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By practicing Regenerative Agriculture, increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere from CO2 since top soil sequesters CO2.
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Beezhan Tulu

138 backers pledged $10,835 to help bring this project to life.

Get the DVD of "IT ALL STARTS IN THE SOIL (film about Geotea Compost Tea Machine)

I couldn't find funding to finish this film (IT ALL STARTS IN THE SOIL) on how compost tea can replace synthetic chemical fertilizers. So I locked myself in a cabin in the rainforest in Big Island Hawaii, activated my Persian Passion and finished the film. Please go buy the DVD.


Award of Merit WINNER


The film “350; The Most Important Number”, by Living Web Films, won Award of Merit at The Accolade Competition.

"350, the Most Important Number" is now in iTunes Store.

Hi every one. Hope you are all having a great Monday.

The film that you all graciously funded is now available in iTunes. Please spread the word.

350, the Most Important Number by Beezhan Tulu

What if extra CO2 in atmosphere could be used to build top soil?
The extra CO2 in atmosphere is trapping heat and threatening life in our precious planet. This film is about a group of visionaries, scientists, farmers & communities who focus on solutions that can help create a healthier planet for all of us. This new progressive life style regenerates the soil, creates healthier food, builds communities, and most importantly increases top soil. Top soil, the skin of the earth, and where the life of the plant exists, is where our food comes from. According to many scientists, ranchers, & environmentalists, by increasing the top soil, we can pull the extra CO2 in atmosphere back into soil & fix the global climate change. But we all have to get involved and be a part of this solution.

Thank you.

Beezhan Tulu

Your Connection to Educational institutions.

Hi every one. Hope you are all having an amazing weekend.

A lot of "350; The Most Important Number" fans have asked me to try to distribute / sell the film to educational institute.

Please let me know if you have any experience with that. 

Do you know any one working in an educational system (High schools, Colleges, Universities, ..) that you could connect me with?

If you are connected to a school principle that would be amazing.

Thank you so much for your help.

Beezhan Tulu

3rd amazing screening

The DVD of the documentary "350, The Most Important Number" is available at

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