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Reflex is the first update on a manual 35mm SLR camera system in over 25 years
Reflex is the first update on a manual 35mm SLR camera system in over 25 years
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    1. REFLEX Creator on

      @Federico Please see PM in your Inbox

    2. Michael Ian Lee Tin Wah on

      Would also like to know if the August delivery is still a reality? :-/ hope everything is going well!

    3. Missing avatar

      John Farrell on

      Hope the production is going well. In the meantime, custom camera maker Dora Goodman has released a 3D printable medium/large format camera which you might find interesting. Hoping to piece this together soon

    4. Federico on

      Analogue pack?
      Non vorrei la stessa fine di Ferrania...

    5. JC Ruiz on

      any news? are we still up for an august delivery?

    6. JC Ruiz on

      nice article! wish there were more sample photos on your instagram page. kind of like a weekly photo update or a weekly sample photo from the reflex

    7. REFLEX Creator on

      @Huss Hardan Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Huss Hardan on

      Looking forward to the update!
      p.s. nice piece on Kodak on

    9. REFLEX Creator on

      @Michael Ian Lee Tin Wah @Martin Siegel There's a new update coming tomorrow.

    10. Missing avatar

      Martin Siegel

      Almost June and nothing new :-(
      More frequent updates would not bother me.

    11. REFLEX Creator on

      @N Fishwick They are in progress. Please have a look at the latest update for more info.

    12. Missing avatar

      N Fishwick on


      Have the camera straps been sent out yet? I filled in the suvey back in Januaray but have received nothing as yet.


    13. REFLEX Creator on

      @Jos Thanks for the feedback :) We are still aiming to announce the camera at Photokina yes.

    14. Jos on

      Thanks for the update Reflex team. I have supported a number of Kickstarter projects and know that behind the screens a lot is going on, I appreciate that. Are you still planning to present a camera at the next Photokina ? I am planning to visit it anyway.

    15. REFLEX Creator on

      @Brett Wilson You're welcome:)

    16. Missing avatar

      Brett Wilson on

      Thank you Reflex, very much appreciated, for the update, and the now obvious continued hard work.

    17. REFLEX Creator on

      @Pich Ta @Brett Wilson The update released just now sheds some light here, but your comments are fair Brett. Expect more regular updates from here on.

    18. REFLEX Creator on

      @Michael Ian Lee Tin Wah @DaveMCat Apologies for the late reply. We also like to refer to the latest update in regards to your question.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brett Wilson on

      Hi Reflex folk. Updates were thick and fast until January, deafening silence since. You seem unable to reply to a simple query let alone post an update. We get it, these things always take longer and cost more than first thought. But a little update once in a while would be nice. Even Ferrania can manage that.WTF is going on? Are you making progress, or have you done a bunk?

    20. Missing avatar

      DaveMCat on

      Have the rewards been delivered? Last year I chose just the strap, but have not received it yet. Yes, I know it's just a strap, but a reply takes little effort. Thinking this may be my first and last participation in kickstarter...

    21. Missing avatar

      DaveMCat on

      Hello team! Have the rewards been delivered? Last year I chose just the strap, but have not received it yet.

    22. Michael Ian Lee Tin Wah on

      Hi Reflex team! I have sent a message on the 19th Feb but haven’t received any reply yet. Seems you missed it, can you look into it? Thanks

    23. REFLEX Creator on

      @Federico, about the "Analogue Pack" we have had some delay in receiving the Silberra films (a slip-up on our part as we missed the delivery and they got returned), but they are due to arrive soon. We will probably ship during the course of next week.

    24. Federico on

      I wrote a private message but I received no reply :(
      When do you send the "Analogue pack" rewards ??
      Thanks so much

    25. REFLEX Creator on

      @Hwang as stated by @Mistral75 these are the 5 current mounts. If you where referring to Leica- R, this is technically possible but not (yet) planned, Leica-M however is not a possibility. Hope this helps.

    26. REFLEX Creator on

      @Sumet Komek We have adjusted your request. More info via PM

    27. REFLEX Creator on

      @JC Ruiz We would like see this happen as well, but no promises or speculations atm;)

    28. REFLEX Creator on

      @Laurent Yes, a pledge can not be adjusted after the campaign has closed, so indeed:)

    29. REFLEX Creator on

      @Kenneth E. Rosen Apologies for this confusion, for add-on I-Plates we have been taking notes via PM as we only realized later we should have added a second I-Plate option for those of you who ordered extra. However your preference (OM and M42) is noted!

    30. REFLEX Creator on

      @Sunny Tay Hi, yes this was done from our side on the 11th, please check PM for further info.

    31. Mistral75 on

      Since @Reflex doesn't seem to hang around very much:

      @Kenneth E. Rosen: All I-Backs are identical, only I-Mounts are mount-specific.

      @Hwang: Available mounts are specified in the 'Campaign" section: M42 thread mount, Nikon F, Olympus OM, Canon FD (not the current EOS/EF mount) and Pentax K.

    32. Missing avatar

      Hwang on

      I am a buyer from Hong Kong. I would like to inquire about the total number of camera lens mount. Nikon? Canon?Leica-M? Pentax? Or other. Can you give me a more detailed answer?

    33. Missing avatar

      Sumet Komek

      Hi @creator
      I’ve already sent 2 message to you via message box in KS for weeks about changing shipping country. Please check it out ,thanks.

    34. JC Ruiz on

      @Creator: no chances of getting a black one even when your indiegogo is successful?

    35. Missing avatar

      Kevan Olesen on

      @Reflex - If the black version will not be part of the initial production run, will backers who prefer the black version be given the option of waiting to see if "time and economics" will work in our favor? As much as I'm looking forward to receiving my Reflex, I would be willing to wait a bit longer to get the black version.

    36. Laurent on

      Similarly to the question just below, it is apparently not possible to switch rewards. Good excuse to stay on my current pledge level, then :-)

    37. Missing avatar

      Kenneth E. Rosen on

      I just completed the survey, but did not see any way to provide information about the extra lens mount I paid for. I paid a total of £449, which included £350 for the Reflex camera with an I-Back and M42 I-Mount and £99 for the "Reflex Breakout Pack" which is supposed to include an extra I-Mount and an extra I-Back. I want one M42 I-Mount and one Olympus OM I-Mount (and two I-Backs). I selected the Olympus mount box in the survey, but there was no way to indicate my choice for the two I-Backs. (one M42 plus one OM). Please advise. Thank you.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sunny Tay on

      Hi @Creator has the refund been processed?

    39. REFLEX Creator on

      @Sachiro Oyama Very sorry for this, December 7th was the last day of the KS campaign and we had a lot of messages and last minute questions come in. Yours must have been read but not responded. Normally we would "Mark as Unread" but this must have been overlooked. To answer your question, yes this is correct and we have made note of your specifications. Shipping (combined in your case) is included. Hope this helps!

    40. REFLEX Creator on

      @JC Ruiz @Michael Ian Lee Tin Wah - Same as with the Minolta mount the black version of Reflex has always been a stretch goal as communicated and clarified in numerous posts and updates. As the campaign didn't reach it's 150% goal we can't add it to the initial production run. Again, because of this it is a question of time and economics before we can produce it.

    41. REFLEX Creator on

      @Julian L @Jos Is there not an option to respond to the Survey with a comment? We do receive messages from backers in regards to the backers survey. Maybe it's not straight forward to respond? In any case, we have noted the specifications for your add-ons so no worries!

    42. REFLEX Creator on

      @Edward Agnoli The SR/MD mount has always been a stretch goal as communicated and clarified in numerous posts. As the campaign didn't reach it's 150% goal we can't add it to the initial production run. The prototype exists, so it's a question of time and economics before we can produce it.

    43. Sachiro Oyama on

      @ REFLEX
      I sent an individual message as below on December 7, last year, but I have not received a reply yet. Reflex earlybird + Reflex Breakout Pack + 474 £ for shipping, i-mount attached to the body to PKmount, add Nikon F-mount for the addition, but as there is no item on the question, I hesitate to reply .
      Here I will post a message I sent you again.

      I backed up Early Bird.
      I wanted to add a Reflex Breakout Pack there, so I added 99 pounds and invested 474 pounds including shipping fee.
      Is my method correct?

    44. Michael Ian Lee Tin Wah on

      Got the same problem here... no black option even though advertised in the updates! :-/

    45. JC Ruiz on

      @Reflex team: will the reflex come in black? There's no option as to what color to choose.

    46. Jos on

      @Reflex team: best wishes for 2018! Looking forward to get my hands on the Reflex camera.

      Also, I pledged for a body with M42 plate and an additional £99 for an extra i-back and additional i-plate F-mount for Nikon!!

      In the survey I also could not find a box for additional survey info.


    47. Julian L on

      Hi, I have pledged extra for a 2nd back and plate too. How do I let you know this? My order is the camera with an OM mount, and an extra back with the M42 mount. Thanks! :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Jirasak Praisankul on

      Found a way to change now : )

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