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We want you, locals, NYers, wine lovers and citizens of internet to help bring wine grape diversity to the North Fork of Long Island

We want you to help us plant weird grapes (one acre of Teroldego) on the North Fork of Long Island 

Since the 1980's the world has been awash in grapes like Merlot and Chardonnay. These grapes have become two of the largest planted worldwide at over one million acres together, but in the last 5 years we’ve begun to see a very slow change in the varieties of wines being made and grapes planted on the North Fork and we knew we wanted to be a part of that effort. 

So we left our New York City life and moved out here in 2011 to do what others have slowly started to do. That is to bring the world more variety. 

Last June (2012) we purchased a 23 acre parcel in the town of Southold that used to be owned by a large holding company that owns a handful of big California wineries. In 2006 they started by ripping out the existing vineyard and then proceed to do nothing else. The economy got the best of them, but it’s allowed us to build something new.

Unfortunately the fact remains that planting grapes is expensive. On a tight budget you may get away with spending around $15,000 to plant ONE acre (not including land costs). And that’s to get the plants into the ground, after that you’re looking upwards to $5,000 an acre, EVERY YEAR, just to make sure the things don’t die.

The plan is to plant only about 7 out of the 23 acres with grapes this spring (2013), ranging from Syrah to Lagrein and Goldmuskateller...and that's just the beginning. The following years will bring even more varieties and our own wine label sold from our estate. Our approach to the vineyard will be low input and certified by Long Island Sustainable Winegrowers.

In addition to the above varieties we want you to help us plant an acre of Teroldego. You may not even know what Teroldego is, but we’re guessing you'll like the way it tastes. It’s a grape that folks have compared to Pinot Noir and Syrah, specifically Jim Clendenen of Au Bon Climat who is on the record saying that California should have planted Teroldego instead of Merlot - and that if Teroldego replaced Syrah on the slopes of Croze-Hermitage in the northern Rhone the region's wine would be greatly improved. (If you want more info, here’s wine writer Eric Asimov from New York Times on it.)

We truly believe that the structure of the plants (fairly vigorous/resistant to rot) and flavor profiles (think an edgy syrah or a pinot noir with curves and sass) will pair wonderfully with our well drained soils and temperate climate on the North Fork.

But helping us raise this money is about more than just Teroldego... it's about…

- helping a fledgling start up. 

- fostering even more diversity in the wine world. 

- planting the first of a variety ever on the North Fork and bringing more Weird Grapes to the North Fork of Long Island.

- joining our Planter's Club. Some wineries have wine clubs and someday we will too, but our Planter's Club will always be a special group of people to us. Perks abound, first access to our estate wines and no monthly purchase will be required.

Again our plan is to plant two acres of this varietal come spring 2013. Normally that would cost upwards of $30,000, so we wanted to put it out to our friends, family, the greater wine and Kickstarter worlds to help us raise $15,000 to help get one acre of these suckers into the ground, but we have to hit our goal and deeply need your help! 

So come join us in bringing even more variety to the North Fork of Long Island. 

How do you contribute? 

Joining us is quick an easy. Just follow these simple steps...

 STEP ONE: Sign into Kickstarter - You just need an e-mail and create a password. That's it! 

STEP TWO: Sign into Amazon (if you already have an account you're good to go) 

STEP THREE: Kick us $5 or more and your card will only get charged once we reach that $15,000 goal! 

STEP FOUR: Sit back and feel proud that your donation not only helped make our dreams come true, but contributed to the growth of this community. 

Who are we? 

We are Southold Farm + Cellar, a family run farm vineyard and winery. You can follow us as we renovate the farmhouse and plant the vineyard here: or @southoldFC or on Facebook.

Thank you so much!

T-Shirt and Hoodie Logo (colors TBD):

"I Love Weird Grapes" Logo
"I Love Weird Grapes" Logo
Southold Farm and Cellar Logo
Southold Farm and Cellar Logo

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As an agricultural endeavor we are, of course, subject to the whims of Mother Nature. That said we are very confident in our abilities and as professionals and with the aid of other local professionals to bring this vineyard, literally, to fruition. As stated above, our approach will be low input and symbiotic, along with raising a vineyard, we'll also be raising a family on this piece of land.

In general terms, we would not expect to see a first vintage before year 2, if not 3 as the first years are spent focusing the plants energy on setting its root system and training what will become the trunk.

Eventually the production of the grapes into actual wine will be carried out by us either in our own production facility or through a partner facility.


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