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Reflex is the first update on a manual 35mm SLR camera system in over 25 years
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Reflex in 2019

Posted by REFLEX (Creator)

Dear backers and supporters,

   2018 has been a dynamic year full of significant leaps and bounds as well as some frustrating challenges and setbacks. It saw us fortunate to meet many new faces, both photographers and camera enthusiasts as well as industry professionals across the photography, design and manufacturing board. We have learned a lot about what it takes to build a first generation product and have come to realize that this can take longer than expected*.

*Update #17  (

    So what can you expect from us in 2019… Evidently, our first concern is to finish the camera’s shutter unit. We have finalized it's design and are testing the first prototypes. While results look promising and we are building up (shutter)speed, a lot comes down to correct tensioning, spacing and surface treatment of the materials. We will carry on testing throughout the next couple of weeks before we conclude and publish results.

Reflex XH1 Shutter Prototype
Reflex XH1 Shutter Prototype

   Meanwhile we continue to field test the Reflex 40mm lens (which is due to be released this spring -most likely May). We have stated to beta test the Reflex app as well as we continue to develop the other products on the Reflex roadmap. 

   Some of you have reached out to us with questions about our seed funding; To request the Reflex pitch deck, please contact Craig ( ) adding your investors credentials or LinkedIn profile. Again, we welcome all serious investors and strategic partners. Additionally, there is a 7.5% "finders fee" attached for the person who introduces a successful party.

    Lastly we would like to address a request by one of our backers; 

"I fear there will be no camera at the end of the road. Since you have developed and produced Reflex lenses (seen it at Photokina) I would not mind having one of them instead to fullfill the pledge." 

We are willing to offer this arrangement to any backers who prefer to settle for a Reflex 40mm lens (post launch) instead of waiting for the camera.

As always, thank you for your continued trust and support,

Team Reflex

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    1. REFLEX Creator on

      @Howard Loo The lens will likely retail at $299, let's say realistically production, overhead and distribution costs around 50%, at close to 300 camera backers this would mean we would have to dip in $45.000. Do you realistically think any startup can afford to dispense $45k? If we could, we would not have had to take to crowdfunding in the first place. A "thank you" for the patience is of course a given. And we do that gratefully with every single update.

    2. Missing avatar

      Howard Loo on

      Instead of having backers choose between the camera and the 40mm lens, camera backers should receive the lens at no additional charge, as a "thank you" for being patient.

    3. REFLEX Creator on

      @Gerard Christopher Klug Thanks for the feedback. We currently issue 1 update per month. This is what we feel we can commit to and also what makes sense in terms of "new" news. This will probably pick up when we get closer to releasing the camera. We do however post in-between updates on our instagram stories (@shotonreflex).

    4. Gerard Christopher Klug on

      I've been involved in three startups, and I understand some of the issues. My only wish is that the updates start becoming more frequent.

    5. Julian L on

      Just beat Ferrania to delivering on the kickstarter goal, and we've golden. ;) Joking aside, I don't mind waiting, it will be an interesting platform once it's released.