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No batteries, no friction! Just easily-mountable, Scandinavian-designed bike lights, powered by 100% magnetic energy.
No batteries, no friction! Just easily-mountable, Scandinavian-designed bike lights, powered by 100% magnetic energy.
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    1. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Chris Lowry: It sounds like a spam filter issue. If you cannot locate the e-mail then please write us a private message here on KS or and we will enter the information for you. Thanks.

      @ Tim Rezgalla @ Larry Gilman: Thank you for your support! Happy to know that the survey is appreciated by some of you :)

    2. Chris Lowry on

      That link asks me to put in my email address. I do so and then it says it has sent me a link email but I don't get an email

    3. T Rez

      Disgusting lol it's disturbing you find it so. I did the survey & was glad I had the option to get more add ons! I've found this campaign very professional and the complete opposite to disgusting...(pleasant/pleasing)
      Ask your Dr for diazepam & chill

    4. Missing avatar

      Larry Gilman

      @ Rui Germano , what side of the bed did you get up on. These are good hard working people. Just a little politeness on your part would go a looooog way towards resolving your issue. I like the idea of being able to add on when the product turns out to be something I like or if at the time I didn't have the money to get the full amount what I wanted.

    5. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Chris Lowry: It is possible that you have a different e-mail address signed up with Kickstarter or the e-mails sent has gotten caught in the spam filter. Please use this link, and you should be able to change your e-mail:

    6. Chris Lowry on

      Not had any emails giving the backerkit link

    7. Reelight 2-time creator on

      Hi @Rui Germano,

      We actually collect peoples adresses through the survey, which makes it pretty important both for us and for our backers, in order to make the shipping smooth. We collect the delivery information through the survey from BackerKit because Kickstarter does not provide this feature.

      The upselling is a choice and not something that we try to push our backers to do :) Additionally, many backers have been conveying their interest in buying extra products with a discount.

      And of course we encourage people to answer the survey, so that they won't forget it. However, I understand why this can be something that can cause stress for those who have already filled out the survey - and for that I will give a sincere apology.

      So I am really sorry that you think our behaviour is disgusting, but we thought it was a good service and not something that should create fear. :)

      I hope that this helped understand why we do what we do.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Have a great day.

      - Mille

    8. Missing avatar

      Rui Germano on

      To be honest, I'm really tired of this fake survey emails. Is clear that this so called survey is just an attempt to do some up-selling. There's no real survey done.
      The disgusting thing is the fear that is being put on people that are early backers.
      Atrocious behavior. Please drop it.