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No batteries, no friction! Just easily-mountable, Scandinavian-designed bike lights, powered by 100% magnetic energy.
No batteries, no friction! Just easily-mountable, Scandinavian-designed bike lights, powered by 100% magnetic energy.
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    1. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Sally XU: That is the e-mail we got registred already. Please check your spam filter or try using this link instead:

    2. Missing avatar

      Sally XU on

      Hi, I didn't receive the survey email, where can I do the survey? could you send me the survey to my email? Thanks

    3. Reelight 2-time creator on

      It would be great with a picture! Thank you @Tim Rezgalla :)

    4. T Rez

      Thanks Reelight...I'm sure I'll figure out the best fit,ideally your flipped way would be the easiest,& I think they look just as good in your pic,plus on a folder being lower the upward angle may even work better (at the back)
      I'll post you a pic too

    5. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Tim Rezgalla: We do unfortunately not currently have that type of bike available at our office, but judging from pictures I have seen I think it should work fine. I recommend you to try it out and if you do not like how it looks or works you kan contact us at and we will be happy to help you out!

    6. T Rez

      I think the angles good,on a smaller wheel looking up a little is a good thing
      but my new bikes got a funny angle on the rear ( on IGG) so I may have to do a little modding,but if I had the style of bike shown I'd be happy

    7. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @ Andrew Newcomb: Thanks a lot! Yes the LED is soldered onto the PCB so this would not be easy to do. Switching the PCBs would be far easier but requires doing a little bit of filing / cutting on the PCB and gluing it in place. Getting the PCBs out is fairly easy though :)

    8. Andrew Newcomb on

      Hi guys. Great idea and good patch for left side traffic. Instead of switching the pcb is there an option for switching just the light bulbs? Since they are led they are likely soldered into place tho.
      Thanks for reading.

    9. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @Marinettaroulettes: I understand your concern and depending on the bike and seat stay the beam will be more or less angled. Visibility should however still be okay since the optics spreads out the light in a cone. We initially thought swapping the PCBs would be easier but after received the latest samples we can see that it requires a bit of work. You can test it out and see if you like it and if not our support team will be happy to help you out. We promise to make a through guide but we need a few days for this.

    10. Missing avatar

      Marinettaroulettes on

      Thanks for keeping us updated. I have to say that this worries me a little as it looks like the orientation of the back beam has quite an angle with the horizontal on your picture - how would that affect visibility from afar?
      I backed this product because it sounded like it was easy to make it left-hand-traffic friendly and convinced a few people to do so on the same basis. So we will definitely be looking for this thorough guide on changing the PCBs that you are mentioning and anything that can be done to ease the process will be greatly appreciated.

    11. Reelight 2-time creator on

      @SEoF: That would be left-hand traffic then. Thank you for pointing this out. The update has been updated :)

    12. Missing avatar

      SEoF on

      I'm confused. "Left-hand drive" typically refers to a vehicles where the driver is on the left of the vehicle, and the vehicle drives in the right.

      Do you mean "left-hand traffic" which is also known as "right-hand drive"?

      Most of Europe, and the US are "left-hand drive"/"right-hand traffic". The UK (where I'm located) is "right-hand drive"/"left-hand traffic".

      It would be nice to seek clarification over this matter.

    13. T Rez

      They look good enough to me & tho I haven't a problem in swapping the guts around i would rather not crack them open to do so,just hope they'll look this good on a 20" wheel! (a pic would be good if you have time,& a fold up handy)...Thanks for the update