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By practicing Regenerative Agriculture, increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere from CO2 since top soil sequesters CO2.
"350 THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER", a documentary about how to increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere.
"350 THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER", a documentary about how to increase the top soil and therefore clean atmosphere.
138 backers pledged $10,835 to help bring this project to life.

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$3000 - STRETCH GOAL 1

Dear backers, We reached our first goal to take all the 7 films to the next level. Thanks to you for that.

We have set up a new stretch goal for this campaign. Once we reach our STRETCH GOAL 1 ($3000), we can have one of our films (based on your vote) in iTunes store. Once we reach that goal, I will have a box of goodies (surprise gift 1) for all of our dear backers.

We can’t do this without you. PLEASE spread the word for … 7 documentaries focused on solutions in creating A Healthier Planet for All Species:

THANK YOU and hope your coming up week will be as creative as it could.

A Healthier Planet For All Species. 7 Documentaries - in KickStarter now.

A Healthier Planet For All Species. 7 Documentaries - in KickStarter now.

My name is Beezhan and I am a creator. In the last 3 years, I have made 7 documentaries focused on a Healthier Planet for All Species. I believe living with blaming others and living in fear is not healthy for our soul. I also believe focusing on solution can help us thrive. So in my films you will meet some of the most amazing people who are doing their best regardless of their limited resources. As an environmental filmmaker, I am aware of the impact that art has on consciousness and culture. Filmmaking is my way of sharing the practical solutions we need to heal our planet. I am passionate about this work. I want all of the powerful ideas in my films to be available to everyone one. My wish is that these ideas can be shared in a way that is sustainable for our environment. This is my contribution toward creating a better home for us and our children. If you love to get inspired by just watching a new life style based on taking responsibility and caring about the concept of life on our precious planet, I would love to have your support. Thank you so much for your support.

Video of my mother's name on Eiffel Tower.

Thank you all, dear backers.

This was our 6th successful KickStarter campaign.

We wanted to take a moment to offer everyone our best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

We are proud of my mother and her legacy. While some cultures assert that women are inferior and need to be held back, my beloved mother Aziz, lived as a true example of what it means to be a “Lover of All Humanity”.

I am attaching a video showing my mother’s name which was digitally projected on the Eiffel Tower on Dec 4th and 5th by the 1Heart1Tree project. 1Heart1Tree strove to project powerful conscious messages onto the Eiffel Tower; and "Aziz" was one of those messages.

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Aziz's name on Eiffel Tower.

Good day dear backers. Hope you are all having a great time planning for 2016, or resting end of 2015, or just not doing a thing. I am doing all three. :)

There is 6 days left and it would be amazing for us to succeed. We actually need only $14. But in the meantime, we are proud to mention that at times of hardship where some cultures reflect many forms of negativity including saying out loud that “Women are inferior”, The “Pizza Topoli” Campaign is doing the oposite.

We are proud to announce that my mother’s name Aziz (The Lover of all Humanity) was digitally projected on Eiffel Tower. On Dec 4th and 5th, 1Heart1Tree project was able to project growing digital trees with conscious messages. "Aziz" was one of those messages.

Hope you all are feeling love to your families these days and if it is not too much to ask, please help us succeed in our kickstarter campaign.

Here is the direct link to help:

PS: If no one pledges $300 for the book, we won't be able to print the book. We will only have recipe postcards and t-shirts. So if you can or if you know some one who can afford $300, please help us succeed this campaign with at least one book printed. That would be a miraculous success.

With Love and Appreciation. Pizza Topoli team.

Here is a video of rain and sun at the same time.

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Testing the taste

Dear backers, Hope you are all having inspiring days, We are.

Here is an update on our new kickstarter called Pizza Topoli.

We went through a lot of cooking Pizza Topoli and a lot of testing. We invited 30 people in both cities (Tehran, the Capital and Astara, the beautiful little town by Caspian Sea). People from all ages and walks of life tested out Pizza Topoli and the results were amazing. They all enjoyed the food. They all testified that it is easier to eat compared to normal flat pizza. They also loved how we used medicinal plants inside that not only made the pizza taste much better but also turned out the Pizza (one of the most poplar foods) to a medicinal meal.

But once they heard the story behind it and how Aziz - my beloved mother - used this delicious food to bring peace between all religions, with NO EXCEPTION - their eyes filled up with tear while they were smiling.

We have another 14 days to go. Please share in your social media and encourage your friends and family to pledge.

We only need $105 to succeed this authentic idea.

Thank you.

With love and appreciation.

Beezhan Tulu