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Reflex is the first update on a manual 35mm SLR camera system in over 25 years
Reflex is the first update on a manual 35mm SLR camera system in over 25 years
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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevan Olesen on

      @Reflex - If the black version will not be part of the initial production run, will backers who prefer the black version be given the option of waiting to see if "time and economics" will work in our favor? As much as I'm looking forward to receiving my Reflex, I would be willing to wait a bit longer to get the black version.

    2. Laurent on

      Similarly to the question just below, it is apparently not possible to switch rewards. Good excuse to stay on my current pledge level, then :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Kenneth E. Rosen on

      I just completed the survey, but did not see any way to provide information about the extra lens mount I paid for. I paid a total of £449, which included £350 for the Reflex camera with an I-Back and M42 I-Mount and £99 for the "Reflex Breakout Pack" which is supposed to include an extra I-Mount and an extra I-Back. I want one M42 I-Mount and one Olympus OM I-Mount (and two I-Backs). I selected the Olympus mount box in the survey, but there was no way to indicate my choice for the two I-Backs. (one M42 plus one OM). Please advise. Thank you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sunny Tay on

      Hi @Creator has the refund been processed?

    5. REFLEX Creator on

      @Sachiro Oyama Very sorry for this, December 7th was the last day of the KS campaign and we had a lot of messages and last minute questions come in. Yours must have been read but not responded. Normally we would "Mark as Unread" but this must have been overlooked. To answer your question, yes this is correct and we have made note of your specifications. Shipping (combined in your case) is included. Hope this helps!

    6. REFLEX Creator on

      @JC Ruiz @Michael Ian Lee Tin Wah - Same as with the Minolta mount the black version of Reflex has always been a stretch goal as communicated and clarified in numerous posts and updates. As the campaign didn't reach it's 150% goal we can't add it to the initial production run. Again, because of this it is a question of time and economics before we can produce it.

    7. REFLEX Creator on

      @Julian L @Jos Is there not an option to respond to the Survey with a comment? We do receive messages from backers in regards to the backers survey. Maybe it's not straight forward to respond? In any case, we have noted the specifications for your add-ons so no worries!

    8. REFLEX Creator on

      @Edward Agnoli The SR/MD mount has always been a stretch goal as communicated and clarified in numerous posts. As the campaign didn't reach it's 150% goal we can't add it to the initial production run. The prototype exists, so it's a question of time and economics before we can produce it.

    9. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ REFLEX
      I sent an individual message as below on December 7, last year, but I have not received a reply yet. Reflex earlybird + Reflex Breakout Pack + 474 £ for shipping, i-mount attached to the body to PKmount, add Nikon F-mount for the addition, but as there is no item on the question, I hesitate to reply .
      Here I will post a message I sent you again.

      I backed up Early Bird.
      I wanted to add a Reflex Breakout Pack there, so I added 99 pounds and invested 474 pounds including shipping fee.
      Is my method correct?

    10. Michael Ian Lee Tin Wah on

      Got the same problem here... no black option even though advertised in the updates! :-/

    11. JC Ruiz on

      @Reflex team: will the reflex come in black? There's no option as to what color to choose.

    12. Jos on

      @Reflex team: best wishes for 2018! Looking forward to get my hands on the Reflex camera.

      Also, I pledged for a body with M42 plate and an additional £99 for an extra i-back and additional i-plate F-mount for Nikon!!

      In the survey I also could not find a box for additional survey info.


    13. Julian L on

      Hi, I have pledged extra for a 2nd back and plate too. How do I let you know this? My order is the camera with an OM mount, and an extra back with the M42 mount. Thanks! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Jirasak Praisankul on

      Found a way to change now : )

    15. Missing avatar

      Jirasak Praisankul on

      Hello Reflex Team, after i clicked submit on the survey, I saw that the box that I selected changed from Nikon F to the one below, so now I'm not sure whether my order has been submitted correctly. Is there a way to confirm?

      Here is my order - One Reflex body with Nikon F mount, and I've pledged additional £99 for I-Back and I-Plate (m42).

    16. Missing avatar

      Edward Agnoli on

      Hi, I just got my survey and I see I don't have an option for a SR mount (Minolta). One of the updates said it would be available. Is that a mistake on the survey?

    17. Retus Rieben on

      @Martin yes, just now �

    18. Missing avatar

      Martin Urfer on

      Did anyone receive the backer survey yet?

    19. REFLEX Creator on

      @Sunny Tay - Hi Sunny Tay, apologies for the wait, however we have not gone missing or anything of that sorts. While it is sad to hear that your card was mis-managed, in essence there is nothing we can do until we actually have the funds, in order to be able to re-fund. The way it works is that it takes 14 days for Kickstarter to transfer the funds -7 days is to give pledges that have bounced the chance to updated their payment details and another 5 working days to transfer the remaining funds. Confirmation of transfer was sent to us on the 21st (yesterday). We are sending out the Backers Surveys over the weekend and deal with your request. Hope this explains the situation.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sunny Tay on

      @Mistral75 I already did 14 days ago and no reply. That is why I have to use the comment section. And Kickstarter isn’t helping at all. Frankly I give up hope on this platform. I will have to dispute this transaction .. I do not have any more choic given that the creator go missing in action after collecting the funds.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sunny Tay on

      How creator please kindly respond and resolve my issue. Going missing and ignoring my message is not the best way to solve the problem.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sunny Tay on

      Hi Creator, I have msg you on 6 Dec when the credit card has been charged that the pledge is not authorised by me. I have notified Kickstarter of this bleach. They advise me to contact you for refund as you have the power to do so. But I have not heard from you in this past week. Can you please kindly refund the charge made.

    23. Andrew Karlson on

      First, congratulations! I'm very excited for next steps, and wonder if there is any hope for the stretch goal app even though the campaign didn't clear 150K.

    24. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Hinkeldey on

      *Leica-mounts! Leica-mounts! Leica-mounts!*

    25. Missing avatar

      Hanny Poot on

      HIP - HIP - HOORAY !!!!! Congratulations REFLEX TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Keep Up The Good Spirit!
      I' m looking forward to the outcome of this beautiful realization!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Graham Johnstone on

      Congratulations on your project being successfully funded.
      Take your time and get everything right. Looking forward to using the camera.

    27. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ Andrew
      Thank you again and again!
      Since M42 mount can be used by attaching an adapter to PK mount, I wanted to change to PK mount.

    28. Andrew on

      @Sachiro Oyama, the mount is on the i-plate which you can change at any time, currently they have i-plates for M42 mount, Nikon F, Olympus OM. Canon FD and Pentax PK.
      Although the rewards say it comes with M42 i-plate as standard, I believe you will be to specify which mount you want e.g. OM instead of M42.

    29. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ REFLEX
      This question may have already been done, and I do not have time anymore ...
      First of all, the M42 mount is mounted on the body, but is it possible to change this to a different mount?

    30. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ Andrew
      @ REFLEX
      Thank you for replying, if we buy a commercially available 14500 size lithium battery, It seems to not have to worry about the battery.

    31. REFLEX Creator on

      @Sachiro Oyama @Andrew We could not have explained that better:)

    32. Andrew on

      @Sachiro Oyama, I think they are using standard 14500 sized li-ion cells so shouldn't be a problem to replace if needed. AFAIK the shutter is electronically controlled so it will need battery power, although sometimes these shutters can have a fixed speed of operation with no battey power, Reflex will need to confirm ot not. That size cell should last quite a while as the electronics and shutter shoundn't be a heavy drain on battery power at all.

    33. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ REFLEX
      Maybe it is already being asked ...
      1. When the spare battery is required, is it possible to buy at a low cost?
      2. Is it impossible to continue shooting when the battery becomes empty?

    34. REFLEX Creator on

      @Bill Sprague It was ingenious system indeed and we looked at it more then once while designing the Reflex I.

    35. Missing avatar

      Bill Sprague on

      I especially enjoyed being able to load film canister to canister and, using the tiny film slitter, swap out film. I didn't see that level of functionality until I bought my Canon APS SLR. Now I can do that again with Reflex's back system. Bravo!

    36. REFLEX Creator on

      @Bill Sprague Quite true, and one of the few left-hand designed cameras!

    37. Missing avatar

      Bill Sprague on

      @REFLEX I actually have a small collection of Exaktas, so both... I love my old reflex cameras and Exakta was part of the genesis of the SLR, from what I gather. Thanks!

    38. REFLEX Creator on

      @Bill Sprague "Hello, I just backed without a reward so I can ask a quick question. I currently shoot with Exakta, Canon, and Olympus and have glass for each. Pardon me for being thick but will I be able to buy lens mounts for my Canon and Olympus glass, once Reflex is released? I'm planning on upgrading my backing, once I know I can. Thanks!"

      Hi Bill,yes, we have currently developed an I-Plate for Canon FD, Olympus OM, Nikon F, Pentax PK and M42. So your Canon and Olympus glass will work. Is the Exacta M42 or EXA mount?

    39. Missing avatar

      Bill Sprague on

      Hello, I just backed without a reward so I can ask a quick question. I currently shoot with Exakta, Canon, and Olympus and have glass for each. Pardon me for being thick but will I be able to buy lens mounts for my Canon and Olympus glass, once Reflex is released? I'm planning on upgrading my backing, once I know I can. Thanks!

    40. Missing avatar

      Glen Sansoucie on

      Reflex, thank you, it does.

    41. REFLEX Creator on

      @Kevan Olesen You're welcome!

    42. Missing avatar

      Kevan Olesen on

      Great news about the black powder coated version! All of my cameras are "all black", so I was really, really, hopeful for this. Thanks!

    43. REFLEX Creator on

      @Glen Sansoucie Once the campaign is finished, in the backers survey, you will be given the option to specify. Hope this helps!

    44. REFLEX Creator on

      @Brett Wilson Yes it's been fluctuating, maybe Black Friday backlash or xmas budgets are at play.

    45. Missing avatar

      Glen Sansoucie on

      I think I asked before but can’t find it, I am backing the 350 option that says my choice of mount somewhere out here in one spot, but says “M42 Mount” in other places (including the backing option itself). How do I change it to an OM Mount? Im not hot on buying that as a separate mount.

    46. Missing avatar

      Brett Wilson on

      Not sure if it's the exchange rate, but every time I check to see how the final tally is going, it's gone down. Last time I looked it was about £131000, now it's about £128000. What gives?

    47. Missing avatar

      Graham Johnstone on

      OK I will. Now you got me intrigued.

    48. REFLEX Creator on

      @Graham Johnstone "Will you still consider doing a black power coated Reflex in the future. It does not look like it will make it this time around."

      Your comment is well timed Graham. Stay tuned;)

    49. REFLEX Creator on

      @Andrew "the hotshoe coverplate is also labelled a multi functional dial? What does that mean?

      Technically it actually refers to the hot shoe itself.. Much as the shoe mount on the Leica I originally served a different purpose before it became mainly a flash shoe and then was turned into a hot shoe, with Reflex being Arduino based, it has extra connection points for a range of potential breakout units. Makers community invited of course:)

      "The possibility of squeezing in aperture coupling mechanisms into the i-plate concept is intriguing. Not an easy engineering challenge and even if feasible the development and manufacturing cost would be problematic...I would imagine!"

      Indeed it might be (depending on the nature of the idea of course),but that is why currently we're not promising anything more than what is presented.

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