.

We have a new Stretch Goal for our "Tropical Nature Skills" DVD in KickStarter now ( ). Once we reach $2,500, everyone will receive a beautiful Surprise Post Card filled with some great information.

Here is a quick update.

. We had a great and VERY LONG meeting last night that resulted in very creative decisions.

. Our syllabus is now fully developed for the five following classes: Fire Making, Edible and Medicinal Plants, Cordage, Archery, and Fundamental Knots.

. We are planning to shoot some new footage in a spectacular Maui location.

. Mehrnoosh Kianpour, the graphic designer and visual artist joined us to design our DVD label and The Surprise Post Card.

. Gleisberg Rüdiger, a cutting-edge music composer and music producer joined us to write our background music for the DVD.

More coming soon.

Please spread the word in your social media.

We love and respect you.

Beezhan Tulu and the team