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Maintain your privacy from surveillance cameras. Alert drivers of your presence while biking. Reflectacles make you seen and unseen!
Maintain your privacy from surveillance cameras. Alert drivers of your presence while biking. Reflectacles make you seen and unseen!
Maintain your privacy from surveillance cameras. Alert drivers of your presence while biking. Reflectacles make you seen and unseen!
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    1. Reflectacles Creator on

      This is great to hear Ian. Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering if Reflectacles Ghost would defeat the facial-recognition of the Iphone X (I still use a flip phone). There was even talk a while back from a few folks at Buzzfeed who wanted to do a study on that very issue. Either way, it is pleasing to know that Reflectacles will not allow the 30,000 infrared ray-tracing beams to recognize one’s face. We are onto something here…

      Post Script…
      There is a new all-matte black pair of Reflectacles in the works that only reflect infrared light (not reflective to visible light). These frames are for those who don’t want to be seen on IR cams and also don’t want others to know they prefer to be anonymous. They are covert. Coming soon.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ian Coronado on

      Just a follow up. I have noticed that my when wearing my reflectables, I can’t unlock my iPhone X with my face like I can when wearing different frames.

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      Mario Garcia on

      I usually don't comment in these kinds of forums, but damn yo I don't understand what all the complication is about. I am perhaps the most inept person when it comes to technology and the use of digital image taking and I have managed to get my "ghost-face on" with my reflectacles over and over. I have tested them on every phone I can find you name it I-Phone, You-Phone, They-Phone, my military buddy's infrared camera, car lights, surveillance spot lights, worked every time! People stop me on the street to ask where the heck I got these glasses. I don't know what this cad here is talking about, but these babies are legit. So legit I'm getting all of my associates a pair for Christmas.

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      Jeffrey Scherer on

      update. i tried my ghost glasses with my friends i phone with flash and still got the same results as my galaxy s6 edge. they do not work as advertised.

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      Ian Coronado on

      I just received mine after a mixup over the shipping address. The reflectacles work great with mine and my wife's iPhones when using those built in cameras and on camera flash. I've yet to test it with a dslr or infrared camera. Overall, I'm happy with the quality of the frames, their appearance, and how they perform with a smartphone camera. Thanks for making this fun idea possible.

    6. Reflectacles Creator on

      All images/videos on the site were taken with an iphone and an infrared cctv surveillance cam. Nothing was altered. I will post an update soon explaining how reflection works and how it interacts with a camera's exposure. The frames work as shown and described.

      Taking a few selfies is not really rigorous testing. If a concept is misunderstood, it does not mean the concept is flawed.

      Explanation to follow soon in the update section.

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Tötterman on

      I'm also less than impressed by the reflective performance of the reflectacles. Barely any difference indoors, on a shady day, with a smartphone camera with flash on and off. If nothing else, I'd say some of the content on the campaign page gives a misleading picture of the product

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Scherer on

      i would like to amend my last post. the glasses are not "dorky". the picture i took did have some difference between my face and the glasses- though the frames just lit up, and you could still see my face clearly. sorry scott i wanted to believe...

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Scherer on

      i took a picture with a flash at point blank and there was no noticable difference between my face and the dorky glasses i just bought so you couldnt see my face! i think the pictures shown on kick site were taken with a high intensity flashlight aimed at the subject.
      Not recomended for antisurveillance as intended. am dissapointed

    10. Reflectacles Creator on

      In response to the comment below of Gregory E Smith.

      I directly emailed Mr. Smith about his "initial test" of Reflectacles' functionality. I asked what type of camera equipment he used and under what type of lighting conditions. No response has yet been made.

      I have been developing Reflectacles for over two years and have tested them out on dozens of CCTV infrared cameras as well as dozens of cameras using visible light. Mr. Smith conducted his research in one evening with unknown variables.

      In low light conditions, cameras emitting light in proximity of the lens will create the "Ghosting" effect as has been explained and exemplified. I would concede that perhaps Reflectacles may not work perfectly on the security system of Tony Stark's (Iron Man's) domicile, but they work as claimed on the ubiquitous infrared surveillance cameras that litter our public spaces.

      I envision two routes which may have occurred here. One, maybe the test conducted was erroneous (camera was not emitting infrared light, done in daylight, etc.). Or Two, this comment could be a troll of BIG BROTHER and They want to present you with mis-information in an attempt to keep your face in full sight.

      Be careful out there.

      Mr. Ghost.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gregory E Smith on

      So I have received the 3 pair of Reflectacles. My initial test indicates that they don't really work as represented or intended. Low light digital cameras see you clearly. Most of the new security camera systems will not be impacted by the glasses. Mark me as disappointed. Not likely to be very popular.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Abramson on

      Hi, any further updates on shipping ? Summer is in full swing. Thanks Dave

    13. Jason Griffey on

      If we wanted to take you up on the discount for transition lenses, how can we do that? I don't see an email anywhere for you....LMK, and thanks. Very excited about the product.

    14. Mike Elizalde on

      Super pumped about all the updates. Can't wait for my pair! I know I would definitely like printable instructions for switching to prescription lenses. Last thing I want is for some damn shop to screw up my Reflectacles!

    15. President. 2020.

      Whilst I for one am disappointed and to a degree feel betrayed that a non-backer retail outfit is getting priority over backers.

      Iff freely upgraded to the transition lenses, I will volunteer to "...go through an airport body scanner with a pair of Ghost on" and attempt to have someone record it.

      -Mathew Tyler, future President of the United States of America.
      "Tell your friends about me."

    16. Missing avatar

      brice poisson on

      What's up? June is now...

    17. Reflectacles Creator on

      I do have quite a few exciting updates to share with everybody. I will try to post the updates next week. My best.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mikkel on

      Any updates? June is coming up :)

    19. Reflectacles Creator on


      Oh, that video just prophesies the end humanity (the only ones who survive wore Reflectacles). No big deal.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mikkel on

      Since not everyone of us have mediaplayers which can play video backwards... What's being said in the video? Anything of interest?
      Fun goof there, but at least post any valuable info a couple of days later :\

    21. Reflectacles Creator on

      You have tapped into my brainwaves. An update is currently in the making. I received vital information from the future that I must pass on to you all. Stay Tuned...And be Safe!

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      antonio cabot on

      Feliz 2017

    24. Missing avatar

      James F McCaffrey on

      This is a fantastic idea. Simply one more step in securing our own identity in this day and age. Have you given consideration to approaching "Shark Tank"? I believe this would sell well on QVC.

    25. Reflectacles Creator on

      If you look at the link below, you will see gifs I made where the light is on for the full view of the frames...…

    26. Reflectacles Creator on

      @Fidel Parra.

      Good point that I should clarify. To make those gifs I actually blended two videos together: one with no light from the camera and another with the light on. I wanted to show what the frames look like with and without the reflection in the same image (gif). Unfortunately, this meant the sides were not very illuminated in the gifs. The same reflective material is used on each side of the temples and reflects light in the same manner as the fronts. Sorry for the confusion, but yes, the sides are just as reflective as the fronts. Thank you.

    27. Fidel Parra on

      when you look at the green, blue, gold gif, there is no reflection on the legs of the lens?. were the gif adjusted?

    28. Fidel Parra on

      why on the videos, there is no reflective color or shine when the person is looking sideways?. supposedly you have reflective material on the side legs of the lens.

    29. Stephanie C.

      Early bird pledge available, to whomever is the quickest. Or luckiest.

    30. Missing avatar

      Sky on

      Any way I can get them earlier?

    31. Jake Rogers on

      Goal reached, We did it!! :D :D Cant wait!

    32. Reflectacles Creator on

      @Fidel Parra. Thanks for the note. Reflectacles are designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of facial features. The temples are easily adjusted for longer or shorter lengths at the rear bend. Also, notice how the hinge section of the front part has added depth making the 140mm temple length longer than it actually seems. Thanks.

    33. Fidel Parra on

      @creator, please use a wide frame (temple 150, bridge size 24 with adjustments and eye size 60) . this so many users can use it, if not the arms are going to be very wide

    34. Leigh Raymond on

      ...wantwantwantwantwantwantwant...cyclist from Melbourne, Australia here. Let's do this.