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Join developers behind the hit racing game Nitronic Rush as they take futuristic arcade racing to the next level!
Distance has been released on Steam Early Access to great reviews! We'll continue to develop the game alongside our amazing backer community and aim to release the finished game on PC and PS4 when it's ready.
Distance has been released on Steam Early Access to great reviews! We'll continue to develop the game alongside our amazing backer community and aim to release the finished game on PC and PS4 when it's ready.
4,174 backers pledged $161,981 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Overmann on

      So is this dead? Nearly a year since the last update.

    2. Robert on

      I'm getting tired of waiting. I backed for $100 and still have nothing to show for it but an unfinished game. I think its about time you either ship out rewards or issue refunds at least for physical rewards.

    3. Overmann on

      I guess when you're only doing four updates in a year, you can't put them to close together.

      Seriously though, has anything been done? Any ETA? What's the word?

    4. Overmann on

      Don't you think it's about time for an update?

    5. Robert on

      Come on Refract, did you once again forget that we helped make your idea a reality? Give us an update already and actually ship out rewards!

    6. Overmann on

      I have to agree with Miggimoto, this seems to be taking a really long time to finish. August 2013 was a long time ago.

      I'd also like some kind of ETA.

    7. Miggimoto on

      Is there any chance this game will be released one day? Seriousely...

    8. Anders T.N

      Was going to post a technical question here regarding Refracts view, and potential use case, for the latest AMD CPU's and coming Intel response with their higher core count, but what's the point when there is nearly no activity on the kickstarter :(

    9. Kevin Barefoot on

      Has there been any update on this project?

    10. Andreas Persson on

      I can understand that the game is under development and a deadline can't be discussed but when you said back in October 2015 (which happens to be the latest update that is over a year old now) that you appreciate the game to be ready for final release in "Q1/Q2 2016" it's worrying not to get an update when this date isn't reached and people waiting for their Collectors Edition boxes :(

    11. Overmann on

      Long time, no info... What's up? When will this get released?

    12. Christoph Zürcher on

      @Robert: I would also appreciate an update here. Just saw that there is at least a devlog on STEAM:

    13. Robert on

      I hate to say this but the completely lack of communication from Refract is getting to be a bit much. I encourage anyone wanting an update from them, whether it's for the game or the physical rewards, to use the report button on the campaign page.

    14. Robert on

      @Sami, After sending Refract a message through Kickstarter, Facebook, and through an email, I finally got them to tell me they planned to send out physical rewards around the time the game releases. They also told me they planned to update us here soon.

      Unfortunately this was several months ago that they said that and they never said when the game would actually be done other than saying this year. They seem to have completely forgot that if it wasn't for us backers, this game wouldn't even exist. It's been nearly a year since we've heard anything and when we did, we were told physical rewards were about to ship. I can understand delays and plans changing but if you're going to run a crowdfunding campaign like this, don't ever leave your backers in the dark like this. It's ridiculous if you ask me.

    15. Sami Mannila on

      What is the current status of the physical items, are the rewards supposed to have been sent out already? Or are they holding out on the game getting out of early access?

    16. Neuromancer on

      Now that this game has been announced for PS4, is there any way for backers to get a PS4 code instead of a Steam code? Thanks in advance, can't wait for this game!

    17. Steven Purnell on

      i got my steam key for the beta thru humble and have the game on steam but the key doesnt work when using it to access private betas (via properties>beta tab), i can only select 'opt out of betas' as the key isnt accepted :/

    18. DeteKt on

      After getting through the Humble -> Steam hurdle I finally got to play this thing. It looks pretty, it plays smoothly, it runs nicely.... but no one is playing it and it isn't finished. The lact of people playing online kills my interest since I can't race or anything fun. I did "story" mode and that was it. I've been ripped off worse by Kickstarter projects, but I'm just not satisfied.

    19. Zane

      @Oscar the keys are gotten through humble bundle. Try using the key resender ( to see if can get your steam key again. You can get a lot of the information on the status on the game's steam forum ( If you can't get your key on humble bundle try contacting Refract.

    20. Oscar Martinez Paredes on

      I also backed the game long ago. I checked email and I did not receive any more updates about the project. Please, could you explain how to redeem the game, clarify when it will finally be available and what is the status of the project?.


    21. Zane

      @Whaze The game hasn't officially released yet, it's still in early access on steam, so you should still be fine getting the game. In fact you should be able to get your beta key on humble bundle. If you got any physical rewards you may want to message them, since I didn't get any I haven't paid much attention to the updates related to them.

    22. Missing avatar

      Whaze on

      Need help here ! i backed the game long ago and forgot about it, i just answered the survey today, am i still getting the game ? hope so :'(

    23. cyxceven on

      Love the game, and I love Refract. But when do we get our backer-exclusive vehicle?

    24. Missing avatar

      Braden Schenetzki on

      I also never got anything, this was really friggin stupid. Do I get a refund or will I finally get the game I paid for?

    25. Missing avatar

      Tetsuo666 on

      I never received my key to download this game for 3 years ! I almost forgot its existence. What's happen ?

    26. Missing avatar

      Andre Gerstmann on

      Thanks for the DRM Free Beta :) on Humble Store... Wondering as I saw it today. Game is totally great! I wish you totally great sales on this awesome Survival Racing game... Also interesting is how Radical G (a F-Zero Style Game) will be do next week on Early Access... But yours already awesome and great to have such great Racing Games on the PC :) again. ... And the Car Handling is totally awesome also.... Great Product and really looking forward for the Final Build... And whats next then :)

    27. Refract Studios Creator on

      Hey everyone! Check out the latest update for info on accessing your Humble Bundle page which includes DRM-free builds and a Steam key!

    28. Stormcry on

      Edit: I forgot to ask if the Early Acces on Steam is alpha based, if so then I guess I'll have to wait till it's on beta since I only bought the 50 dollar package for 2 Distance games and related stuff, with acces in beta.
      Info on that regard is apreciated.

    29. Stormcry on

      Grats Refract on your Early Acces on Steam !!!
      On that note, how will you proceed for backers getting their game? Do they all need a Steam account or is it DRM free downloadable?
      I remember you asking our adress and name(s) to put in the credits, but not if we have Steam or not in case of Steam keys.

      Will the backers get info soon?

    30. Missing avatar

      Haree78 on

      4174 backers helped fund you make this game, please can we get steam keys?

    31. Austin Yates on

      I'm with Darren here, I'm confused if the $15 tier actually gives me access to the open beta on steam or not; I haven't received any word on getting a key or anything.

    32. Missing avatar

      Darren on

      When do we get our steam keys?

    33. Victor on

      I just saw the newest trailer after purposefully keeping myself in the dark for a year or so and wow! I'm so excited to finally see it in early access on Steam. Keep up the great work!

    34. James Cassidy on


      I was hoping for a great game when i backed this, we ended up with something completely amazing. Job well done! The few tracks in the Adventure Mode were simple awesome to drive. Look forward to seeing this hit full release and to be picked up by the masses!

      Now, it's 3:20am here, and im going back in to Distance. More tracks need my attention =)

    35. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Tharin on

      Solved, it's navigatable through hitting tab. Maybe make those menupoints also navigatable through the arrowkeys, and accept enter in an inputfield to accept said input.

      First impressions of the beta are positive, looking forward to whats coming next... Make sure you look for Oculus integration if you haven't this game would be kickass!

    36. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Tharin on

      Unfortunately i can't get past the create profile screen. Doesnt react to clicking, hitting enter etc.

    37. Missing avatar

      chris woodward on

      Nevermind- thought I should skip the resend key step if I already had it registered to my humble account. Did key resend and all is good. Excited to play.

    38. Missing avatar

      chris woodward on

      When I log into the humble page I see where I can download Distance directly, DRM free. I want to dl through Steam instead. I saw the beta email, but I don't get the window that has "Click for Steam Key." Any help on how to get to that screen would be appreciated.

    39. SupaPhly on

      oh man, there's so many names in the credits level, i'll never find my own name lol

    40. Sami Mannila on

      I just played through the adventure mode in the newly released Beta version, and the game at this stage has already surpassed my expectations. Distance runs well and has nice looking graphics with especially cool looking lightning effects and vehicle damage (laser cutting). The level designs are surprisingly varied and the music visualization effects are groovy. It's also nice to hear original well made music in a game, as most games these days just use licensed popular tracks. I'm very happy I supported this Kickstarter, as with the now defunct Studio Liverpool (creators of the Wipeout series), a new developer making high-quality futuristic racers was definitely needed :).

    41. Michael Neth on

      Guys, stop whining about the dates on the comments. The backer forums work better for them and they have an update from just 5 days ago here:…

      The project obviously isn't dead they are spending the appropriate time to make the game they want to make with the resources they have.

    42. Jonas Wagner on

      I really hope the beta will be released soon. I know you are working hard on this game, but at the same time you have to deliver. We paid for this and now it's a year after the planned release. The alpha gameplay I watched is fantastic in my opinion.

    43. Missing avatar

      Arne Marcus Strohmann on

      This project ist dead, we should realize that our money is gone!

    44. Melissa Hadfield on

      Almost 2 years since funded nearly a year late for beta release (that there is still no sign of). Not even asking for the final release just the promised pre-release code.

      So I'm done, this is clearly a failed investment of money. So I'd like mine back while you still have some to refund.

    45. Luke Schoener on

      It's been nearly 2 years since I hundred this (1 year 9 months if you want to be picky) and so far the only 2 things I've actually received as a $100 backer are the alpha and forum access. I find this a bit ridiculous as the estimated dates for the rewards were nearly a year ago. It's making me lose faith in you guys and it's making me more weary about finding stuff from relatively unknown people (I backed VGHS seasons 2 and 3 and they were able to deliver within 2-3 months of their estimated date). Also, you've been developing this so long that I've lost interest in the game.

    46. Miggimoto on

      final game should have been released close to a year ago.
      not even beta released.
      jeeez stop being so fanboyish...

      i survived ouya... ;D

    47. John Laschober on

      To the two people below me: Jeez, way to be quick on giving up hope.

      It's obvious that the devs are hard at working seeing past updates. Honestly, they've kept us informed way better than other campaigns I've backed, who only tease their updates.

    48. Miggimoto on

      Come on... at least give us a beta.

      Write more, deliver more.

      You are running out of time. And probably out of money, too. ;D

    49. Melissa Hadfield on

      A month since the last comment and over two months since the last update.

      Any news on beta? Any news on the project still being alive?

      Or is it time for us all to hit the refund button?

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