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No batteries, no friction! Just easily-mountable, Scandinavian-designed bike lights, powered by 100% magnetic energy.
No batteries, no friction! Just easily-mountable, Scandinavian-designed bike lights, powered by 100% magnetic energy.
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    1. Open Road Games

      Still have not received anything. Forgot about this project for a long time and went back to review it. Please advise on tracking info etc.

    2. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Elsie: According to the tracking it has been delivered already. I have send you a private message. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Elsie on

      Hi, I have not received anything at all. Has this gone missing?

    4. Carl Forde on

      arrived here on the west coast of Canada

    5. T Rez

      Posted & Thanks! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Bruno Chevalier on

      The metal is (too) soft, so I advise not to use the supplied key.
      Just use a normal inbus/hex key.
      It's much sturdier and won't strip your screws and reelight as easily as the supplied tool.
      Using the supplied tool, my front reelight got half stripped.
      I simply tightened the fixture without much force.
      Then I switched to my own hex keys and I could luckily continue tightening the light fixture.

    7. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Aiken Weiss: Yeah it might had make sense to write that in the update. Sorry for that! Here it is :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Aiken Weiss on

      I love that you offer to contact you. The problem is that there is no way contacting you. Or to be more accurate... I spend a lot if time trying to find an email address with no success. Please advise !

    9. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Ruben Enger: Thank you very much!

      @ Tim Rezgalla: Both the UGO front and rear light has three modes: two flash modes and constant. If your front light only has two modes that is very odd! If you wish, you can send us an e-mail with a short video ( and we will take a look at it :)

      @ Louis-Philippe Loncke: Hopefully FedEx will help you out and leave the lights for you some place near :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Ruben Enger on

      Just love it - The look is faaaantastic�......

    11. T Rez

      Hi Reelight...
      Just a quick Q on your UGO set,the rear does the 3 modes (2 flash speeds & on) but the front only does 2,is that right?
      Packaging says it’s 3 modes,it’s no big thing & for the lolly they’re really nice wee lights!
      Thanks :)

    12. The Mad Belgian on

      got an SMS of FEDEX with a tracking number, it should arrive today ...and i'm not there :(
      we'll see.

    13. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Marcel: You should be fine but I have sent you a PM. Please read it and reply. Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      I didn't receive any update with shipment details, should I be worried?

    15. Missing avatar

      Sunny on

      Hopping this time round i will be getting my CIO.

    16. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ David Britt: The tracking consists of a currier name and a number (currier - number). You need to go to the curriers website and paste only the number into the tracking search.

    17. David Britt

      The tracking link in Backerkit does not work. There are 2 and neither one goes anywhere except to an error 404 page