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Reflex is the first update on a manual 35mm SLR camera system in over 25 years
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464 backers pledged £131,964 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. REFLEX Creator on

      @Julian L OM is a good choice indeed for a compact kit:)

    2. REFLEX Creator on

      @Igor O. We will try our hardest not to let you down and hopefully influence the thought of not being a backer anymore. Of course KS can be a risk, however many good projects would have not been possible withouts this platform and its backers

    3. REFLEX Creator on

      @Hanny Poot @津嶋 健介 Thank you!

    4. REFLEX Creator on

      @nick cheek Sorry you feel this way. Truthfully so.

    5. Julian L on

      I don't have a problem with delays, I have a problem with being kept in the dark. As long as that doesn't happen, we're all good :)

      Can't wait to try out the camera when it's good and ready. Personally I'll be sticking with my OM mount as it's a system I've already invested in and have many lenses for.

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      Igor O. on

      Oh, and if anyone is interested in a brand new "Plashica", drop me a line. I've got two of those :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Igor O. on

      Hey folks, I'm really glad to hear that the projects still lives and you all are still on track with things to do to get Reflex kicking ahead. Indeed, Yashica was a true downer (yes, i have got one and waiting for another black special version, ohhhh my...) but it is still better then the poor guys who supported Meyer Görlitz who haven't got anything out of their participation to the project. I feel very sorry for them and I am too considering stopping to support projects from KS or any other platform. Anyway, thank you for sharing the newest and latest with us. I would like to ask you to keep us informed more frequently, even if it's only to say that all is still on track. Thanks and keep on Reflexing!

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      津嶋 健介 on


    9. Missing avatar

      Hanny Poot on

      That’s the spirit, keep it up!!!
      What a strength👍👍👍

    10. Missing avatar

      nick cheek on

      Think I'm done kickstarting anything that doesn't have a deliverable ready to go into manufacturing.

      I'm all for putting my money where my mouth is to support the film community and new film products, but this whole trend of "we don't need to finance our own R&D, let everyone else pick that up for us" is getting kind of gross. And nothing ever hits the mark. Feature bloat always kicks in. Flying around the world marketing stuff no one asked for while we're left hundreds of dollars in the hole with no camera in sight.

      This isn't a personal jab at Reflex necessarily, it's just the nature of the beast. From Impossible Project to today, I feel like I've had enough of this. I'll stick with shooting fully manual cameras that will work for a century.