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By practicing Regenerative Agriculture, increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere from CO2 since top soil sequesters CO2.
"350 THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER", a documentary about how to increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere.
"350 THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER", a documentary about how to increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere.
138 backers pledged $10,835 to help bring this project to life.

Reach Your Dreams.

Practice of Gratitude combined with Coloring Planner for Adults helps you reach your dreams.

Good morning from sunny days of Maui.

Our project “I am grateful, the Coloring Planner” - is moving forward magically. Here is how we progressed so far.

1. The trailer of the film has been translated to 9 languages. These beautiful languages in alphabetic orders include: Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and Turkish. We are still hoping to translate it to more languages specially Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.

2. Huffington Post kindly gave us our own blog page for this project.

3. We are funded 28% already and have 38 more days to go.

4. We registered “The Coloring Planner” at CopyRight. gov as a book since the material in that book would be amazing.

5. About 50 people has joined our Facebook page and are promoting the project. The book will be an amazing “Practice of Gratitude”. A combination of learning about medicinal plants while coloring Beezhan Tulu’s illustrations.

Please support our project “I am grateful, the Coloring Planner” - and share it in your social media.

We love and respect you.

Beezhan Tulu and Team

Thank you.


I am grateful, the Coloring Planner for adults, a kickstarter campaign.

My budget in making 7 films in 3 years.

Good morning dear backers. 

Thank you so much for your support before anything else. 

Here is an answer to one of your questions. 

What was your budget to make these 7 films in only 3 years? 

The “Low-Budget” category for making a film in Hollywood is $300,000. That is $300,000 for one film. So if you tell some one in Hollywood that you are working on a low budget film, they suppose you have $300,000 in your bank account. So people always ask me how much I spent for these films after they see the quality of the films, including Strong characters, diverse locations, number of solutions offered by these forward-thinking people, … I spent about $50,000 total. But it would be impossible if I did’t have the support of my community of conscious/caring people. You would be impressed of how many positive-thinking people live in our planet. These were my thoughts when I started my journey, I told people I believe we are all interconnected, we don’t own this planet but share it with billions of other species. Our health depends on theirs. So we need to find practical solutions that help create a healthier planet for all species. We need to take personal responsibility. Any body I met who heard my thoughts offered me anything they could to help me move forward. Gale introduced me to her whole community of conscious people, Dave connected me to Selma Rubin, Guner let me sleep in their kitchen, Robert helped me get some equipment, and every one, I mean every one I met, I have to emphasize again, every one I met, hugged me dearly and wished me luck. Please spread the word. 

Thank you.

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$3000 - STRETCH GOAL 1

Dear backers, We reached our first goal to take all the 7 films to the next level. Thanks to you for that.

We have set up a new stretch goal for this campaign. Once we reach our STRETCH GOAL 1 ($3000), we can have one of our films (based on your vote) in iTunes store. Once we reach that goal, I will have a box of goodies (surprise gift 1) for all of our dear backers.

We can’t do this without you. PLEASE spread the word for … 7 documentaries focused on solutions in creating A Healthier Planet for All Species:

THANK YOU and hope your coming up week will be as creative as it could.

A Healthier Planet For All Species. 7 Documentaries - in KickStarter now.

A Healthier Planet For All Species. 7 Documentaries - in KickStarter now.

My name is Beezhan and I am a creator. In the last 3 years, I have made 7 documentaries focused on a Healthier Planet for All Species. I believe living with blaming others and living in fear is not healthy for our soul. I also believe focusing on solution can help us thrive. So in my films you will meet some of the most amazing people who are doing their best regardless of their limited resources. As an environmental filmmaker, I am aware of the impact that art has on consciousness and culture. Filmmaking is my way of sharing the practical solutions we need to heal our planet. I am passionate about this work. I want all of the powerful ideas in my films to be available to everyone one. My wish is that these ideas can be shared in a way that is sustainable for our environment. This is my contribution toward creating a better home for us and our children. If you love to get inspired by just watching a new life style based on taking responsibility and caring about the concept of life on our precious planet, I would love to have your support. Thank you so much for your support.