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No batteries, no friction! Just easily-mountable, Scandinavian-designed bike lights, powered by 100% magnetic energy.
No batteries, no friction! Just easily-mountable, Scandinavian-designed bike lights, powered by 100% magnetic energy.
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    1. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Tim Rezgalla: Thank you very much! Hopefully it is just a matter of adjusting the distance but let us know if it does not solve the issue.

    2. T Rez

      Brilliant video,much clearer than the other one & without a word spoken! I’ve had a problem with my rear one not flashing at standstill but think it’s the distance so am about to go at it with the mounting plate & hex key like here,no doubt it’ll be fine...will let u know if not.
      The front ones pukka,blinks at lights etc

    3. Reelight 2-time creator on

      Thank you Robert!

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Francis on

      Great Light. Easy to install and works perfectly. Install key rounded off very quickly but had an Allen key that worked just fine. Very happy with the knowledge that the lights are always working and never have to add batteries or recharge.

    5. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ ayukawa: Thank you for your feedback.

      1: Wrapping the cable twice around the seat stay should not really be necessary but interesting to hear that it works.

      2: Yes, we are aware that some of the keys we shipped are a bit too small for the sockets, which can cause issues. We do however try to help everyone who writes us with this problem. Luckily you resolved the issue yourself using a 2.5mm allen key, which is what we recommend trying out first.

      The noise is usually a sign that the magnet inside the light in running a bit tight. It does, however, loosen up after a few rides and the noise should disappear.

      Thank you very much for your kind words!

    6. Missing avatar

      ayukawa on

      Two comments:
      1- On my rear seat stays (small diameter steel) I wrapped the cable around twice before clinching tightly. Seemed to work OK. Thought was that the additional length would add to the friction and therefore stability of the unit.
      2- The hex key provided got rounded over before I was able to complete the entire install. Luckily I had one of the same size in my kit. I found that I had to really tighten things down to keep everything in alignment. The magnets are pretty strong and tend to pull things around.

      BTW, very nice kit! Working well so far. A bit surprised at how noisy it is when testing on a bike stand. But on the road, can't hear it at all. A bit of a pulse comes through on the handlebars at low speed. But not enough to be distracting.

      Again, a job well done!